City Police Trying to Expand Eyes on Streets With New Program

City police are trying to expand their eyes on the streets. They’ve started a new program encouraging business owners and homeowners to register their surveillance cameras with the city. That way if a crime is committed in the area, police will know who might have potential evidence.

NOLA Residents to Outfit Homes With Police Surveillance Cameras

Police in New Orleans Louisiana are urging residents to add surveillance camera security systems to their homes and then to hand over control of those systems to law enforcement, an effort they claim will help make neighborhoods safer. Part of a sprawling surveillance strategy dubbed “Project NOLA,” citizens’ security cameras would be integrated with footage shot from other law enforcement cameras already installed around the St. Bernard Parish area near New Orleans.

Brentwood, CA’s First Video Surveillance Neighborhood Deters Major Crime

Despite a strong Neighborhood Watch Program and regular police patrols, Mike Hinchcliff’s upscale Brentwood neighborhood was still experiencing a handful of major crimes annually. So, he banded together with fellow neighbors to add a third element of crime prevention. After installing a neighborhood video surveillance system in spring 2013, the Sterling Preserve subdivision at the […] Launches Crowdsourced Security Camera Map In Boston, a virtual security integrator, today announced the expansion of its CommunityCam initiative to Boston in time for the 2014 Boston Marathon. CommunityCam is a free, crowdsourced security camera map that creates consumer benefit in the network of privately placed cameras like the Lord & Taylor camera that captured footage of the Boston Marathon bombers […]

Oakland Neighbors Increasingly Use Surveillance Cameras For Security

Will Kane The motion-activated surveillance camera outside Jesper Jurcenoks’ home in the Oakland hills takes some 12,000 pictures a day. Every car, motorcycle, delivery truck, police car, bicyclist, pedestrian and deer that enters his isolated street off Skyline Boulevard gets photographed. Four times a second. Day and night. When they arrive and when they leave, time-stamped and stored on a server for 60 days. The two cameras, one at each entrance of Jurcenoks’ looping street, form a virtual wall around the neighborhood, he said. For years, Oakland residents have built fences or installed security cameras on their homes because they were fed up with burglaries and auto break-ins. Some neighborhoods hired private security guards to patrol their streets. Now they’re becoming more aggressive in their efforts to fight back. In growing numbers, residents are forming neighborhood groups and spending thousands of dollars on cameras that can monitor the perimeter of entire blocks. They don’t merely want to protect their homes. They want to catch anyone intent on criminal behavior. “We will not a let a criminal enter or leave our neighborhood undetected,” Jurcenoks said. “We’re not saying we can stop the crime. We want to make sure we have a photograph.” Trying to avoid  abuse Seven areas across the city have signed up for a neighborhood-wide surveillance system, and dozens more are interested, said Jurcenoks, the founder of  Neighborhood Guard , a nonprofit that helps owners set up and install such systems. He installed his neighborhood’s system in 2012, costing the neighborhood association $2,000 for each […]

Ypsilanti Township Wants Security Cameras In Every Neighborhood

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – For the past few years there has been another set of eyes looking over the West Willow neighborhood in Ypsilanti Township, providing those who live there, such as Tony Slaughter, an added sense of security. "When they put the security cameras up I kind of thought crime would decrease and it kind of has in a way," he said. Township leaders say it’s a good crime-fighting tool. It has helped police track down a sexual predator who was preying on children. Right now there are 10 security cameras up in certain areas of Ypsilanti Township. Township leaders want security cameras in every neighborhood. Mike Radzik, the director of the Office of Community Standards, knows for some neighbors it’s a hard sell because of privacy concerns. "We are recording images that a police officer would see if he or she were standing in the same place. They are only in public places," he said. The township still is working on a cost-effective plan to get the cameras up in more places. "The township will invest in the infrastructure, actually put the cameras out and deploy them and there will be a special assessment on the homes in the neighborhood for the operating expense going forward, which will be a very nominal fee for this measure of public safety," Radzik. For Slaughter, now he knows that when he’s not keeping watch of his neighborhood, something else is. It’s a warning to criminals to stay away.

CaughtOnCamera: Serial Egg-Throwing Vandal

Homeowners in Avalon Park, Florida, are eggs-amining the evidence of some neighborhood vandals, who were caught on camera egging a house for the fourth time By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 15:55 EST, 8 November 2013 | UPDATED: 15:55 EST, 8 November 2013 Yolks – sorry, folks – in Florida are going to egg-travagant lengths in order to catch a group of teenagers who are repeatedly egging houses, in a case that is proving hard to crack. Homeowners in the Orange County suburb Avalon Park say they are egg-hausted by the vandalism. So much so they have released footage caught on secret cameras of the latest incident in the hope someone will be able to identify the perpetrators. One house has been egged four times. Scroll down for video Egging Egging Egging Watch video here … The drive-by throwing occurred about 11.30pm November 2 on Anastasia Lane. The camera footage, which was obtained by Click Orlando , shows a white four-door sedan pulling up out the front of the house. A male comes out of the car’s sunroof and throws one egg with his left hand. The egg just missed the camera itself. Egging Egging Besides the time it takes to clean up the mess, the the homeowners have also been forced to pain their house after the egging incidents in order to keep up with their Neighborhood Watch regulations. One egg has also caused a big dent above their garage. The family has put the footage they captured on […]

Cooling Crime Hotspots With Mobile Surveillance Technology

How Glenwood Police Department uses portable video camera platform as roving security zone Like many small town police departments seeking to maintain neighborhood safety, the Village of Glenwood, Ill., needed to squeeze every ounce of value from its law enforcement tools. Budget-wise, a city-wide surveillance solution was out of the question. The chief of police […]

Cleveland Businesses Team Up To Fight Crime With Surveillance Cameras

Businesses in Cleveland’s Cudell neighborhood have seen a significant drop in crime, thanks to a network of surveillance cameras along Madison Avenue. “In the last year, we’ve had a 60 percent drop in crime,” says Birgit Hilliard, from Cudell Improvement, Inc., a non-profit community group. Merchants purchased the cameras, with the help of funds from […]