Cyber Security

National Whistleblower Center Announces Research Partnership with Bradley University’s Center for Cybersecurity

The National Whistleblower Center has established a research partnership with the Center for Cybersecurity at Bradley University. Through this partnership, an academic research working group has been created to facilitate and promote enhanced whistleblower anonymity. Dr. Jacob Young, who has studied whistleblowing systems since 2013, has agreed to serve as the Senior Advisor on Cybersecurity for the National Whistleblower Center. In this role, he will manage and coordinate a multidisciplinary research team.

Qognify Announces the Cyber Security Release of its Cayuga Video Management System

Qognify announced the latest release of its VMS Cayuga R14. In recent years, dealing with cybersecurity issues to safeguard video installations has become of utmost importance. One of the best ways to reduce network vulnerabilities associated with video surveillance systems is to make sure that the communication between the different components of the video solution is securely encrypted.

Lilu / Lilocked Ransomware Attacks

Lilu, also known as Lilocked, a new strain of ransomware, has now infected thousands of Linux servers since mid-July. Chris Gerritz, the co-founder of Infocyte, a pioneer in proactive threat detection and incident response, is available to comment on these attacks. Chris, the U.S. Air Force CERT’s former chief of defensive counter-cyber operations shares his notes.

Kingston to Showcase Cyber Security Solutions Amid Increasing Customer Data Privacy Regulations

Kingston Digital announced it will showcase an array of products at GSX 2019, the leading trade event for security professionals. Amid increasing concerns about data security, the company will showcase its full line of industry-leading encrypted USB Flash drive solutions, including the IronKey™ brand, high-density client and enterprise SSDs and Server Premier memory.

Securing Maritime Assets Demands a New Approach

At this moment, cyber-attacks threaten thousands of vulnerable cargo ships, which carry billions of dollars’ worth of goods. Due to the lack of maritime-specific cybersecurity solutions, vessels are highly susceptible to digitally-led hijackings or even ransomware. This threat can wreak havoc on global shipping. With Artificial Intelligence functionality, future solutions include autonomous safety mechanisms which recognize that they are the sole line of defense.

MOBOTIX Obtains the CNPP Trust Passport, Integrating the Cyber-Security Dimension in All of Its Digital Video Surveillance Camera Systems

MOBOTIX is the first manufacturer in Europe to obtain French CNPP certified product certification for its video surveillance cameras, offering a guarantee of IT and electronic “resistance” to cyber-attacks. MOBOTIX announced its intention to focus more on cyber-security over one and a half years ago, in particular by launching the “MOBOTIX Cactus Concept.” CNPP is a key player in France in risk prevention and control.

NETSCOUT’s Latest Threat Intelligence Report Uncovers Prime Targets for Cyber Criminals as Attacks Accelerate

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS announced the findings of its Threat Intelligence Report for the first half of 2019. The report underscores how dramatically the cybercriminal business model has matured into an efficient, global operation and the increasing geographical diversity and proliferation of nation-state Advance Persistent Threats (APT) groups. It reinforces the need for companies to minimize risks by having a better view of the threat landscape.

Capital One Hack ‘Could be Tip of the Iceberg’

The data breach of US bank Capital One that this week exposed the personal data of over 100-million US customers may be only the start of a series of breach notifications from other organisations. According to research conducted by Israel-based cybersecurity company CyberInt, the threat actor allegedly responsible for the Capital One breach tried to mask their identity and IP address by connecting to ‘IPredator’, a Sweden-based virtual private network.

French YouTuber Micode Infiltrates a Tech Support Scammers Network

In a recent series of videos on his YouTube channel aiming to popularize cyber-security, Micode looked into one of the most lucrative scams of the internet. The investigation brought him on the other side of the world in Mauritus for 3 episodes, of which the first have almost reached 1 million views. The 3 episodes have recently been subtitled in English for an international audience to understand how this very popular scam works.

WatchGuard Speeds Zero Day Malware Breach Detection from Months to Minutes

WatchGuard® Technologies announced a series of major updates to its threat correlation and response platform, ThreatSync, with the latest release of Threat Detection and Response. These enhancements include accelerated breach detection, network process correlation and AI-powered threat analysis, enabling managed service providers and the organizations they support to reduce breach detection and containment timeframes from months to minutes.