Surveon Upgrades Hospital Security With Complete Solution

While the aging population rises with the declining birth rate, healthcare has become a crucial issue all over the world. Security in and around the healthcare institution is always a major concern due to the open nature of these places and the sensitivity of hospital operations. To protect the staff, patients, visitors, as well as the assets in many areas in the hospital, the security requirements are much more stringent than those in regular surveillance applications. Being a professional solution provider in vertical application, Surveon offers complete healthcare solutions, including high-resolution cameras, enterprise hardware RAID NVR, as well as enterprise VMS with real-time video analytics (VA) to detect forbidden area access like patient rooms, protecting the patients and staff from potential risks.

Many people, including patients and their families, medical professionals, and hospital suppliers are bustling in many areas in the hospital every day. Due to the open nature of healthcare institutions, even experienced system integrators might encounter some challenges in some areas like patient rooms, supply rooms or medicine pick-up counter, where it needs much more stringent monitoring than regular surveillance applications. With the smart image optimizers, Surveon cameras can analyze lighting changes and automatically adjust the image functions to ensure clarity can be obtained under different lightings.

Moreover, Surveon dome cameras support audio in/out with phone jacks, providing hospital an easy way to record and manage the conflicts or disputes in the emergency room. Among Surveon camera selection, 3MP bullet CAM3471HEM with smart HDR and 3x zoom autofocus, 2MP indoor dome camera CAM4311S2 with audio in/out with phone jacks plus 3MP outdoor speed dome CAM6471EZ could be the options in such application.

For medium-large project scale, the high bandwidth and storage demand of these cameras could generate major challenges in terms of overall application quality and stability. The embedded hardware RAID accelerator in Surveon NVR ensures that the multi-channel cameras have access to the required bandwidth when recording images, reducing the instability often seen when systems are conducting high I/O operations for extended periods of time.

In addition, through Surveon Control Center (SCC), the video central management tool, the advanced electronic maps and expansion up to eight screens at the user end can easily meet future demand growth, protecting the patients and staff from potential threats in time.

Surveon healthcare solutions have been successfully adopted in City Hospital in Macedonia and the Taipei City Hospital in Taiwan. “Combined with easy management and excellent cost efficiency, Surveon’s solutions have enabled us to greatly enhance security around our premises and thereby boost the overall operations of the hospital.‘’, said the project integrator of City Hospital in Macedonia.

Surveon is dedicated to offering a variety of end-to-end video surveillance solutions catering to different vertical applications, giving partners reliable options for their projects.