Moms in Security Announces Exclusive Fundraising Event Following Wallflowers Concert at ISC West 2024

Moms in Security will host an exclusive Speak Easy party and fundraiser, following The Wallflowers’ concert in the Venetian Ballrooms, during ISC West 2024. Once attendees have registered for the private event, they will receive additional details, including its location.

The Speak Easy party will benefit Moms in Security Global Outreach (MISGO), the arm of Moms in Security dedicated to providing technology resources to law enforcement and crusaders in the rescue of human trafficking victims.

Attendance at the Speak Easy party offers ISC West 2024 attendees the opportunity both to connect with industry peers and further MISGO’s mission to make a positive impact in the fight against human trafficking.

“Our goal for this event is twofold: To shed light on the issue of human trafficking and establish partnerships that support the recovery and rehabilitation of victims and reunification with their families,” said Founder and Executive Director of Moms in Security Elisa Mula.

“Moms in Security has come a long way, over the last three years. For me, this event is both a celebration of our progress and a call to action.”

Since 2020, Moms in Security has secured an extensive array of surveillance cameras and other security equipment to outfit eight operation centers that handle investigations, rescue, and rehabilitation of trafficked individuals. With support from key industry partners, including ASIS, SSN and Pelican Zero, Moms in Security has helped spread awareness for victims of human trafficking and child exploitation and established partnerships between the security industry, law enforcement and public/private organizations to create actionable solutions in the fight against human trafficking. Moms in Security also serves as a technical consulting arm for the child exploitation division of a major homeland security office in the Metro New York area.

Moms in Security operates in three core program areas:

  • Education: Prioritizing the dissemination of knowledge regarding the complexities of human trafficking, encompassing its nature, manifestations, and strategies for prevention.
  • Crusaders Program: Facilitating the procurement of essential equipment for law enforcement and nonprofit organizations to enhance the efficiency of child rescue missions.
  • Millstone Project: Advocating for legislation that prioritizes children’s protection and bolsters the effectiveness of law enforcement and nonprofit endeavors.

Moms in Security is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to combatting human trafficking and child exploitation through fundraising, awareness campaigns and strategic partnerships. With a mission to serve as a liaison between the security industry, law enforcement and public/private organizations, Moms in Security works tirelessly to create actionable solutions in the fight against human trafficking. Visit: Moms in Security

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