Cyber Security

Gemalto To Protect 5G Next Generation Networks From Cyber-attacks

Gemalto announced it is bolstering protection against cyber-attacks for the new generation of cloud-based virtualized networks being planned and deployed with Intel® technology. This new initiative combines the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) trusted enclave(1), deployed in the company’s industry-leading cloud server CPUs, with Gemalto’s advanced SafeNet Data Protection On Demand security software services to create a robust processor-level security solution for virtualized networks.

NTT Brings Global Insight To Latest NIST Framework

NTT Security is discussing the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) updated Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and the ISO framework to help security professionals gain a better grasp on how to harmonize frameworks and manage risk. The company’s firsthand knowledge of the new NIST framework emanates from Shinichi Yokohama, Head of Cyber Security Integration at NTT Corporation, who played a significant role in making recommendations for the new proposed guidelines.

New OnSSI System Hardening Guidebook Helps Enterprises Mitigate Cyber Attacks

OnSSI announced the release of the Hardening Guide for Networked Video Surveillance Systems. The free downloadable guide provides specific recommendations on hardening video surveillance systems by applying cybersecurity measures designed to help prevent and protect systems from potential threats. The OnSSI Hardening Guide for Networked Video Surveillance Systems includes guidance on password length, how to avoid security system bad password practices, collaboration with IT and HR departments and how to apply software and firmware security updates.

Viakoo Showcases Automated Compliance Verification For Physical Security At ISC West

Viakoo is showcasing the dynamic capabilities of their solution to help ensure consistent compliance across industries for physical security At ISC West 2018 (Booth #33087). Working in conjunction with Coalfire, a leading cyber risk management and compliance firm, the Viakoo Predictive product was found to fully or partially automate the audit process for 38 specific physical security controls. Using automated discovery and push-button reporting from Viakoo can save significant time during an audit, and avoid expensive penalties for failing an audit.

Viakoo Announces Camera Firmware Update Manager At ISC West 2018

Viakoo is introducing their Camera Firmware Update Manager (CFUM) at ISC West 2018. This product provides capability to automatically update firmware on camera devices from one or more vendors, and perform these updates with a chain-of-trust method that ensures integrity of the firmware. CFUM adds to other foundational capabilities provided by Viakoo that help organizations achieve sustainable cyber hygiene. In the past two years, a number of cyber-threats have directly targeted surveillance cameras, including well-reported malware such as WannaCry, Devil’s Ivy, and Mirai.

Key Control Helps Keep Your Data Secure

Morse Watchmans is demonstrating how their KeyWatcher® Touch key management solution helps organizations keep data secure. On display at ISC West 2018 (booth #12109), KeyWatcher Touch provides comprehensive key management to a broad range of industries and business types, including server farms and data centers. KeyWatcher Touch is Morse Watchmans’ proven key control platform, utilizing touch screen technology to control Morse Watchmans’ patented SmartKey system with KeyAnywhere technology that makes it simple to return a key to any key cabinet in a system.

IndigoVision Releases The Latest Version Of Their Security Management Solution

IndigoVision announces a product release that allows users to maximize their security systems potential. This release includes the latest version of their Security Management Solution Control Center, a new cyber-security innovation CyberVigilant® in Camera, the Integra all in one device, and three additional products which strengthen their existing security offering. IndigoVision’s Control Center has long been regarded in the industry as the best, from its bulletproof nature to search and review forensic features; the software is intuitive and easy to use.

Building An Intelligent, High Performance And Secure Network For Video Management

Milestone Systems will present one of the 85 education sessions scheduled for this year’s ISC West trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike Sherwood, Director of Technical Operations for Milestone Americas, will address cybersecurity risks in network video implementations, with co-presenter Moses Anderson, CTO for GC&E Systems Group. The session called Building an Intelligent, High-Performance and Secure Network for Video Management will focus on network design best practices and the policies that support these practices – with an eye toward ensuring solutions that are available, scalable and interoperable.

Sensitive Healthcare Data at Risk in Cloud; Spohn Security Solutions Explains

With recent breaches of healthcare databases, healthcare providers need to determine whether storing protected health information (PHI or ePHI) in the cloud is a good idea. Cyber security expert Spohn Consulting points out that this decision should be made with care. Many healthcare providers must decide whether they should store protected health information (PHI) in the cloud. There are benefits and concerns to storing PHI in the cloud, and the decision to do so should be based on carefully analyzed data.

Macro-less Word Document Attacks On The Rise, Zero Day Malware Variants Jump 167 Percent

WatchGuard® Technologies announced new research findings from its Internet Security Report for Q4 2017. Among the report’s most notable findings, threat intelligence from Firebox appliances protecting small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises around the world showed that total malware attacks are up by 33 percent, and that cyber criminals are increasingly leveraging Microsoft Office documents to deliver malicious payloads. WatchGuard has also launched a new Threat Landscape data visualization tool, available for the public to access to daily updates about the most prevalent computer and network security threats affecting SMBs and distributed enterprises.