CaughtOnCamera: Texas School Security Guard Breaks Student’s Arm

Texas School Security Guard Caught On Camera Breaking Student’s Arm (Video)

A part-time school security guard in Texas was caught on camera breaking a male student’s arm while stopping a fight last month. Officer Stephen Rivers, of the Beaumont School District Police, worked at West Brook High School in Beaumont. On cell phone footage taken March 7, Rivers can be seen snapping a teen’s arm while trying to restrain him.

A female security guard holds the boy to the ground while Rivers pulls on his arm then slams it forward. His bone can be heard breaking on the cell phone video.

An investigation into the incident has begun, according to Beaumont School District Police Chief Clydell Duncan.

"Once the video was distributed, we were able to view it and there were concerns," Duncan said. Rivers was suspended without pay until the investigation is complete. The fight occurred on the last day of school before spring break. It is unclear what the two male students were fighting about, but they had reportedly gotten into altercations before.

Warning: The following video contains graphic content.

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