SpotCam Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera Review

It simply works. And in this day and age when so much hype is used to sell products, it is quite refreshing to work with a product that does indeed work straight out of the box. The new SpotCam Monitoring Camera (as it is described on the box) is an ideal home-use Wi-Fi security camera. Weighing in at less than 7-ounces and with a 110° field of view, the best feature of this camera has to be how simple it was to go from box to viewing video on your smartphone. In our case, that was less than 12 minutes.

Buffalo TeraStation 5200 as Standalone NVR Product Review

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a video storage platform that really could easily connect with a handful of cameras and allow someone to quickly call up the camera video feed as well as the recorded video and do this all without a seasoned I.T. staff. Yes, it would and we have found such a solution in the Buffalo TeraStation 5000 series network attached storage (NAS) unit integrated with the Axis Camera Companion software.

Genius DVR-FHD568 FHD in-Car Dash-Cam Vehicle Recorder Product Review

In this day and age where video surveillance is everywhere, having a dash cam for your own personal vehicle is becoming affordable, easy to setup and install, and priceless when you are involved in an incident where video would prove beyond any doubt what actually happened. With Genius manufacturing a number of mobile/in-vehicle “dash-cams” and recently reviewed the DVR-FHD568 model.

Sharx SCNC-3805 IP-Camera Review

Although not quite mega-pixel the 1280×720 resolution provided crisp, clear, and detailed video and was capable of simultaneous multi-stream resolution output. The wide field-of-view and IP66 weatherproof enclosure would make this an ideal outdoor surveillance IP-camera that would deliver quality live-view and recorded video. This is a top quality IP-camera.

Y-Cam HomeMonitor HD Camera

A follow-up unit to the Y-Cam HomeMonitor Indoor unit, we were interested to check out the HD version. Realistically, any chance anyone has to use HD security cameras they should – at least 720p high definition which, this HomeMonitor HD IP-camera is (model number HMHDI05). Box contents of this product include the Y-Cam HomeMonitor-HD camera […]

Police Officer Wearable Body Cameras

Every day the evidence grows for the reduction in police abuse-of-force complaints and the overall sense of success when police departments add body-worn video surveillance cameras to the individual officers. From New Your City to Rialto, CA (see related article) the risk management and liability exposure to police departments is driving the adoption of this […]

Foscam FI8909W IP-Camera Review

This review will look at the Foscam FI8909W wireless IP-camera. We will evaluate the camera’s setup, configuration, general usage, as well as the image quality. We’ll start out by saying that overall this is a solid IP-camera and with a street price under US$75.00 (Google search 10/24/2013) and it delivers a very good value. The […]