Deep Sentinel Introduces FlashBang – A Groundbreaking Active Deterrent Feature to Combat Rising Crime Rate

Deep Sentinel is set to revolutionize the security industry once again with the launch of FlashBang. A waitlist is now available on the Deep Sentinel website with the product officially launching in May 2024. Businesses will now have the opportunity to fight back against crime with FlashBang being a significant advancement in deterring criminal activity, offering proactive defense mechanisms that include smoke bombs, pepper sprays, and ear-piercing sirens.

Security Guard Catches Child from Burning Apartment Building

An off-duty Allied Universal security guard, Phillip Blanks, caught a three-year-old child who was dropped from a burning apartment in Phoenix last week. As smoke and flames engulfed the apartment, Blanks saw what was happening and ran towards the building. Cellphone video shows Blanks running toward the building, where the third story apartment was engulfed. A woman believed to be the child’s mother desperately dropped him off the third-floor balcony.

4 Guards Outside Cell As Georgia Inmate Hanged Himself

Guards at Smith State Prison didn’t try to stop troubled inmate Richard Tavera from hanging himself until four had assembled outside his cell, videos obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution show. By then, more than seven minutes had passed since the first report Tavera was attempting suicide, and nothing could be done to save his life, the videos show.

Knightscope Delivers Incident Report On DC ‘Drowning’

Knightscope, Inc., developer of advanced autonomous physical security technologies focused on significantly enhancing US security operations, announced the results of its investigation regarding K5 MIN42 (aka “STEVE”) incident on July 17, 2017 at a Washington, DC, office building.

Patriot One IACP Launch Event With Governor Tom Ridge

Patriot eagerly anticipates welcoming Tom Ridge, First Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and former Governor of Pennsylvania as keynote speaker at an invitation-only hosted event to formally introduce its NForce CMR1000 product during the IACP Conference. Limited space is available and Patriot requires certain criteria for attendance.

How A Prison Drug Smuggling Case In Kansas Led To A Showdown Over Recordings Of Inmate-Attorney Talks

When attorneys said in court recently that phone calls between lawyers and inmates at Leavenworth Detention Center had been recorded and obtained by federal prosecutors, the development was just the latest revelation in what a United States public defender says was a systemic violation of constitutional rights.

CaughtOnCamera: Thieves Stealing From Farmer’s Produce Stand

A Lawton, MI, farmer caught several thieves on camera stealing food and cash from his fresh produce stand, which uses the honor system and locked cash box, on M-40. Farmer Andrew Nesbitt posts surveillance videos from his stand’s trail cameras onto Facebook, which led Michigan State Police to identifying at these two suspects. One recent video shows a woman who blatantly loaded up her car with produce, including butternut squash, several bags of corn, and a basket full of peppers. Nesbitt said she allegedly stole the food before 11 A.M. on Sept. 2, then by 7 P.M. the same day she returned everything but the peppers to the produced stand.

CaughtOnCamera: Security Footage Of Break-In At WA Governor’s Office

OLYMPIA, Washington — The Washington State Patrol on Friday released security video from the governor’s office that shows two women who are accused of breaking into Gov. Jay Inslee’s private office at the state Capitol walking through the lobby and taking items. A portion of the video, released after a public records request by The […]

CaughtOnCamera: Texas School Security Guard Breaks Student’s Arm

A part-time school security guard in Texas was caught on camera breaking a male student’s arm while stopping a fight last month. Officer Stephen Rivers, of the Beaumont School District Police, worked at West Brook High School in Beaumont. On cell phone footage taken March 7, Rivers can be seen snapping a teen’s arm while […]

CaughtOnCamera: Chicago Train Derailment Captured on Security Camera Footage

It’s one thing reading about and seeing pictures of the passenger train that crashed through its end of the line barrier at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport earlier this week. And another when you actually watch it happen through a security camera video. Of course, being there and seeing it with your own two eyes takes […]

CaughtOnCamera: Terrifying Video Of The Manhattan Gas Leak Explosion

A new footage has emerged of the shocking explosion this week that killed eight people, injured dozens more and leveled two Manhattan buildings. Surveillance video released by the New York Fire Department shows the harrowing moment the Harlem blast blew out windows, showered debris onto the street and almost seriously injured a passerby. This must have been even more terrifying for the walker passing by! OMG, I don’t know if I would have had the same excellent reaction: stay calm and protect my head! Too bad there are no sound records! Can you imagine? Glass, breaking steal, and screams! An explosive mix!

CaughtOnCamera: Cell-Phone Distracted Driver Turns In Front Of Car On Highway

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CaughtOnCamera: Burglar With Sledgehammer

SAN ANTONIO – A South Side homeowner’s video surveillance cameras were rolling earlier this month when a burglar used a sledgehammer to break into his home in broad daylight. The crime happened around 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 11, near Loop 410 and Roosevelt Avenue. The burglar used brute force to make entry into Amadeo Patterson’s home. "He uses a sledge hammer and within seven or eight seconds he’s inside the house," Patterson said. Patterson’s eight video cameras were rolling as the burglar grabbed whatever he could get his hands on. "He took a compound bow, two laptops, a Samsung touch-screen device, a whole bunch of jewelry and just a whole bunch of little stuff like that," Patterson said. Patterson has lived in the home since he was 8-years-old and this was 14th time he had been burglarized. Weeks before the most recent break-in, Patterson said another person got in through a window when the burglar bars were removed as the house was being painted.  "They came through our bedroom window and broke out the window," Patterson said. "They weren’t able to get in because of our headboard so I guess since he couldn’t get in he took our push mower instead." Fed up with the crime Patterson installed the surveillance cameras, but even they didn’t scare off the mid-day burglar. "He’s looking at the cameras he knows they’re there but apparently he don’t give a crap," Patterson said. "Unbelievable." Patterson said his neighbors have also been targeted. He’s now […]