Barnacle Parking Helps the NYPD Solve Local Parking Compliance with Intelligent Device

Intelligent parking enforcement device company helps the country’s largest police municipality solve parking compliance issues while improving officer safety

Barnacle Parking announced its engagement with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). During a pilot program, the NYPD will assess the Barnacle’s ability to improve parking management and promote fairness and efficiency for all New York City residents and visitors.

Initially, the NYPD will utilize the Barnacle in a preliminary capacity, primarily as a manual immobilization tool.

As the program evolves, Barnacle Parking hopes to transition to a system where motorists can self-release and make payments directly through Barnacle. This shift promises to boost efficiency for both motorists and enforcement officers, streamlining the entire process.

“Due to its high-profile location in New York City, the largest city and media center in the U.S., parking issues are magnified for the NYPD,” explains Colin J. Heffron Sr., Executive Chairman at Barnacle Parking.

“As an intelligent parking enforcement solution that provides real-time resolution for motorists, residents and visitors alike will appreciate the fair and speedy nature of The Barnacle.”

Barnacle Parking provides clients with best practices and rules of engagement that encourage “motorist first” operations. Rules of engagement include a grace period for offenders, proper signage, and a reasonable fine amount among other fair practices. Barnacle continues to work with customers and local law enforcement to understand industry changes and update these best practices in real-time.

Barnacle Parking empowers parking operators, business owners, corporate campuses, healthcare organizations and municipalities to redefine and enhance the parking enforcement experience for both enforcers and motorists while visibly driving compliance. The Barnacle, an intelligent parking enforcement solution, provides real-time resolution for motorists. visit:

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