4 Guards Outside Cell As Georgia Inmate Hanged Himself

Guards at Smith State Prison didn’t try to stop troubled inmate Richard Tavera from hanging himself until four had assembled outside his cell, videos obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution show. By then, more than seven minutes had passed since the first report Tavera was attempting suicide, and nothing could be done to save his life, the videos show.

New Surveillance System At Tutwiler AL Prison Could Be ‘Model For The Country’

Once Alabama prison officials work out how to most effectively use video surveillance for security, Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women could be "a model for the country," a national consultant said recently. Consultants from The Moss Group led camera management training at the prison, where reports have outlined allegations of sexual abuse, violence, and inadequate […]

CaughtOnCamera: Marion County FL Corrections Officer Slams Inmate’s Head Into Concrete Wall

Seymour Hersh: US Troops Carrying Out ‘Battlefield Executions’ In Afghanistan Corrections Officer Slams Inmate’s Head Against a Concrete Wall in Florida Leaving Bloody Injury Video reveals the horrifying moment a corrections officer slams inmate’s head against a concrete wall Charles Broaderick smashes James Duckworth’s head against the jail wall in Marion County, Florida after accusing the man of spitting at him He then pins Duckworth to the wall by his neck as the man starts to bleed Duckworth, who had been arrested before the October incident for driving under the influence, needed stitches Broaderick was arrested and now faces an assault charge – he has also been put on unpaid leave while the case continues Dramatic video has revealed the moment a corrections officer smacked a suspect’s head against a brick wall – leaving him with a bloody injury that needed stitches. Officer Charles Broaderick, 41, was arrested, charged with assault and locked up for just 13 minutes following the attack on James Duckworth at the Marion County Jail in Florida on October 8. Broaderick and two other officers questioning Duckworth, who had been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, claimed after the incident that the had been combative and needed to be restrained. Violent: Corrections officer Charles Broaderick can be seen smashing a suspect’s head against the jail wall in Marion County, Florida in October. Broaderick now faces assault charges in the incident Pinned: Broaderick can then be seen pushing against the suspect’s neck and head […]