Families File Suit In Boston Condo Murders: Allege Shoddy Security

The high-end Boston condominium building where two doctors were murdered in May provided an alleged flimsy “veneer” of security for its tenants, allowing the brutal stabbing deaths to occur, according to a wrongful death suit filed by the victims’ families. The suit points out a number of alleged soft spots in the building’s security system. It says anyone can walk into the garage, and that a solitary security employee has the responsibility to watch that camera feed from the front desk.

D-Link’s Alleged Security Failures Achieve FTC Lawsuit: D-Link Responds

In its latest enforcement action in the realm of the Internet of Things, the Federal Trade Commission filed suit against D-Link Corporation, a Taiwan-based computer networking equipment manufacturer and its U.S. subsidiary, alleging that the defendants failed to employ adequate security measures for their wireless routers and surveillance cameras. Although D-Link promoted the security of its routers with claims like “EASY TO SECURE” and “ADVANCED NETWORK SECURITY,” the company neglected to take easy steps to avoid security flaws, the agency asserted in its California federal court complaint. According to the agency, D-Link accepted hard-coded login credentials and the use of “command injection,” which allowed remote attackers to take control of routers by sending commands over the Internet.

Negligent Security: When Is Crime Your Problem?

This valuable whitepaper, presented by the Federation of Defense and Corporate Council Winter Meeting in March of 2011, is still timely today and shared with the community to provide a better understanding on how our companies could be liable for large jury verdicts for not providing proper secure environments. Written by Richards H. Ford of Wicker, Smith, O’hara, McCoy, and Ford, P.A., a Florida law firm, this whitepaper showcases what negligent security conditions can cost an organization via a lawsuit.

Lawsuit Blames San Diego Mall in Shooting Deaths of 3 in Its Parking Lot

A San Diego shopping mall was negligent in not providing better security measures that might have prevented the Christmas Eve shooting deaths of three persons in its parking lot, a lawsuit asserts.

Filed by attorney Daniel Gilleon in San Diego County Superior Court, the lawsuit says that the mall’s owner, Westfield Centers, “failed to use reasonable care to protect their patrons, guests, tenants and invitees.”

Couple Sues Comcast After Xfinity Security System Fails

While most large incumbent ISPs have rushed head-first into the home security and home automation market, few of those companies have been willing to specify how many users have signed up for such services – suggesting they’re not yet seeing quite the uptake they’d like. One other threat has now arisen for ISPs looking to be home security experts: lawsuits.

Icontrol Networks Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits Against Zonoff and SecureNet Technologies for Infringing Home Automation Patents

"Icontrol has invested more than a decade and many millions of dollars in research and development, and this investment has generated technology that we believe is now fundamental in leading home automation and security networks," said Bob Hagerty, CEO of Icontrol Networks. "We have filed today’s actions to safeguard our investment in the backbone of Icontrol’s connected home platform. We are committed to protecting our intellectual property and the advantages it provides to our partners and customers."

Iowa Class Action Suit Filed Over Traffic Cameras

A class-action lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is challenging automated traffic cameras that City officials say save lives and reduce crashes. The cameras came under fire after the Iowa Department of Transportation said two Interstate 380 speed cameras —two of the most productive in the traffic enforcement program— don’t comply with state rules requiring at least 1,000 feet between a camera and speed limit change.

Ex-Lowell MA Library Aide Claims Foul Over City’s Surveillance

Former Pollard Memorial Library Assistant Diane Cloutier says the city of Lowell’s surveillance of her constitutes an invasion of privacy. The city’s hiring of private investigators to covertly track employees suspected of wrongdoing has uncovered fraud and led to disciplinary measures in a number of cases. But for the first time, Lowell’s use of investigators […]

LPR Companies Going Too Far?

Editorial Opinion By John Chigos, Founder, Chairman & CEO at PlateSmart Technologies, Inc. Digital Recognition Network (DRN) of Texas and their partner company, Vigilant Solutions of California, have filed a new lawsuit in Arkansas District Court. The suit contends that Arkansas’s recently passed Anti-LPR law (Arkansas Automatic License Plate Reader System Act 1491) banning the […]

Digital Ally Files Unfair Competition Lawsuit Against Utility Associates

Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY), the industry leader in law enforcement video technology, announced that it has filed an Unfair Competition lawsuit against Utility Associates, Inc. ("Utility") in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas. Digital contends that Utility has defamed Digital and illegally interfered with Digital’s contracts, customer relationships, and business […]

MI Defense Lawyers Must Produce Surveillance Within 28 days

Insurance defense lawyers have less than a month to produce surveillance of auto accident victims –not when it’s convenient for them There is a big problem in Michigan with insurance companies abusing discovery, and nowhere is this more prevalent than with video surveillance. The notion of insurance companies “ignoring the rules” may sound strange to […]

Chicago Transit Authority Using Cameras And Lawsuits To Fight Vandalism

The Chicago Transit Authority is stepping up its battle against vandalism. The city’s public transportation system said it has expanded its network of security cameras at train stations and on train cars. And most importantly, it is using the information obtained from that expanded security network to arrest those responsible for vandalizing CTA property. Also […]

Digital Ally Obtains Key Admission From Utility Associates In Patent Litigation

Digital Ally, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY ) a leading provider of mobile digital surveillance systems for law enforcement, security, and commercial applications, announced the following developments in its litigation against Utility Associates, Inc. ("Utility"). Digital Ally initiated litigation against Utility in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas in October 2013. The lawsuit […]

Settlement Reached In Rape Lawsuit Against Grainger TN County Jail

A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed earlier this year on behalf of three women who say she was rape while at the Grainger County Jail. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed. That will be paid for by the county’s insurance. The lawsuit, filed in January, alleged that former corrections officer, […]

HID Global Settles Patent Lawsuits

“We are pleased that the lawsuits filed by HID Global and ASSA ABLOY were amicably settled and, furthermore, that AWID and Secura Key have agreed to license our multi-technology IP applicable to their product lines,” said Dr. Tam Hulusi, Senior Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Intellectual Property with HID Global. HID Global, trusted leader […]

Oncam Grandeye And Sentry 360 Settle Patent Litigation

After litigating and negotiating the patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation claims alleged by Oncam Grandeye against Sentry 360, the parties have settled their differences and recognize the following separation of their respective technologies. Sentry 360 recognizes and admits: the validity of Oncam Grandeye patents that cover (i) the use of a texture mapping feature […]

Store Owner Accuses Police Of Profiling Customers, Employees

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WSVN) — An internal investigation is underway after a South Florida business owner is accusing police officers of acting above the law. Ali Saleh, owner of 207 Quickstop, located on Northwest 207th Street in Miami Gardens, is accusing Miami Gardens Police of allegedly taking his patrons and employees into custody without valid reason. “My customers started calling me before they come here, ‘Can we go to the store? Is police up front?'” said Saleah. Saleh has installed several security cameras around his store but not to watch out for crooks. He said he mainly put them up to catch police officers in action. Surveillance video captured an employee at the store being taken into custody by police. That employee, according to records, has been arrested dozens of times for trespassing. According to Saleh, one of his customers who was drinking outside his store was told by police to get rid of the open container. The man followed police’s orders. The customer then wanted to enter the store, but officers told the man he could not. The man was arrested before he was thrown to the ground. Saleh said the man was not trespassing at his store. He feels the arrests by police are unjustified and is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the Miami Gardens Police Department. “Make me feel abused. I believe and live in America, and America has a Constitution, and it has to be to protect the citizens,” said Saleh. City officials said […]

CaughtOnCamera: Man Sues Washington Metro After Planting Banana Peel

U.S Maurice Owens sued the D.C. transit authority for $15,000 after he claimed he slipped and fell on a banana peel in an elevator in the Potomac Ave. station. But new footage reveals that Owens is the one who put the peel on the floor in the first place and he’s now been charged with second-degree fraud. By Lee Moran / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, November 27, 2013, 9:03 AM Maurice Owens alleged he slipped and fell on a banana peel inside a Washington Metro station in early August. Security video captured Owens staring into the camera — and no noticeable banana peel on the elevator’s floor. Throughout the security clip, Owens reaches into his pocket repeatedly. It is believed he purposely dropped it and faked his fall. Owens’ lawsuit against the Washington Metro was tossed out and he was charged with second-degree fraud for planting the banana peel and pretending to slip on it. Post a Comment » Daily News Readers alert Going forward, the Daily News will require new users to register to the site using full names in order to comment on stories. If you have an existing Daily News account and you registered with only a screen name, that name will still be valid. If you are an existing user and you registered using both a screen name and your full name, your full name will appear on comments posted after October 21, 2013. We are always seeking new ways to improve your experience […]