Cyber Security

Threat Lens 2019 Annual Forecast

The great power competition will cause China and Russia to intensify their industrial espionage efforts while the United States increases its efforts to stop them. Aggressive Iranian actions indirectly affecting, or directly targeting, its rivals’ civilians and companies will intensify as U.S.-Iranian tensions rise. More investigations, more regulations and higher ceilings on penalties—and an unprecedented cyberthreat from the West’s geopolitical rivals—will drive an increase in the number and size of penalties for organizations that suffer data breaches.

Former FBI Special Cyber Agent’s 2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

Jason Truppi is a career technologist turned FBI agent and now entrepreneur. He has two decades of experience building, securing and investigating networks; working on some of the largest national security and criminal cyber intrusion cases as an FBI Cyber Special Agent in the United States. More recently, he was Director of Endpoint Detection and Response at Tanium, an enterprise security software company. He continues to drive cyber policy as a Center for Strategic & International Studies Cybersecurity Fellow.

Mac Malware Appears On The WatchGuard Top Ten Malware List For First Time

WatchGuard® Technologies issued its quarterly Internet Security Report for Q3 2018. For the first time ever, Mac-based malware appeared on WatchGuard’s list of the top ten most common types of malware. The report also found that 6.8 percent of the world’s top 100,000 websites still accept old, insecure versions of the SSL encryption protocol. Also, WatchGuard saw more malware hits in the Asia Pacific region than in any other geographical region, indicating a significant increase in malware targeting that region throughout 2018.

Genetec Receives UL 2900-2-3 Level 3 (L3) Cybersecurity Readiness Certification

Genetec announced that Security Center Omnicast™, its video management system (VMS), received the UL 2900-2-3 Level 3 cybersecurity certification. A long-standing advocate for cybersecurity and the ‘Security of Security’, Genetec participated in the UL evaluation process, which today validates its resilience against cyber-attack with the highest Level 3 (L3) assessment certification.

How to Avoid VPN Deception?

The abuse of consumer data is nothing new. With ongoing revelations that data collected by social media networks and search engine services has been breached by hackers or sold to third parties, people have become weary of the trustworthiness of companies to protect their data from being misused or sold to third parties. Acquiring user data has become incredibly lucrative, and analysts forecast that the big data analytics market will exceed $200 billion by 2020.

The Latest Advanced IT Security Product Will Help Organizations Drastically Reduce The Risks Of Cyber-Attacks

Reflare LTD launched a new product – Reflare Certified Secure Employee (RCSE). This new product is tailored specifically for organizations who need to upskill non-tech staff in the actions and behaviors that reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and security breaches. RCSE joins the Reflare Certified Secure Developer (RCSD) and Reflare Certified Secure Administrator (RCSA) products to create one of the most advanced IT security training offerings on the market today.

WatchGuard Warns Of Vaporworms, Global Internet Disruption And Rogue AI Chatbots For 2019

WatchGuard Technologies information security predictions for 2019 include the emergence of ’vaporworms’, a new breed of fileless malware with wormlike properties to self-propagate through vulnerable systems, along with a takedown of the internet itself and ransomware targeting utilities and industrial control systems. WatchGuard’s Threat Lab research team developed these predictions based on an analysis of major security and threat trends over the past year.

Secure Channels Launches SCIFCOM Featuring Four New Security Services

Secure Channels announced the launch of SCIFCOM (Secure Containment Information Facility) an as-a-service portal that features the strongest non-military encryption technology currently available to the public. SCIFCOM delivers four new security services that include features for ultra-encrypting and transmitting large files, as well as a plug-in for Microsoft Office 365 that enables users to send and receive encrypted (“XFA E-Mail”) with complete privacy and the familiarity of standard MS Outlook email.

The Four Biggest Risks Of Physical Data Security

Edward Snowden’s name entered the cultural lexicon in 2013, after he leaked thousands of classified National Security Agency documents to journalists. He’s been variously called a traitor, a patriot, a revolutionary, a dissident and a whistleblower, but however you personally feel about him, there’s one way to categorize him that no one can dispute: He’s a thief. There’s no doubt about it: Snowden’s information didn’t belong to him, and the scary truth is that he is neither the first nor the last employee to attempt to smuggle secrets out of a building – and we need to learn from his success to try to prevent it from happening again.

Five Measures To Keep Your Company’s Emails Protected

It’s hard to nail down the real damage that a single data breach can cost your company. We’ve all read about business giants like Uber and Facebook experiencing massive data breaches that exposed the personal information of millions of users—resulting in months of negative press, steep drops in stock value, and loss of consumer trust. And while the above become a wake-up call to customers and business owners alike on the value of protecting online accounts, the same discourse hasn’t occurred around secure emails.