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CaughtOnCamera: Texas School Security Guard Breaks Student’s Arm

A part-time school security guard in Texas was caught on camera breaking a male student’s arm while stopping a fight last month. Officer Stephen Rivers, of the Beaumont School District Police, worked at West Brook High School in Beaumont. On cell phone footage taken March 7, Rivers can be seen snapping a teen’s arm while […]

London Councillor Renews Campaign For More Old East Cameras

Metro file A London councillor is renewing his campaign to have security cameras added to streets in Old East Village. Security cameras are still the solution to Old East’s problems, its local councillor says. And Stephen Orser, who represents Ward 4, says he has proof that electronic eyes bring results. This week, a $200 fine was slapped on a defendant at the London courthouse after the admitted dumping of garbage in Old East. It follows another successful result two weeks ago, when a different offender pleaded guilty and was fined $350. Both criminal cases follow dumping problems in the parking lot between Dundas Street and Queens Avenue. It’s that much-discussed area between Adelaide and Rectory that’s the focus of complaints about anti-social behaviour, drugs, and other crime. In each cases, the offender was caught on camera. A public appeal was put out via news media and social media, and the people ditching their garbage in the city parking lot found themselves in court. “The surveillance cameras that staff have put up are working,” said Orser. “Two convictions are evidence of that. “With that being said, the ongoing dumping problem is going to come to an end in wider streets. “The free ride is over in Old East Village.” Orser’s involved in the Old East Neighbourhood Safety Task Force, which has more than 50 members with connections to the area. They’re discussing ways to make lives better in the village and having a series of meetings during the first half of […]

CaughtOnCamera: Hit-and-Run

Hit-and-run victim escapes injury Hit-and-run victim escapes injury A lot of people in the mountains are saying a man is lucky to be alive after he managed to escape getting severely hurt in a collision with an SUV. The whole thing was caught on camera. In the surveillance video that’s posted on, you can see an SUV pull into the oncoming left turning lane on Haywood Road in Asheville, meeting a scooter head-on. The scooter gets hit, but the man on it escapes. That was Friday afternoon around 2 on Haywood Road in Asheville. “I made sure I shook his hand by the end of the day because he’s the luckiest man I met in a while,” Lane Reid said. Reid was inside his office at Image 420 when he says his employees saw the collision. “I looked up at my camera screen and was like ‘Oh my goodness.’ Traffic was backed up. This guy was walking around. It was pretty nuts,” Reid said. Security cameras outside Reid’s business caught the impact, commotion and the driver waiting for a moment before pulling away. So Reid posted it on “I wanted to get the guy that did it,” Reid said. Asheville police told WYFF News 4 that because of that surveillance video and the community’s help, they’ve tracked down the person driving the SUV. But police would not tell us why the driver took off, saying that was part of the investigation. Meanwhile, the video has been seen […]

CaughtOnCamera: Serial Egg-Throwing Vandal

Homeowners in Avalon Park, Florida, are eggs-amining the evidence of some neighborhood vandals, who were caught on camera egging a house for the fourth time By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 15:55 EST, 8 November 2013 | UPDATED: 15:55 EST, 8 November 2013 Yolks – sorry, folks – in Florida are going to egg-travagant lengths in order to catch a group of teenagers who are repeatedly egging houses, in a case that is proving hard to crack. Homeowners in the Orange County suburb Avalon Park say they are egg-hausted by the vandalism. So much so they have released footage caught on secret cameras of the latest incident in the hope someone will be able to identify the perpetrators. One house has been egged four times. Scroll down for video Egging Egging Egging Watch video here … The drive-by throwing occurred about 11.30pm November 2 on Anastasia Lane. The camera footage, which was obtained by Click Orlando , shows a white four-door sedan pulling up out the front of the house. A male comes out of the car’s sunroof and throws one egg with his left hand. The egg just missed the camera itself. Egging Egging Besides the time it takes to clean up the mess, the the homeowners have also been forced to pain their house after the egging incidents in order to keep up with their Neighborhood Watch regulations. One egg has also caused a big dent above their garage. The family has put the footage they captured on […]

CaughtOnCamera: Purse Snatcher

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. — Rotterdam Police say they are search for the woman caught on camera stealing a purse from a shopper at the Price Chopper Plaza on Altamont Avenue. Police gave us surveillance video of the incident. Police say a woman was loading her groceries into her car when another woman came up to her shopping cart and grabbed the customer’s purse. Police say the thief took off in a red SUV. As you can see in the video, the robber was waiting in the parking lot before the victim came out. The suspect is described as a young female in her late teens or early twenties; about five feet and four inches tall with light colored hair.

CaughtOnCamera: Bus Driver Hailed As Hero For Saving Woman From Suicide Attempt

Darnell Barton spotted the woman, who had climbed over a guardrail and stood leaning over traffic along the motorway below, whilst he was driving a bus packed with schoolchildren earlier this month. He stopped his bus, opened the door and asked if she needed help, as can be seen in security camera footage from aboard the vehicle. The bus video system captured the woman looking back at Mr Barton, 37, as he came to her assistance. Mr Barton took hold of the woman and asked if she wanted to come… Read the full article

CaughtOnCamera: Gunmen Storming Colombian Hospital to Free Prisoner

Dramatic security camera footage from Bogota, Colombia captured a group of gunmen, wearing face masks and trench coats, storming a hospital on September 18. The purpose of the attack, which looks a lot like a scene from a Hollywood film, was to free a prisoner who was being treated inside, local media reported. The assailants liberated Alexander Urrego, a man convicted in 2011 of involvement in a gang killing. According to Colombian daily La Opinion, four men have so far been captured in connection with Wednesday’s escapade, but Urrego is not among them. There is is 30 million peso ($15,900) reward being offered for information leading to his re-arrest. Video by NTD Television.

Caught On Camera: 'Lads' Repairing Bike Rack

A rare example of community spirit caught on CCTV has been released to the public. In what one councillor called a “remarkable” example of public-spirited behaviour, up to five young men were caught on public video surveillance repairing a bike stand that had been damaged by a car hitting it. The footage was recorded at […]

Caught On Camera: Off-Duty Cop Attacked, Carjacked By Group Of Teens

A disturbing video shows an off-duty officer struggling to fight off a group of attackers during a carjacking. The thugs police are looking for took more than just the officer’s personal vehicle. They also got away with his gun, his vest and his badge. Now, police are reviewing security camera video trying to track down […]

CoC: Tragic Shooting Spree

Two groups spray bullets to each other in the middle of a street in Maltepe, Istanbul. Ramazan ALMAÇAYIR İSTANBUL DHA Two groups spray bullets to each other in the middle of a street in Maltepe, Istanbul. In the previous days, a gunfight has happened between two groups of people, was monitored on security cameras second by second. According to camera records, 4 people who were with guns, started to fire into 3 people continuously near a working place. Although not shown of the camera other group returned fire to them and bullets striked back from the floor. After the shooting first group were running back on foot. In the camera record a man and a women were on the Street, they said something to each other with shock. After the gunfight, crime scene investigators examined the site. There were no injured or dead people, the investigation continues.