Jim Turner

MedixSafe Now Offers Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Readers on its Key Control Cabinets

MedixSafe announced that its Key Access Ready Enclosure key control cabinets are now available with Bluetooth format card readers. This wireless technology enables users to access their KARE cabinets using their mobile devices as their access credential, while still offering the high level of security synonymous with MedixSafe’s solutions. With the latest addition of this Bluetooth technology, KARE is now available in three different technologies to achieve access –HID, Multi-Class and Bluetooth format card readers– with a key override built right into the electronic lock.

For Museums & Art Galleries, Control Is A Key Security Concern

Safeguarding and securing rare and expensive art, from paintings to sculptures to artifacts, is a critical concern for museum curators and art collectors everywhere. Annual losses from art theft, according to FBI estimates, topple $8 billion annually, with experts agreeing the real figure is actually even greater. MedixSafe, a leader in access control cabinets, brings to market two offerings ideally suited to museum and art gallery security: The Key Care Cabinet and KARE – a Key Access Ready Enclosure. They allow the user to not only organize their access keys, but to control them, as well.