Merging Control Rooms With Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Oversight


Today’s security systems are collecting data at exorbitant rates, continuously gathering information from hundreds —if not thousands— of sensors and funneling that information into a control room for analysis and response. Operators are tasked with sifting through the footage and material, working around the clock to recognize potential threats or anomalies. But there just aren’t enough human eyes available for organizations to dedicate to this overwhelming responsibility; one that may seem impossible to fully maintain.

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Boon Edam Publishes Industry Guide for Selecting Security Entrance

Boon Edam

Boon Edam has published a useful whitepaper for security professionals titled “Security Entrances: Solutions for Every Industry.” The whitepaper provides information and guidance on selecting and deploying security entrances across various industries, along with case-studies outlining challenges and solutions.This whitepaper is intended to guide the security manager in understanding and communicating the need for stronger physical security measures at their buildings’ entry points.

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New DW Spectrum IPVMS v4.0 is Now Available


Digital Watchdog® announces the release of DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.0. The latest version delivers many new and important features, including virtual offline cameras, failover for storage and secure video export with updated user experience. It also includes a whole new SDK for rapid integration of 3rd party devices designed for AI and deep-learning driven computer vision applications. While at the same time introducing a new framework to integrate dozens of 3rd party devices.

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10Gbps at 10KM: Siklu Announces EtherHaul ExtendMM 2ft Dual-Band Antenna is Now Available

Siklu Dual-band

Siklu announced the general availability of its new EtherHaul™ 2-foot dual-band antenna. This new antenna is designed to work seamlessly with Siklu’s ExtendMM™ feature on the EtherHaul 8010FX, 2500FX and other Siklu E-Band models. ExtendMM is a Siklu product suite consisting of the new Dual-Band antenna, software for monitoring and provisioning, a built-in switch in the EtherHaul radios, and purpose-built accessories, all of which are integrated with Siklu SmartHaul.

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New Genetec Clearance Camera Registry Facilitates Video Sharing Between Businesses and Public Safety Agencies


Genetec announced the new camera registry module for Genetec Clearance™, a digital evidence management system that facilitates collaboration between public safety agencies, corporate security departments, businesses, and the public. The new module will be showcased at the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) conference in Chicago. Video evidence is an invaluable tool to help investigators review events and solve crimes.

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CentralSquare Partners With Genetec: Enables First Responders to See in Real-time What is Happening During a 911 Emergency

Central Square Technologies

CentralSquare announced that it has entered into a partnership with Genetec Inc. The partnership brings together CentralSquare’s broad and unified Public Safety Enterprise and Pro suites and flagship products from Genetec, including Genetec Citigraf™ and Genetec Clearance™. Combining these two leading technologies will enable public safety agencies across North America to smartly use existing public and private video cameras to reduce the number of victims of crimes and disasters.

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National Whistleblower Center Announces Research Partnership with Bradley University’s Center for Cybersecurity

National Whistleblower Center

The National Whistleblower Center has established a research partnership with the Center for Cybersecurity at Bradley University. Through this partnership, an academic research working group has been created to facilitate and promote enhanced whistleblower anonymity. Dr. Jacob Young, who has studied whistleblowing systems since 2013, has agreed to serve as the Senior Advisor on Cybersecurity for the National Whistleblower Center. In this role, he will manage and coordinate a multidisciplinary research team.

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Echodyne to Present on Countering Drones at APSA Public Safety Drone Expo

public safety drone expo

Echodyne announced that its VP of Product, William (Bill) Graves, Jr, will lead a session titled Countering Drones A Comprehensive Review at the APSA Public Safety Drone Expo 2019 on October 10th. The event is being held in Columbus, OH. APSA is a non-profit, educational organization that supports and encourages the use of aircraft in public safety. Public safety personnel are one of the largest groups of drone users in the United States, flying thousands of public missions.

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Bates Security Opens Fourth Office with Florida Acquisition

Marcils and Bates

Bates Security announced the recent acquisition of Absolute Protection Team from Roger and Karen Marcil of Vero Beach, Florida. Bates Security will be maintaining that location as its second in the state and fourth company branch overall. Roger Marcil will be remaining as lead commercial sales consultant for the company. With leadership from Bryan Bates, Vice President of Sales for Bates Security, the company is in position for more aggressive commercial growth in the area.

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Veratad’s Tom Canfarotta to Participate as a Panelist at The Privacy + Security Forum

veratad logo

Veratad Technologies announced that Tom Canfarotta, Veratad’s Director of Strategic Accounts & Client Quality Services, has been invited to participate as a panellist on the “Beware the Dark [Patterns] Side: Thinking Creatively about User Experience without Sacrificing Compliance” at the Privacy + Security Forum at The Marvin Center, Washington, D.C. The Privacy + Security Forum breaks down the silos of privacy and security by bringing together seasoned thought leaders.

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