CaughtOnCamera: Chicago Train Derailment Captured on Security Camera Footage

It’s one thing reading about and seeing pictures of the passenger train that crashed through its end of the line barrier at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport earlier this week. And another when you actually watch it happen through a security camera video. Of course, being there and seeing it with your own two eyes takes it to a completely different level of terror, as the civilian man and the cop seen in the clip would no doubt tell you.

It truly is a miracle that no one was killed as the train shot through the escalator, though, the timing of the accident, which happened just before 3 a.m. Monday, certainly helped.

Authorities have placed the number of injured to at least 33 people. There’s an ongoing investigation about the crash, but union officials have suggested that the operator of the train "may have dozed off", with an report on the Huffington Post quoting Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 President Robert Kelly as saying that the woman "had worked extensive overtime recently and was ‘extremely tired’ at the time of the accident".