Cyber Security

Suspected Russian-speaking Threat Actors “TA505” Continues Cybercrime Spree Against Global Retailers & Financial Institutions

Investigation from CyberInt’s Research Lab has connected a single gang to a range of attacks against retailers and financial institutions around the world using legitimate remote access software. CyberInt’s managed detection and response solutions protect the world’s leading companies. The group has used the same tactics, techniques and procedures along with the repeated nefarious use of an off-the-shelf commercial remote administration tool, “Remote Manipulator System”.

Florida Reports 4th Most ID Theft Cases

A new report from A Secure Life showcases the states with the highest rate of Identity Theft. According to the report, Florida ranks 4th in the nation for the number of Identity Theft cases. Identity Theft affects not just you, but your entire family. Knowing what to do if you become a victim can save hours of your life trying to get your identity restored, as well as make the difference in your ability to recover from this dilemma and restore your accounts.

Faster Security Investigations Unveiled As Part of IndigoVision’s New product Innovations at America’s Largest Security Event

Security innovator IndigoVision is set to introduce a range of new features that will lead to faster security investigations and drive down industry storage costs as part of its presence at ISC West 2019 in Las Vegas. Trusted in installations across the world, and with 25 years of experience in developing complete end-to-end security surveillance solutions, IndigoVision’s latest innovations will be unveiled as part of an array of new features being introduced to Control Center, its intuitive Security Management Solution.

nCipher: 2019 Global Encryption Trends Study

nCipher Security, the provider of trust, integrity and control for business critical information and applications, announces that as organizations embrace the cloud and new digital initiatives such as the internet of things (IoT), blockchain and digital payments the use of trusted cryptography to protect their applications and sensitive information is at an all-time high, according to the 2019 Global Encryption Trends Study from the Ponemon Institute.

Recent Social Warfare Vulnerability Allowed Remote Code Execution

Wordfence detailed a vulnerability in the Social Warfare plugin, and discussed the attack campaigns against it. These issues were reported widely as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) flaws, due to an unexpected disclosure and proof of concept released by an unnamed researcher. Attackers have issued persistent exploit attempts against this flaw, which are primarily connected to injected JavaScript redirect activity.

How Palo Alto Networks Blocks 30,000 New Pieces of Malware Daily Via AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data

Scott Stevens, SVP, Global Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks, discusses how the company uses AI, machine learning, and big data to find and block malware for its customers. If we’re looking at how are we dealing with malware and finding unknown malware and blocking it, we’ve been doing that for years. The platform at Palo Alto Networks uses big data analytics and machine learning in the cloud to process and find all of the unknown malware, make it known and be able to block it.

An Ever-Present Cybersecurity Threat in the IoT, Says Symantec CEO

Symantec CEO Greg Clark says that there are many new cybersecurity threats showing up including threats around the Internet of Things. Greg Clark, President and CEO of Symantec, discusses new cybersecurity threats including threats to the Internet of Things in an interview on CNBC. What’s important is that there are a bunch of problems that emerge that are not solved and it takes a vibrant startup community and investment community around that to address some of those.

PSA Announces All-Encompassing Education Track Lineup for 2019 ISC West

Providing Sessions For the Entire Business Structure with Topics on Leadership, RMR, Marketing and Cybersecurity During 2019 ISC West. PSA announced it will host an education track with sessions during ISC West in Las Vegas, NV on April 9-11, 2019. The PSA education track will be held exclusively on Tuesday, April 9. Members of PSA Committees, PSA executive leadership team, and other industry experts will lead the six sessions that are included in the PSA Track.

nCipher Security Enables Organizations To Keep Pace With Expanding Cloud And IoT Security Requirements

nCipher Security announces enhanced remote access to the crypto capabilities delivered by its nShield Connect XC hardware security modules (HSMs). As customers increasingly rely on HSMs to provide a root of trust for their cloud applications, IoT, and blockchain, nShield Connect XC allows them to quickly and easily scale their security capabilities and remotely configure and expand their HSM estates. This reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and eliminates physical data center visits.

Phishing Tests: The Only Way To Keep Your Business Safe From Email Phishing Attacks?

According to Wombat’s 2018 State of the Phish survey, 76% of organizations say they experienced phishing attacks in 2017. Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN, confirms that no company is immune to these attacks. According to him, employees remain the weakest security link. Daniel advises you to educate your employees continuously. They need to know the importance of verifying the security of the site, not clicking suspicious links, and never giving out their personal information.