Milestone Helps Local Little League Shutout Vandalism

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), announced that employees at its Beaverton, Oregon facility responded to recent local news coverage regarding vagrancy and vandalism concerns at a Centennial School ball field, in Gresham. Located in southeast Portland, Centennial Little League had a dangerous situation on their hands. According to news reports, Rob Diesel, with the league, said that over the past year he and his team have found locks broken off its portable bathrooms and harmful, miscellaneous items left inside.

Chester County PA Finds Perfect System to Safeguard Cell Tower Sites

ECKey, the market leader in Smartphone Access Control Systems and Bluetooth Readers, today announced that Chester County, PA, has chosen ECKey access control technology to install at their cell tower sites to provide more effective protection for such critical infrastructure. The Protection Bureau, in Exton PA, is overseeing the planning and installation for this on-going project.

Hamilton, OH, City Council Decides Fate Of Cameras In Parks

The city of Hamilton is looking at ways to fight back against vandalism problems plaguing some its parks. Council members will vote on a measure that could install security cameras at three parks and three spraygrounds. Veterans Park is one of the places that could get some cameras. It’s also where one local woman spends […]

Father Marquette Statue To Get Added Security

Added security is coming to a Michigan area statue after repeated vandalism. Security cameras are being added around the Father Marquette statue in downtown Marquette to try to stop future vandalism. The statue has been painted by vandals twice in the past. The cameras are weather proof, offer a live view of the statue at […]

Chicago Transit Authority Using Cameras And Lawsuits To Fight Vandalism

The Chicago Transit Authority is stepping up its battle against vandalism. The city’s public transportation system said it has expanded its network of security cameras at train stations and on train cars. And most importantly, it is using the information obtained from that expanded security network to arrest those responsible for vandalizing CTA property. Also […]

Oakmont PA Councilman Pushes For Answers In Vandalism Of Surveillance Cameras

An Oakmont PA councilman has questioned whether Allegheny County police have fully investigated a vandalism incident last summer that disabled borough surveillance cameras. Councilman Tim Favo raised his doubts about the investigation at a council meeting April 14. According to Police Chief David DiSanti, the incident in question occurred last July when someone apparently cut […]

Coward Getting New Cameras To Combat Vandalism

COWARD, SC (WMBF) The Town of Coward’s park underwent an $8,000 renovation just one year ago. New paint and new roofs over the picnic area were just some the updates, but soon cameras will watch the area because vandals have been wrecking this park. "They have gone in there and filled the sinks full of sand, and the commodes to the point that we have actually had to open the septic tank and have it cleaned out," said Coward’s Mayor Dianne Thomas. Those are just some of the problems Mayor Dianne Thomas has been forced to put up with when it comes to the vandalism taking place at the town’s park and ball fields. "The concession stand was broken into twice. The first time, my understanding is they took all of the goodies that were inside there. That is sold at the ball games," Thomas said. Thomas said cash was also stolen out of the same concession stand and the crimes don’t stop there. Thomas said thieves tried to break into the equipment room at the ball fields and steal the stuff stored inside, but luckily they were unsuccessful. "But they did mess up the door on there and that had to be repaired," the mayor said. Repairs from the vandalism and would-be thefts have been costing the town, but Thomas thinks she finally has the answer to the town’s problems. Security cameras will soon be installed around the park, town hall and ball fields. "It will be a […]

Chatham County GA Park Gets More Security Cameras Following Illicit Activities

Chatham County plans to install surveillance cameras at L. Scott Stell Park after reports of vandalism and thefts. Signage at the park warns visitors to protect their valuables. Marcus E. Howard/Savannah Morning News ” src=””> <p node="media-caption">Chatham County plans to install surveillance cameras at L. Scott Stell Park after reports of vandalism and thefts. Signage at the park warns visitors to protect their valuables. Marcus E. Howard/Savannah Morning News </p> Thievery, vandalism and sexcapades continue to wreak havoc at Chatham County’s L. Scott Stell Park. At the request of the county Public Works and Park Services Department, Chatham County commissioners have approved a contract to buy four additional high-definition surveillance cameras at the park just off Little Neck Road with the hope of discouraging further problems. The thefts and repairs resulting from the vandalism, according to department officials, have cost the county an estimated $10,000. “Because the place is so isolated, they’ve stolen equipment we have, like weed eaters and lawnmowers,” said Lorenzo Bryant, the department’s recreation manager. “They have a lot of vandalism that occurs out there; so you have to go out on a regular basis.” The problems have occurred over the past four years, according to officials. Last year, thieves twice broke into a storage shed and stole a utility vehicle. About 300-feet of chain link fencing has also been taken. Security cameras, as well as a gate, were installed near the park’s shed in the summer of 2012 at the large recreation park, which has […]

Frontier (Hamburg NY) Bus Vandalism Spurs Security Improvements

The extensive bus garage vandalism in the Frontier School District in October has led to a $20,000 security system at the district bus garage. The vandalism forced the shutdown of schools for a day. Add to that the $8,900 damage allegedly caused by the 18-year-old former student charged in the vandalism spree, plus at least another $10,000 in estimated overtime expenses tied to a seven-day-a-week night watch crew. The result is nearly $40,000 in total expenses because of the vandalism – linked to a former student who had dropped out of school. “Our bus transportation security system is up and running, so let’s hope no one tries to get through it,” School Business Manager Richard F. Calipari said. “We’ve secured our facilities and outdoor storage of buses.” The new security system became operational in late November and includes direct video surveillance and alarm trips to a security company. The new cameras also are linked into the Hamburg town police. The latest update came at last week’s School Board meeting. Afterward, interim Superintendent Paul G. Hashem was asked whether the district can recoup some of the money from the student who was charged. But Hashem said the district will not be able to recoup the costs. “He’s a young kid – 18 years old. He’s definitely had a hard life and spent 50 days in jail,” he said. Hashem, after consulting with an assistant district attorney, suggested counseling and community service for the former student. Buses had to be cleaned. […]

Venice FL Installing 13 Crime-Fighting Cameras

VENICE – In an effort to deter vandalism and other crimes, the city is installing 13 cameras at some of its most frequented public places. Six security cameras now look over the bathrooms at Centennial Park downtown, while four others have been added to South Jetty Park. Three more are coming to the Venice Fishing Pier. John Veneziano, director of Venice Public Works, said the cameras were installed as a deterrent — not to spy on citizens. “Who has the time to monitor all that footage?” Veneziano said. “We’re working to make people understand that they can’t just destroy things without consequence.” Veneziano said the city spent $50,000 remodeling the park’s bathrooms after a string of vandalism this fall in which a wall was covered by graffiti, a urinal was ripped from another wall and fixtures, including a paper towel dispenser, were stolen. Centennial Park is not the only prominent public space damaged recently by vandals. Railings at the the Fishing Pier were destroyed. Piles of fish guts have been left on the wooden walkway for morning joggers to step in. Compare those expenses, Veneziano says, to the $1,500 the city spent to put security cameras in all three parks. Not everyone thinks the cameras are a good idea. Greater security means more intrusion by the government, warns Andrea Mogensen, vice president of the Sarasota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. Mogenson said multiple cameras allow law enforcement or others to follow a person’s movements without a warrant […]

Davis County Utah Upgrades Security Cameras

FARMINGTON — With high-definition security surveillance cameras, it is going to be much easier for Davis County to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Although county officials assure they will not be using the upgraded surveillance equipment to spy on others, but rather, to protect county properties from acts of vandalism and to prevent fraudulent claims being made against the county. The Davis County Commission this week approved a series of new contracts with Stanley Convergent Security Solutions in making certain county properties are protected with the best camera equipment available when it comes to surveillance. The contracts, marked confidential to avoid disclosing the exact placement of the cameras, totaled $38,000 in labor, installation and equipment, for four locations, County Director of Information Services Mark Langston said. The cameras will be installed at the Legacy Events Center in west Farmington, the County Memorial Courthouse in downtown Farmington, and at the two county-owned and operated golf courses, Davis Park in Kaysville and Valley View in Layton. “It’s not to spy,” Langston said. But the footage taken will serve as police evidence in the event a crime against the county does occur, he said. The Layton course this summer was the site of two acts of vandalism resulting in more than $10,000 in damage to the green of the nationally recognized 18-hole public course. “We’re just upgrading,” Langston said of the county now in the process of replacing its old analog cameras with new digital cameras. “It is like […]

CaughtOnCamera: Serial Egg-Throwing Vandal

Homeowners in Avalon Park, Florida, are eggs-amining the evidence of some neighborhood vandals, who were caught on camera egging a house for the fourth time By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 15:55 EST, 8 November 2013 | UPDATED: 15:55 EST, 8 November 2013 Yolks – sorry, folks – in Florida are going to egg-travagant lengths in order to catch a group of teenagers who are repeatedly egging houses, in a case that is proving hard to crack. Homeowners in the Orange County suburb Avalon Park say they are egg-hausted by the vandalism. So much so they have released footage caught on secret cameras of the latest incident in the hope someone will be able to identify the perpetrators. One house has been egged four times. Scroll down for video Egging Egging Egging Watch video here … The drive-by throwing occurred about 11.30pm November 2 on Anastasia Lane. The camera footage, which was obtained by Click Orlando , shows a white four-door sedan pulling up out the front of the house. A male comes out of the car’s sunroof and throws one egg with his left hand. The egg just missed the camera itself. Egging Egging Besides the time it takes to clean up the mess, the the homeowners have also been forced to pain their house after the egging incidents in order to keep up with their Neighborhood Watch regulations. One egg has also caused a big dent above their garage. The family has put the footage they captured on […]