NEC Face Recognition Technology Ranks First in NIST Accuracy Testing

NEC Corporation announced that its face recognition technology has been ranked the world’s most accurate in a benchmark test conducted by the globally recognized U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).In this benchmark test, NEC received the highest performance evaluation in “1:N Identification,” which consists of still images of 12 million different people, by achieving an authentication accuracy rate of 99.88%.

Iris ID Hosts a Free Webinar Discussing the Benefits of Implementing a Multimodal Biometric Authentication Solution for Workforce Management Efficiency

Iris ID lends its expertise in advanced identity authentication to help organizations in the United States combat the $373 million dollars a year problem of buddy punching and time theft according to the American Association of Payroll. By updating outdated time and attendance systems, companies can solve multiple problems, including eliminating manual record keeping, increasing worker and management efficiency as well as building team morale.

Intellicene Partners with Oosto to Enhance Security Software with Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

Intellicene has announced a strategic partnership with Oosto. The collaboration supports the integration of Oosto’s advanced facial recognition technology within Intellicene’s suite of intelligent security software, enhancing Intellicene’s technology offerings to the company’s global customer base.

Suprema Unveils BioStation 2a, the Revolutionary World’s First Deep Learning-Based Fingerprint Recognition Solution

Suprema has launched ‘BioStation 2a’, the world’s first deep learning-based fingerprint recognition solution providing powerful access control features. Suprema has pioneered fingerprint recognition technology based on deep learning for the first time in the world. The cutting-edge AI algorithm based on deep learning is embedded in BioStation 2a. This innovation was achieved through Suprema’s expertise in creating a lightweight AI engine optimized for edge device.

Iris ID Introduces IrisTime™ iTMS Cloud, a New Plug and Play Experience for Workforce Management Providers

Iris ID introduces Iris ID IrisTime™, IrisTime Management Service (iTMS) Cloud. Designed to automate integration between time clocks and HRMS, IrisTime iTMS Cloud easily converts transactional data in real time information. IrisTime iTMS Cloud helps reduce costs and eliminate human errors when employees are punching in or doing other related tasks such as entering job transfers or hours worked.

i-PRO Brings License Plate and Vehicle Identification to Latest Version of Active Guard

i-PRO has released the latest version of its popular Active Guard application that adds support for Vaxtor automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and make, model, color (MMC) vehicle identification. The Vaxtor software has been tuned to run efficiently on the edge when installed within i-PRO AI-enabled cameras, providing the same level of performance normally associated with high-end PC processor architectures.

RecFaces Joins Milestone Marketplace: Id-Guard Ready-Made Facial Recognition Solution Integrated to XProtect, Enriching Video Management Software

RecFaces announced that its Id-Guard ready-made facial recognition software has been verified by Milestone Marketplace and has been successfully integrated into the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS), empowering users to explore the various applications of video management systems. Id-Guard is a high-accuracy facial recognition boxed solution developed for video surveillance and security systems.

RecFaces: Facial Biometrics Cuts Shoplifting Losses by 50%

The ever increasing number of shoplifting incidents is forcing retailers to turn to facial biometrics as a security measure. This has yielded impressive results: store owners confirm that such security systems identify thieves by their face and cite a reduction in theft-related losses between 50 and 90%. Modern facial recognition systems employ advanced algorithms that both ensure data privacy and adhere to international GDPR regulations.

Iris ID is the Lead Supplier of Iris Biometric Technology for Participants in the FBI Iris Service

Iris ID has been supporting the FBI since the initial pilot of the Next Generation Identification (NGI) Iris Service in 2014. The Iris Service affords law enforcement and criminal justice community’s economies of scale by utilizing highly efficient iris biometric technology, which is fast, accurate and contactless. As a biometric, iris is regarded as the most accurate modality over either fingerprint or facial recognition and is second only to DNA.

Iris ID Works with Leading Fortune 100 Companies Supplying Cutting- Edge Iris Biometric Solutions

Iris ID continues to experience outstanding success in establishing partnerships with numerous Fortune 100 companies. Leveraging its cutting-edge iris recognition technology, Iris ID has emerged as the preferred choice for enhancing security measures using the highest form of biometric identity authentication and verification to best safeguard the integrity of critical operations at leading organizations.

HID Multispectral Fingerprint Biometric Technology Now Conformed to Industry’s Highest Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Standards

HID announced that its latest V-Series fingerprint modules and readers with multispectral imaging (MSI) technology are now certified to ISO/IEC 30107-3 PAD Level 2 standards. The product detects much more sophisticated spoofing attempts based on 3D-type artifacts like those crafted from resin, latex, silicone and prosthetics and ISO 30107-3 PAD Level 2 compliance requires products successfully block 99% of spoof attempts.

Invixium Celebrates 10th Year as Leading Biometric Access Provider

Few start-ups achieve the 1-year anniversary mark, much fewer their 10th. Invixium, while humbled is unsurprised to reach the milestone, given years of daily commitment, grind, grit and determination. From day one, Invixium has progressively scaled a brand that offers cutting-edge biometric solutions for clients and partners across the globe. Consistently innovating biometric solutions for some of the most prestigious clients and partners in business.

SALTO Introduces Face Recognition Access Control with the Acquisition of TouchByte

SALTO Systems is committed to the use of biometric technology as the future of access control. In the past two years, it has aimed to accelerate the development of frictionless access control solutions through various strategic investments. The digital revolution has transformed society. Entire industries have been reimagined, and our professional lives, education, and leisure time have evolved beyond recognition.

Invixium Showcases Industry Leading Facial Recognition Solutions at Expo Seguridad 2023

Invixium, is showcasing their portfolio of industry leading biometric access control and workforce management solutions here at EXPO Seguridad 2023 in Palacio de la Canal 7 meeting room. Featured solutions include Invixium’s flagship IXM TITAN multimodal, multifactor authentication reader, and the competitively priced IXM TFACE biometric solution for mainstream applications.

AuthenticID Announces New Identity Document Liveness Detector

AuthenticID announced the launch of its identity document liveness detector. This feature enhancement validates the actual, physical presence of identity documents when used as part of the identity verification process. AuthenticID’s identity document liveness detector utilizes advanced AI and computer vision to detect many forms of document spoofing, especially digitally-displayed document spoofs. These spoofs are also called screen replay attacks.

Neurotechnology Regains First Place in NIST PFT III Fingerprint Evaluation

Neurotechnology announced that the company returned to the top ranking in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Proprietary Fingerprint Template III (PFT III) evaluation. The PFT III evaluation presents fingerprint verification benchmarks using four different datasets of fingerprints, in almost all of which Neurotechnology’s latest algorithm submission presented the most accurate scores.

Suprema Showcases Integrated Security Solutions at ISC West Exhibition in Las Vegas

Suprema participates in ISC West 2023 in Las Vegas, where a range of integrated security solutions are showcased. The largest annual security exhibition in the United States, ISC West is held from March 29 to 31. At the event, Suprema is exhibiting a number of security solutions comprising access control devices managed by BioStar 2, an integrated security software platform.

Kingdom of Bahrain Awards HID with ePassport Solution Delivery

HID announced it has been awarded with a contract to supply the Kingdom of Bahrain with an end-to-end ePassport solution. HID’s solution will enable the Gulf nation to take a significant step in its identity journey, by moving from a machine-readable passport (MRP) to an electronic passport. The solution will be supported by HID’s chip operating system SOMA™ and HID Integrale™, a modular ID system for enrollment, personalization and issuance of identity documents.