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3xLOGIC and Bolt for the Heart Partner to Help Save Lives

3xLOGIC announced its continuing support and sponsorship of Bolt for the Heart, which promotes several events that raise funds to place automated external defibrillators in the hands of first responders, free of charge, as well as train staff on successful AED usage. On Thanksgiving Day, over 3,500 people gathered to support the 8th Annual Bolt for the Heart 5K Run/Walk in Carmel, IN. Team 3xLogic, a silver sponsor of the event, joined the fun to raise money and help raise awareness for heart disease education.

10ZiG Supports Complete Imprivata OneSign Authentication Management And Single Sign-On Solutions

10ZiG Technology® has been successfully providing lightning fast, easy access to patient records and healthcare information for doctors and professionals with its Imprivata® OneSign Single-Sign-On (SSO) Certification and compatibility through Proximity Reader technology, and has now mastered support to include Fingerprint Reader technology. This cutting edge compatibility has been tested and perfected with 10ZiG Citrix and VMware based Clients, and its latest 10ZiG 5900q Series Client, the first in the industry to fully support a triple-monitor 4K UHD setup at the absolute highest performance levels, never seen before.

NY Security Firm Signs $300M Contract For Emergency Comms System

Titan HST announced it entered a strategic multi-year contract valued at approximately $300 million with Titan Global, LLC, a full-service security provider specializing in emergency management and private security. Titan Global, which is owned and operated by law enforcement and military professionals, will roll out the Titan HST communications system to its security workforce and, subsequently, its clients covering countless high-profile sites and tens of millions of customers, effective immediately.

SecuraTrac mPERS Amplifies Mass Notification System Efficacy

SecuraTrac® has created the MobileDefender Model S (MD-S), an mPERS device that can be integrated into Mass Notification Systems (MNS) to create new channels of communication and enhance response potential during an emergency. Integrating an MNS with the SecuraTrac mobile safety platform enables organizations to incorporate more detail in the event of an emergency because there can be a two-way dialogue about the event. Then more specifics about what to do, where to go, how to remain safe, etc. can be built into the MNS.

Surveon Upgrades Hospital Security With Complete Solution

While the aging population rises with the declining birth rate, healthcare has become a crucial issue all over the world. Security in and around the healthcare institution is always a major concern due to the open nature of these places and the sensitivity of hospital operations. To protect the staff, patients, visitors, as well as the assets in many areas in the hospital, the security requirements are much more stringent than those in regular surveillance applications. Being a professional solution provider in vertical application, Surveon offers complete healthcare solutions, including high-resolution cameras, enterprise hardware RAID NVR, as well as enterprise VMS with real-time video analytics (VA) to detect forbidden area access like patient rooms, protecting the patients and staff from potential risks.

Case Study: Audio Enhances Safety in Ebola Hospital Ward

2014 marked the year of the largest outbreak of Ebola– one of the deadliest diseases mankind has faced. When the World Health Organization categorized the epidemic as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern last August, hospitals across the United States acted quickly to increase safety measures. One hospital in New York was fast-tracked to set up a temporary Ebola ward, in case an Ebola patient who arrived at JFK Airport needed to be rushed over to their center.

The Great Edge of Using Hospital Surveillance

In several hospitals and other healthcare sectors, surveillance has become a dependable tool for security development.

This is along with the cost control abilities it provides. Hospital surveillance cameras may work to protect the patients and hospital employees from security breaks, and offer useful visual evidence, which could be utilized for boosting productivity and for preventing dishonest claims.

Xentry Systems Integration and Ascom Partner for Streamlined Healthcare, Communication Services

Xentry Systems Integration, a systems integrator focused on delivering best-in-class security solutions and healthcare technologies, today announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Ascom (US) Inc. to streamline delivery of the company’s mission critical healthcare communications solutions to Xentry customers.

Elpas Debuts New Generation of Infant Protection Bracelet

Elpas, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), has introduced a new version of its Infant Protection Bracelet, part of its Infant Protection Solution. The Infant Protection Solution consists of a small, baby-friendly Active RFID Tag, and the Elpas Charm that, when used as part of the Infant Protection Bracelet, enables wireless deterrence of infant abduction and mother-baby mismatch in maternity, obstetrics, neonatal, and pediatric departments from the time of birth/admittance until discharge.

PatientSecure To Provide Columbus Community Hospital With Biometric Solution To Identify Patients

This fall, Columbus Community Hospital will be introducing a biometric patient identification system developed by PatientSecure. The palm vein recognition solution will ensure correct medical records are used for each patient and speed up the registration process, according to a report by Using palm vein recognition to identify patients, the PatientSecure scanner’s infrared light […]

Hospital Staff Set To Wear Body-Worn Security Cameras

Hospital security teams could start wearing body-worn video cameras on uniforms to record violent and threatening incidents. It follows a successful two-week trial of a body-worn camera by security workers at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. It is hoped the scheme could be rolled out across Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust […]

Tyco Security Eyes Indian Hospitals Get Tagged With RFID & RLTS Elpas Location Based Tracking

Tyco Security is on an aggressive mode to tap the Indian healthcare space to provide advanced Elpas Location Based Tracking solutions to trace not just people but medical assets. Elpas is a brand of Tyco Security Products known for location-based tracking and intrusion solutions in the security industry. In fact Tyco’s portfolio is one of […]

CareVia Selected As Official Video Safety And Biometric Patient Monitoring Platform For Intelligent Hospital Pavilion At HIMSS 2014

  February 22, 2014 — Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 22, 2014 CareVia ( ), the premier provider of remote patient monitoring and communications, and the Intelligent Hospital, a subsidiary of the RFID in Healthcare Consortium, today announced that CareVia will be the official video safety and biometric patient monitoring platform for the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion at HIMSS 2014 in Orlando, Fla., from Feb. 23-26, 2014. As the healthcare landscape shifts to value-based care, the importance of making patient biometric data available in real-time has become increasingly important to the success of clinical and wellness organizations. A simple solution to a complex problem, CareVia automates key elements of remote population monitoring, management and communication, allowing for a real-time bi-directional flow of data, insights and communications. An end-to-end software solution, CareVia provides a secure means to acquire, transmit, store and access biometric patient information remotely at the hospital, in the home or on the go. As part of its service suite, CareVia also provides integrated HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and safety surveillance. With over 7,000 visitors last year, the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion is one of the most popular attractions at HIMSS, and will provide exciting demonstrations and use cases of health information technology from multiple collaborating vendors. At the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion, CareVia will be showcasing its remote monitoring and video safety platform. The operating rooms, intensive care unit, patient recovery rooms, cardiovascular center and home will be wired with CareVias monitoring technology. The video footage will be streamed in real-time […]

A Watchful Eye In Hospitals

Neil Webb HANOVER, N.H. — DESPITE the intensely personal moments that happen in hospitals, patient privacy can be elusive. Hospitals are multimillion-dollar corporations that look like shopping malls and function like factories. Doctors knock on exam room doors to signal they are about to enter — not to ask permission. The curtain that encircles the hospital bed always lets in a crack of light. Yet we do expect some degree of privacy in hospitals. We trust doctors with our secrets in part because they take a 2,000-year-old Hippocratic oath to respect our privacy, an oath enforced by laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act . But sometimes, doctors have to weigh patients’ privacy against their health and safety, and that’s when things get complicated. The use of video monitoring — covert or disclosed, of patients or providers — has proliferated as high-quality, inexpensive technology has become increasingly accessible. The possibilities range from watching elderly patients at risk of falling in their rooms to recording doctors and nurses at sinks to make sure they’re washing their hands. My hospital, where I am chairman of the bioethics committee, recently wrestled with the question of where patient and family privacy ends. Nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit (N.I.C.U.) worried that a premature infant, whom I’ll call Rickie to protect his identity, was being harmed by his parents. Rickie had been released a week earlier from our hospital to a penniless couple in their early 20s whom Child Protection Services […]

Aimetis Improved Video Surveillance System For ‘Better Way Miami’ Source: Aimetis Symphony | Date: 12/31/2013 Related tags: Aimetis , surveillance Summary Better Way has been providing services for over a quarter century, and has earned the reputation of being one of South Florida’s most respected recovery agencies. Better Way offers a full continuum of care in an approachable, safe setting. Monitoring ad recording all activity inside and outside is essential for an environment where mental health client, counselors and operations staffs are constantly in close quarters. The ability to review video evidence of medication storage and dispensing, client and staff interactions, and perimeter security was critical in ensuring the safety of everyone and the organization itself. Challenge Before installing Aimetis Symphony , there was no form of intelligent video monitoring for staff safety procedures, theft protections and facility monitoring. The outdated CCTV system in place was failing and did not have record or alarm capabilities needed to reliably record, easily search and intelligently analyze multiple incidents a day. The facility is exposed to a high risk level because of the number of people entering and exiting the premises each day as well as the activity within the building. Solution A Wide Area Network (WAN) was utilized connecting the entire facility while providing over 30 days recording history of many HD and standard cameras. Automation of alarms at exits outside normal hours was set up to ensure that the proper staffs were aware and informed of any changes in the facility. Utilizing video analytics, Better Way Miami configured […]

Surveillance Serves Many Uses In Hospitals

30 Fresh Examples of Responsive Design Websites 2013 is end and New Year 2014 is coming and in this year we are really enjoying new trends and techniques (HTML5, CSS3, Flat and Responsive Design ) in Websites. All these trends make web more better then earlier. Responsive website designs are adopted by most web designers today as it is a need of the day for website designing. Responsive web design basically means that the website is designed in such a way that it has a fluid look to it and takes the shape of the computing device that the website is accessed from by the viewer. This is done while maintaining the look, aesthetics and proportions in the website. In this article, we are gathered fresh and inspiring examples of Responsive Design Websites. This is a collection you will enjoy some  beautiful web design examples that featuring only  responsive design, that help to create a great-looking content, making your design looks classy, strong, attractive, mysterious and very striking. You may be interested in the following modern trends articles as well. Please feel free to join us & follow on Facebook ,  Twitter  and  Google+  for updates. You may also interested to check our earlier posted trendy  HTML5 Web Design and Responsive Web Design  articles. Today we’re gathered 30 fresh examples of  Responsive Design Websites  for your inspiration. Let’s take a quick look at some cool new trend of web design to keep in mind when designing your next website. Ricardo Almeida Referência da […]

RF Technologies Releases Enhancements To Help Alert Wireless Panic Button Solution

BROOKFIELD, Wis. , Oct. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — RF Technologies ® , a leading provider of RFID and RTLS safety and security solutions, has released version 2.1 of its Help Alert ® Wireless Staff Duress Solution, which provides priority-based alerts, universal device access through HTML5, and a simple desktop application. Help Alert uses discreet mobile panic buttons, or pendants, as a proactive, cost-effective solution to protect staff, patients, teachers, students and guests. When pressed, pendants broadcast a silent alarm that can be configured to alert security teams, first responders, or local police through a computer or mobile device. “The increased need for safety in places like schools, hospitals and hotels means facilities are looking for a simple, yet multi-functional duress solution. Help Alert is as easy to use as it always has been, now with more features that help get a fast response when it’s needed most,” said Bill Bulzoni , vice president of business development, PinPoint. Multi-mode alarms Instead of having a system that only summons onsite support or calls the police, both types of duress calls can be made from one button on the Help Alert pendant with the multi-mode feature. Pressing the button once will generate a normal alarm. If the button is pressed and held, or pressed multiple times within a short period, a priority alarm is generated. “Many facilities regularly experience safety and security challenges that don’t require external police intervention. But, the option has to be available when it’s needed. The multi-mode feature enables […]

State Denies Public Access To Another Iowa Juvenile Home Security Video

The Iowa Department of Human Services is refusing to release another security camera video that allegedly shows a youth being mistreated at the state-run Iowa Juvenile Home. During the past year, The Des Moines Register has requested three separate videos that allegedly show state workers at the Toledo home physically abusing or improperly restraining youths. […]