Self-Actualizing Your David Vs. Goliath Story

Mark Haney

By: Mark Haney CEO, HaneyBiz

In the timeless tale of David and Goliath, we marvel at the young shepherd boy who, armed with only a sling and unwavering faith, defeated a mighty giant. As entrepreneurs and dreamers, we often find ourselves in David’s shoes, staring down towering obstacles and formidable competitors. But just like David, we too have a secret weapon: our unique strengths, creativity, and the audacity to dream big.

Create Your Advantage

Growing up, I learned that while we may not have been rich financially, we were rich in love and imagination. As kids, my brother Paul and I would lay awake at night, conjuring up visions of the successful lives we’d one day lead, complete with mansions, sports cars, and of course, beautiful wives. While our dreams may have differed slightly (Paul added a “hot maid” to his wish list), the core truth was that we both believed anything was possible if we set our minds to it.

As a lifelong entrepreneur who has battled Goliaths in various industries, I started in my childhood years when I had a route to deliver a local newspaper that competed with the larger newspaper, The Sacramento Bee. This is where I introduced “in-home delivery” by dropping papers right inside the doors of houses on my route. In my early adult years, I operated video stores which flooded the local market with beta VCRs, countering the nearby Blockbusters who didn’t carry many beta movies. It was mostly during this time I learned we must constantly innovate and think differently to gain an edge. In my next chapter, when we battled Honeywell in the security business, a key advantage for us was laser focus on video security and of course, we had a secret sauce in which I won’t elaborate. Each step of the way I have discovered the key to slaying giants lies in leveraging our unique strengths and finding creative ways to outsmart the competition.

We Become What We Think About Most

But dreaming big and seizing opportunities requires more than just imagination – it demands daily dedication. That’s why I swear by my “3:15 Moment of Truth,” a sacred morning ritual where I rise before dawn to focus on who I want to be and what I must do to become my best self. In the tranquility of my “Renaissance Room,” I ask myself lofty questions: What kind of father, husband, and man do I aspire to be? What must be true for me to develop Haneyville (my family compound) into the most magical place on earth for my family, or ignite an entrepreneurial revolution in my hometown of Sacramento? By investing this morning time to get in the right headspace, I set myself up to attack each day with purpose and creativity.

Just like pregame rituals in sports, where I’d tighten my chin strap as the high school quarterback and feel the chills of the Rocky theme song, our morning routines prime us for peak performance. We can’t expect to crush it if we start the day groggy and reactive. But when we bookend our days intentionally, envisioning who we want to be and reflecting on meaningful progress, we stack up daily wins and build unstoppable momentum.

Never Buy a Lottery Ticket

Of course, even with an empowering morning routine, unleashing our full potential takes unwavering commitment over the long haul. My dad advised me to never buy a lottery ticket. Over the years I came to understand that I’m the lottery ticket. You are too. Betting on ourselves consistently is the surest path to success. As with all truly worthwhile endeavors, the entrepreneurial journey demands courage, resilience, and stick-to-itiveness. We need a willingness to keep showing up and iterating no matter what setbacks come our way.

Three Game-changing Questions

Nobody builds a truly great company alone. In fact, nobody builds a truly great family alone. And certainly, nobody builds a truly great life alone. To attract, retain and inspire the right people, there are three critical questions to get right.

  1. How compelling is our vision?
  2. Whaddya’ gonna’ do with what you got?
  3. What’s your commitment level?

I implore you to tap into your imagination and obsess on these questions.

By crafting a vision that resonates deeply with others, strategically allocating our resources and talents, and bringing an infectious level of dedication to our pursuits, we magnetize people to our cause. Just as my vision for the Growth Factory evolved from a personal mission to a community-wide movement others could see themselves in, our dreams become more powerful when they inspire collective buy-in and action. We now have a Backyard Advantage in Sacramento. It’s the most connected community in the world for local entrepreneurs and centered on a culture of love.

Advantages are everywhere but it takes courage and initiative to seize them. Like the older fish asking the younger ones, “How’s the water?” the ideas and opportunity surround us – we just need to open our eyes. By setting aside sacred time to cultivate our grandest vision, leveraging our unique assets with laser focus, and bringing unwavering commitment to our craft, we summon the greatness within us. We find the people who have our backs, the ones we would go to battle with, and together, we become unstoppable.

Dream audaciously. Believe in your capacity to shape reality. Carve out time daily to nurture your vision and be your best. Assemble your dream team and cherish those who uplift you. And above all, never stop betting on yourself. With imagination, inspired action, and indomitable will, you’ll slay the Goliaths in your path and build a life that defies all expectations. Your grit and creativity are the slingshots that will catapult you to legendary success, so step boldly into your greatness. Advantages are everywhere. It’s your responsibility to seize them.

Mark Haney CEO, HaneyBiz

Mark Haney is the CEO for HaneyBiz and Founder of the Growth Factory, an investment platform designed to help entrepreneurs by providing one-stop access to capital, expertise, and a strong community. He has founded or funded a portfolio of 50+ companies across various industries including new media, tech, consumer products, real estate, construction, transportation, distribution, and security, notably as President of Northern Video. Mark is also the host of The Mark Haney Show podcast and radio program.


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