SIONYX Unveils NightScan: A Revolutionary Rugged Low-Light IP Surveillance Camera

An innovative imaging solution that advances remote and covert surveillance technology

SIONYX is redefining the landscape of low-light imaging solutions. SIONYX is a key collaborator with both the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and law enforcement and has played a pivotal role in delivering cutting-edge night vision solutions to our Armed Forces – most notably for the Army’s Augmented Reality Goggle Program, IVAS.

SIONYX technology now takes a leap forward with the unveiling of NightScan, a rugged IP surveillance camera with groundbreaking performance.

NightScan is designed for remote, covert, and 24/7 surveillance in the most challenging and harsh environments. SIONYX’s commitment to advancing camera technology underscores its dedication to empowering defense and security operations with this state-of-the-art capability.

Harnessing the power of SIONYX’s proprietary XQE-1350/1351 CMOS sensor technology, NightScan introduces advanced features that facilitate networked video capture in remote environments, both day and night. Tailored to meet the needs of top law enforcement and military agencies, this innovative camera is a compelling alternative to existing surveillance capabilities in tactical environments.

It also serves as a solution for monitoring critical infrastructure and commercial properties when the lights go out. Its versatile design ensures enhanced functionality, making it an invaluable asset for a range of security applications.

NightScan Key Features:

● Remote Operation:

  1. Remote-controlled and capable of recording.
  2. Can connect via ethernet to IP networks with Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local battery for sustained operation.
  3. Fully integrated with military radios for wireless video feeds.

● Covert:

  1. Designed with minimal aesthetic, the camera is compact and crafted for undetectability in critical areas.
  2. Features Motion Detect (video and I/O) for user alerts.

● Surveillance in Noon-Day Sundown to Moonless Starlight:

  1. Provides low-light imaging without the need for near-infrared light illumination.
  2. Includes integrated auto features that enable the camera to be used in a variety of lighting conditions – even when the environment appears completely black to the human eye.
  3. Available in full-color or monochrome versions, delivering 720p HD resolution.

● Rugged and Versatile:

  1. Can be left unattended for extended time periods, reliably functioning in challenging terrains and harsh conditions.
  2. Features versatile mounting options for connection to various platforms, including ATVs, UAVs, UGVs, etc.
  3. IP67-rated with full environmental certifications (shock, vibration, EMI, thermal, etc.).

“The introduction of the NightScan camera redefines how operators strategically survey in the field and operate in extreme low-light conditions,” said Martin Pralle, PhD, Vice President of Business Development at SIONYX.

“We take immense pride in supporting the U.S. DOD and law enforcement, and are excited to play a pivotal role in advancing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities for our Armed Forces and beyond.”

The NightScan camera, set to be available for order in Spring 2024, will be showcased at SHOT Show in January 2024.

SIONYX is a silicon-based photonics company that develops and manufactures proprietary ultra-low-light CMOS image sensors and high-performance night vision camera systems. These sensors dramatically enhance the performance of light sensing devices commonly used in commercial, industrial, medical, and defense-related applications. visit: