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Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America Will Change Its Name in April 2022

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America, announces that it will be changing its company name to i-PRO Americas Inc. on April 1, 2022. Established in 2019, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America has focused on being a versatile and agile company that is dedicated to delivering new and innovative technologies and solutions. This name change is the next chapter in their story.

Cybersecurity Experts Releases Cyber Defense Guide for CEOs

ProtectedBy.AI, has released Stay Cyber Safe: What Every CEO Should Know About Cybersecurity. The book is authored by leading cybersecurity experts, JT Kostman, Ph.D., and Brian Gallagher, who are the co-founders of ProtectedBy.AI. Stay Cyber Safe is available on Amazon and has already reached the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best-Selling Books list for Information Management during the first week of pre-lease sales. Due to its success Amazon has decided to release and ship early sales.

UK Smart Home Users To Pass 10M in 2021

Smart technology has broken through the mainstream in the most developed markets around the world including the UK. In 2020 smart home penetration rate was recorded at 32.9% which is projected to rise to 37.4% in 2021. By 2025, smart home penetration rate in the UK is projected to reach an impressive 63%. Out of the 6 main smart home segments, Control & Connectivity had the largest penetration rate in 2020 with 20.57%.

Cybersecurity Training Lags, While Hackers Capitalize on COVID-19

Ninety percent of companies faced an increase in cyber attacks due to the pandemic, according to a survey of 1,000 CXO’s conducted in June 2020. 93% of these CXO’s said they were forced to delay security projects in order to help manage their company’s transition to remote work. TalentLMS partnered with Kenna Security, an industry-leading penetration testing and vulnerability management firm, to survey 1,200 employees on their cybersecurity habits, knowledge of best practices, and ability to recognize security threats.

Security Software Revenues to Hit $45.5B in 2021, a 20% Jump in Two Years

The digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic and the growing number of data breaches and cyberattacks has forced online users, companies, and organizations to increase their spending on security software solutions. According to data presented by Stock Apps, global security software revenues are expected to hit $45.5bn in 2021, a 20% increase in two years. The security software market includes all software solutions that aim to protect individual computing devices, networks, or any other computing-enabled device.

GateHub Launches Wallet Protection To $100k Of Cryptocurrency Assets Per Wallet

GateHub launched Wallet Protect, a new service for XRP ledger wallets that provides back-up key creation, secure key storage, fund recovery, and theft cover. These new safety features, which are provided by Coincover, offer peace of mind for anyone looking to guarantee the safety of their cryptocurrency holdings. With 1.5 million customers, GateHub is one of the world’s largest XRPL gateways, allowing its users to send and receive payments from any supported network.

Average Number of Networked Cameras Increases to 3.4 from 1.9 in 2018

Parks Associates’ new Smart Product Market Assessment research finds US broadband households with networked cameras now own on average 3.4 of these devices, a rapid increase from less than two devices in early 2018. Additionally, over one-third of those who bought a smart video doorbell in the past 12 months are first-time buyers. The firm will host the 15th annual CONNECTIONS Summit: Smart Home Growth Strategies virtually on January 14, in cooperation with CES® 2021, featuring executives from ADT,, Brinks Home Security, Nice, Notion, SimpliSafe, and Yonomi.

Physical Security Integration: Unlocking its Full Potential

For any operation with assets needing to be protected from theft or vandalism —such as car dealerships, truck fleets, equipment rental companies, or contractor lots— fully integrating the latest capabilities of physical security and access control systems can drive down costs significantly. This “virtual” approach combines video surveillance, access control, and information technology (IT) integration to replace many of the functions of in-person security personnel.

Why Interoperable Communication is Essential in Today’s New Normal

COVID-19 shut down the United States seemingly overnight back in March. Students couldn’t return to school, thousands of employees shifted to a completely remote workstyle and many businesses closed their doors to visitors to try curbing the spike of cases. Nearly every industry faced many new challenges, and communication proved critical to navigate the new normal. Historically, communication has been vital in nearly every crisis.

Calipsa Survey Shows Video Monitoring Centers Surviving COVID-19

Owners and managers of video monitoring centers have generally fared well during the COVID-19 pandemic, with nearly half increasing business according to a recent international survey conducted by Calipsa. The Calipsa Video Monitoring Report 2020 found 47% of respondents said the pandemic had stimulated business growth, providing an average 33% increase in clients and a 30% boost in revenue. More than a third (37%) of businesses reported no change in performance.

Securing Your Business before Disaster Hits: Planning for Extreme Weather By John Torres, Guidepost Solutions

Businesses face an overwhelming array of external hazards and threats. While the coronavirus pandemic has introduced a bevy of new concerns to address and operational hurdles to tackle this year, extreme weather remains a threat that companies of all kinds cannot ignore. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is already the second most active in history, according to Accuweather. It seems as though these storms have more destructive winds and cause more flooding than those we experienced in years prior.

City of Schertz, TX Chooses Athena Security Temperature Checking

Athena Security announced that the City of Schertz, TX, with over 40,000 citizens not far from San Antonio, chose Athena Security’s Elevated Temperature Checker system on the Apple iPad as part of a holistic and proactive employee health approach to keeping it’s public infrastructure running safely. After seeing the system working well at nearby Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), City of Schertz Fire Chief Kade Long championed the effort to acquire Athena Security’s solution.

IoT, Authentication and Cloud Services Drive Staggering Increase in PKI Adoption

Organizations are rapidly increasing the size, scope and scale of their data protection infrastructure, reflected in dramatic rises in adoption of public key infrastructure (PKI) across enterprises worldwide, according to new research from Entrust. PKI is at the core of nearly every IT infrastructure, enabling security for critical digital initiatives such as cloud, mobile device deployment, identities and the internet of things (IoT). IoT is the fastest growing trend driving PKI application deployment.

Extensive New Poll Finds Most Americans Support Facial Recognition

The survey of 1,000 adults found that most Americans support the use of facial recognition across a wide range of applications. Commissioned by the Security Industry Association (SIA), the survey found that while a solid majority of Americans approve of facial recognition technology generally and 68% say it can make society safer, support rises significantly when it comes to specific public and private sector applications

The Role of Identity and Access Management in Decentralized Finance and Cryptocurrency

Identity Management Institute raises concerns over identity, access, and fraud risks in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrency wallets. With the increasing use of cryptocurrency wallets and perhaps the inevitable arrival of a decentralized financial system, the foreseeable risks of identity theft and fraud must not be ignored. The most substantial risks in decentralized finance will be in the area of identity and access management.

Increased Demand to Tighten Physical Security at Food Plants

Ensuring food safety is more critical than ever today for the industry and supply chain, from trucking to processing and packing to storing food in temperature-controlled environments. Now, food processors more than ever are looking to restrict physical access to those with appropriate clearance only, and to limit the number of people who can enter a building to protect the safety of food and better prepare for COVID-19. Food companies are utilizing video surveillance and access control systems to enhance security and production.

HID Global Empowers Workplaces to Safely Re-Open by Automating Employee Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

As organizations around the world resume operations, new requirements for creating a safe workplace for employees are driving the need to automate approaches to manage employee social distancing and conduct contact tracing. HID Global announced landmark additions to its HID Location Services IoT ecosystem that simplify and streamline managing these protocols, and drive compliance to federal, state and local requirements to help prevent workplace exposure to COVID-19.

RAS Watch Helps Businesses Get Back to Work with Launch of Contact Tracing Service

RAS Watch announced the launch of its contact tracing service to proactively identify and trace infectious disease outbreaks, such as COVID-19, within a business. The service combines the power of the RAS Watch best-in-class remote monitoring services technology, targeted communications and emergency response, along with trained contact tracers, to mitigate the spread of infection across an organization. RAS Watch and its certified partner channel work with organizations on best practices.

G4S Announces Expansion of Return to Work Assurance Program to Help During COVID-19 Reopenings

G4S expanded the solutions of the G4S Return to Work Assurance program, a new, comprehensive set of solutions to assist organizations with security planning and implementation as they reopen business operations during COVID-19. G4S’ program outlines critical jobs to be done and guidelines for keeping workers and the public safe. Program Addresses Requirements and Jobs to Be Done by People, Process and Technology.

Allied Universal’s Health Screening Application Helps Keep Facilities Secure During Pandemic

Allied Universal is offering screening solutions that leverage state-of-the-art technology that bridges the gap between artificial intelligence (AI) and human response to protect people.The company is applying their advanced artificial intelligence platform, HELIAUS, to keep facilities secure during the COVID-19 pandemic. HELIAUS is an advanced artificial intelligence platform designed to improve safety and reduce risk by enhancing on-site guarding services.