Vivotek’s New Vandal-Proof Corner Network Camera

VIVOTEK’s CD8371-HNVF2/HNTV is a vandal-proof network camera specifically designed for prisons and correctional facilities. With up to 20 fps at 3-Megapixel resolution, 940nm IR illuminators, two-way audio, and available in either fixed lens (-HNVF2) or vari-focal (-HNTV), the CD8371-HNVF2/ HNTV is the most feature rich prison cell surveillance camera available today. The CD8371-HNVF2/HNTV has an anti-ligature design to limit the possibilities of self inflicted harm or suicide, a required feature for environments like prisons, holding cells, psychiatric wards, mental hospitals, and correctional institutions.

AXIS Announces Stainless Steel Anti-Grip Corner-Mount IP-Camera

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, announces its first corner-mount fixed network camera. AXIS Q8414-LVS Network Camera features vandal-resistant stainless steel anti-grip casing and built-in invisible IR LED for high quality indoor video surveillance even in complete darkness.

New Surveillance System At Tutwiler AL Prison Could Be ‘Model For The Country’

Once Alabama prison officials work out how to most effectively use video surveillance for security, Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women could be "a model for the country," a national consultant said recently. Consultants from The Moss Group led camera management training at the prison, where reports have outlined allegations of sexual abuse, violence, and inadequate […]

Judge Weighing N.C. Prisoner Hand-Held Video Camera Requirement

North Carolina state attorneys asked a federal judge Friday not to require Central Prison staffers to use a hand-held video camera to record how some prisoners subdued by guards are returned to their cells, saying it could be expensive and too burdensome. The recommendation to use the cameras was among five suggested in January by […]

Prison Beatings Lawsuit Will Move Forward

Banner Written by Blake Hodge    Friday, 15 November 2013 13:10 RALEIGH –A federal judge wants to hear more about allegations inmates were severely beaten by guards at North Carolina’s Central Prison. Eight inmates filed suit alleging guards at the prison would take the handcuffed prisoners out of sight of security cameras and beat them. Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Terrence Boyle ordered that the case will go forward, after the state had asked the case be dismissed. Lawyers for North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services will now have access to state records and be allowed to conduct interviews with prison staff in preparation for the upcoming trial. One lawyer, Elizabeth Simpson, says, “What he said, is that we have presented enough that we should be able to get discovery and we should be able to have a chance to prove our case. What the state wanted to do was to shut it down. And Judge Boyle said no, let’s go forward, let’s find out what happened.” The lawsuit alleges officers beat inmates,resulting in inmate injuries that include broken bones, concussions, and a shattered hip. Last Updated on Friday, 15 November 2013 13:17 Banner Banner

Guards At Canadian Prisons Videoed Hitting Inmates

TORONTO, Nov. 15 (UPI) — Security cameras at prisons in Ontario and Quebec recorded guards hitting inmates, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. The CBC, in a report Thursday, said it and Radio Canada had obtained the videos. While the guards whose actions were videotaped have been dismissed and even criminally charged, surveillance cameras are not universal inside Canadian prisons, the CBC said. Howard Sapers, Canada’s federal prison watchdog, also said in a report that the cameras are ineffective about 70 percent of the time because of poor quality, breakdowns and incompatible systems. Inmate advocates say the country needs to install security cameras throughout its prison system and to make sure their recordings are usable. “It’s terrorism. I mean these guys are abusing their authority and they’re terrorizing people who are under their control,” Kevin Egan, a lawyer in Ontario said of the beatings. “The purpose of our prison system is to rehabilitate. And it may be that it’s not just inmates that need to be rehabilitated, but the guards.” Jean-Claude Van Damme performs ‘epic split’ in Volvo ad British couple leaves sassy apology note to burglars $10 million bra unveiled at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Sony launches PlayStation 4; Hundreds in line Brandi Brandt faces drug charges in Australia Lily Allen rejects ‘Hard Out Here’ racism claims Outback comes to West Texas when pet kangaroo gets loose in Midland County Jerry Lawler challenges Andy Kaufman to rematch — if he’s alive London firefighters urge ‘common sense’ after penis freed […]