Merging Control Rooms With Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Oversight

Today’s security systems are collecting data at exorbitant rates, continuously gathering information from hundreds —if not thousands— of sensors and funneling that information into a control room for analysis and response. Operators are tasked with sifting through the footage and material, working around the clock to recognize potential threats or anomalies. But there just aren’t enough human eyes available for organizations to dedicate to this overwhelming responsibility.

Security Radar Integrators Selects Echodyne Radar for Counter-UAS Security Solutions

Echodyne announced that its EchoGuard radar has been selected by Security Radar Integrators as its preferred 3D radar sensor for C-UAS security solutions. The radar is recognized in the industry as the best-performing sensor in its class and is a critical component for UAS detection, tracking, classification, and identification in multi-sensor systems. Echodyne’s breakthrough MESA™ technology delivers a high-performance radar in a compact, solid-state, commercially-priced format.

How An Innovative Control Room Can Help Secure The Budding Cannabis Market

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is growing. Numerous states across the United States, from California to Maine, have legalized recreational cannabis, with 33 total states allowing cannabis for medicinal uses. And it’s not just the United States that’s seeing this trend: Canada’s official legalization of recreational cannabis took effect last October. This growth is leading to incredible opportunities in the industry, with the global market valued at $10.3 billion in 2018 and projected to reach $39.4 billion by 2023. This market opportunity expands far beyond the companies that directly deal with the cannabis plant, with numerous adjacent businesses on track to experience benefits.

How Can SPYNEL Thermal Cameras Secure 24/7 Oil & Gas facilities Against Drone Swarm Attacks?

Drone attacks continue to strike all over the world. After the major incident at London Gatwick airport causing travel disruption for more than a day, the recent attack on two Saudi oil facilities caused significant damages and the biggest jump in oil prices ever. HGH focused its latest developments against drone attacks to offer the security’s industry the most advanced UAV surveillance solutions.

Averics Among the First to be Powered by PlateSmart

PlateSmart Technologies introduced Powered by PlateSmart™ to let business solution providers add license plate recognition (LPR) functionality to their products easily and cost-effectively. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada-based Averics Systems Inc. is one of the first to take advantage of this opportunity, having integrated PlateSmart’s award-winning LPR technology into its AvericsUnity™ security management system.

Crown Sterling Decrypts RSA Assymmetric Public Keys in Live Demonstration

Crown Sterling announced that the company conducted a live demonstration and decrypted two RSA asymmetric public keys at a public gathering at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California. Crown Sterling hosted the event where Crown Sterling Computer Scientists decrypted two 256-bit asymmetric public keys in approximately 50 seconds from a standard laptop computer.

NICE Actimize Launches SURVEIL-X for Holistic Surveillance

Traditional surveillance technology is adept at detecting obvious market abuse, but it doesn’t commonly address the “unknowns”. That’s why regulators around the globe are adopting next generation surveillance technology in growing numbers. To meet this demand, NICE Actimize is introducing SURVEIL-X, the industry’s first AI-powered, cloud-native, true holistic trade-related surveillance solution.

Echodyne Releases White Paper on Airspace Sensors for 3D Security of Critical Infrastructure

Echodyne announced the release of its “Protecting Critical Infrastructure From Drones” white paper. The white paper is being released in conjunction with the GSX 2019. The white paper offers an important look at the security risks facing today’s critical infrastructure and the limitations of current deployments in the face of increasing overflight from small unmanned aircraft systems.

HID Global’s IdenTrust Digital Certificates Are Included in Adobe Approved Trust List

HID Global announced that its IdenTrust™ digital certificates are now certified members of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) program, the world’s largest trust service for electronic documents. AATL certification allows millions of users to create digital signatures that are automatically identified as being trusted whenever the document is signed with Adobe® Acrobat® DC, Acrobat Reader® DC or Adobe Sign.

Echodyne Radar Ensures Safety for Northern Plains UTM Pilot Program

Echodyne announced that its EchoGuard radar played a key airspace safety role in the successful completion of the FAA UTM Pilot Program. The radars supported beyond visual line of site operations in the Grand Forks urban area and the rural environment of Thompson for challenging UAS use cases. For several of the scenarios, clearing the airspace of traffic involved both UTM messaging and verification through Echodyne’s ground-based radars.