Storage and Network Bandwidth Calculators

Storage Capacity Calculator

Below is a link to 10 different IP video storage and network bandwidth calculators. A humorous story told by many IP security industry pundits is, if you use 10 different calculators all with the same variables, you will get 11 different answers. Try it and see for yourself and of course start of with the calculator. storage calculator


DNF Security Storage Calculator
DNF IP-Camera Storage Calculator


StarDot Storage Calculator
Stardot Bandwidth and Storage Calculator


Video-Insight Storage Calculator
Panasonic/Video-Insight Storage and Bandwidth Calculator


exacq storage calculator
Tyco Exacq Configuration Calculator


milestone storage calculator
Milestone Storage Calculator (MPEG4)


Iqeye Storage Calculator
Vicon IP Video Storage and Bandwidth Calculator

Calculator Tools


axis storage calculator
Axis Design Tool (bandwidth and storage needs)


moxa storage calculator
Moxa IP CCTV bandwidth and storage calculator