New Products

10Gbps at 10KM: Siklu Announces EtherHaul ExtendMM 2ft Dual-Band Antenna is Now Available

Siklu announced the general availability of its new EtherHaul™ 2-foot dual-band antenna. This new antenna is designed to work seamlessly with Siklu’s ExtendMM™ feature on the EtherHaul 8010FX, 2500FX and other Siklu E-Band models. ExtendMM is a Siklu product suite consisting of the new Dual-Band antenna, software for monitoring and provisioning, a built-in switch in the EtherHaul radios, and purpose-built accessories, all of which are integrated with Siklu SmartHaul.

DITEK Bolsters Lineup of Robust Power Protection with Uninterruptible Power Supplies

DITEK is shipping an aggressively priced line of Uninterruptible Power Supplies with a new compact form factor through the professional distribution channel. These units round out a comprehensive power protection product lineup that also includes Ethernet and Power over Ethernet Network Protection and indoor/outdoor Surge Protection Devices. DTK-UPS600 and DTK-UPS800 extend the lineup of comprehensive solutions to economically protect and power smaller electronic systems.

FLIR GF77 – The Ground-breaking Affordable Optical Gas Imaging Camera

FLIR GF77 is the first uncooled infrared camera from FLIR to visualize methane emissions in realtime for faster, more efficient gas leak surveys. This nimble, affordable alternative to FLIR’s industry-leading cooled optical gas imagers was designed for use by renewable energy producers, at natural gas power plants, and at locations along the natural gas supply chain. By filtering for methane and similar gases, the GF77 improves detection while also reducing false negatives.

Omnitron Launches IEEE802.3bt Fiber to PoE Media Converters

Omnitron Systems introduced its new IEEE802.3bt OmniConverter®GHPoEBT/S fiber to 60 and 90 Watts PoE Power Sourcing Media Converters. Since the ratification of the IEEE802.3at 30Watts standard in 2009 and until September 2018 when the IEEE 802.3bt 100 Watts standard has been ratified, all high power PoE applications utilized proprietary methods challenged with interoperability issues.

POWER UP Launches New Solar Charging Table

POWER UP™ has added a new Solar Charging Table to its line of charging products. The Solar Charging Table is an innovative solution for utility companies and emergency response teams that need to provide power after storm damage or natural disasters. The Solar Charging Table is also perfect for festivals and outdoor events, creating a convenient and collaborative atmosphere for guests and customers.

Aiphone Introduces Components to Enhance Existing Systems

Aiphone introduced system enhancements enabling the addition of a second door station and a new multi app-compatible master station for its JO Series video intercom aimed at homeowners and small businesses. Performance enhancements to other existing Aiphone systems were also added. The new JOW-2D adaptor enables the connection of a second door station to any existing JO Series system.

Enhance Security with VideoXpert 3.6 and the Refreshed Evolution 360° Stainless Steel Camera.

Pelco released their Evolution 360° Stainless Steel camera along with an update to VideoXpert. VideoXpert 3.6 is ideal for anyone who requires a highly responsive and intuitive interface that is also interoperable and scalable. Evolution 360° Stainless Steel Camera is ideal for industries with stringent regulations as well as a high risk of environmental damage and vandalism.

Tosibox Presents Improved IoT Connectivity Cybersecurity Solution With Lock 500

Tosibox announces the North American availability of the TOSIBOX Lock 500, a high-performance connectivity device that allows the industrial automation, building automation, and security sectors to safely manage and build IoT, remote and network management operations without the cybersecurity risks posed by traditional cloud or IP address-operated technology.

Altronix Presents NetWay 802.3BT Managed Midspans at GSX 2019

Altronix is showcasing its new NetWay 802.3BT Series of Managed Midspan/Injectors at GSX 2019. Capable of delivering up to 90W per port, these new midspans are currently available with 4 or 8 ports and include battery charging for applications requiring backup and embedded LINQ™ Technology to monitor, control, and report power and diagnostics from anywhere over the network.

Axis Launches New Products at GSX

Axis announced new innovations for 4K resolution cameras with ultra-high light sensitivity, license plate identification and next-generation PTZ cameras at GSX 2019. AXIS Q1798-LE Network Camera – equipped with 4x zoom and a Canon lens was designed with enhanced cybersecurity features such as signed firmware and secure boot as well as Axis Lightfinder 2.0 technology.