Ai-RGUS to Showcase Purpose-built Ai-RGUS Efficiency, Health and Management Software at GSX 2023

Ai-RGUS is helping organizations protect multi-million dollar investments in security cameras to improve safety and security on premises, will be showcasing its AI software solution designed to simplify and automate security camera system health, cybersecurity, and efficiency at the 2023 Global Security Exchange in Dallas, Sept 11-13, at booth 4481.

Ai-RGUS will be unveiling a host of advancements to its AI software, purpose-built to analyze camera image quality, connectivity, recordings availability, and cybersecurity to ensure that customers will have the security video evidence they expect when that footage is needed. These introductions include new integrations with major cloud video management and ticketing system providers as well as enhanced reporting functionality on camera and system health.

“The ability to proactively monitor camera function, image integrity and accuracy and promote cyber resiliency of the camera system are key elements of an overall risk mitigation strategy for end users,” said Daniel Reichman, CEO and Chief Scientist of Ai-RGUS.

“Automating the camera inspection process provides peace of mind to the end-user because they can be sure the task is completed each day and that they have complete visibility into the status of the camera system they depend on. It also saves operator time and allows them to spend their energy differently rather than performing this rote and error-prone task.”

New integrations

New integrations with cloud-based VMS providers Eagle Eye Networks, OpenEye, Alta Aware from Avigilon, Hanwha Sync, and Digital Watchdog Cloud will allow users of those platforms to manage their camera system health using Ai-RGUS. Customers of ConnectWise, Zoho, ServiceTrade, and ServiceNow will now be able to export data from Ai-RGUS into their ticketing system. The reporting of multiple camera system health metrics in the Ai-RGUS dashboard can now be automatically emailed to system stakeholders showing potential issues with a particular camera or provided as a service by a systems integrator.

Ai-RGUS monitors all cameras within a security system to alert users if the image is blurred, blocked, tilted, damaged, etc. This allows camera operators to be proactive about fixing the problem immediately and not risk having a faulty camera when it’s needed. The Ai-RGUS solution automatically catches camera view problems including problems due to blur, block, tilt, glare, or low light; camera/NVR/DVR misconfigurations or failures; incorrect timestamp; and missing or not enough days of recordings. With Ai-RGUS, users can also manage camera passwords and firmware version updates.

Ai-RGUS uses AI to help organizations protect multi-million-dollar investments in security cameras and improve safety and security on premises. Based in Las Vegas, Ai-RGUS provides a software solution that uses the latest AI to ensure security cameras operate optimally and alert users automatically about any problems with the security camera evidence they expect to have or a lapse in cybersecurity. visit:

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