Dumb Or Smarter? CTA Orange Line Robbers Caught On Tape

It’s hard to say whether the alleged Orange Line robbers are real smart, or just plain dumb. So smart to be scoping out the route for a couple of hours before the attack. Smart that they knew the stretch between Halsted and Roosevelt was the longest on the route – seven minutes from station to […]

Fluidmesh Innovative Technology Providing Fast Wi-Fi To Railway Passengers

Free Wi-Fi, once considered a commodity, is now viewed as a necessity by much of the public. In planes, trains, and automobiles increasingly more consumers are coming to expect the service to be available for both business and pleasure purposes. To date, however, achieving fast and reliable Wi-Fi in fast moving vehicles has often delivered […]

Axis Announces IP-Cameras For Public Transport And Vehicles

The new compact, rugged and discreet AXIS P39-R Network Camera Series with HDTV resolution, high processing power and edge storage is specially designed for surveillance in buses, trains, subway cars and other vehicular environments. Axis Communications, the world leader in network video surveillance, announces a new transportation-focused IP camera series that offers protection against dust […]

Philly SEPTA’s $11Million Savings Contributed To Surveillance Cameras

The 17,659 surveillance cameras that Philadephia, PA’s SEPTA has in its vehicles and stations have contributed to a significant decrease in the amount of money SEPTA spends on injury and damages claims and in a climate where every dollar counts, that savings is especially significant. Between fiscal years 2012 and 2013, the payout SEPTA made […]

Sony Mini Dome IP-Camera Crafted For Train And Bus Surveillance

It’s a duty of every public transport operator to provide an environment that’s safe, secure, and reassuring for passengers and employees alike. Video security is an increasingly crucial part of every journey by train, bus or tram. Customers of all ages often value the discreet presence of a watchful eye in the carriage. And in […]

DNF Security Offers Falcon NVseries For In-Vehicle Video Surveillance Applications

Adoption of video surveillance systems in transportation industry is growing immensely these days and this is to ensure that overall security is maintained during the whole passing route and to simultaneously mark the key events which occurred. It is a known fact that surveillance systems used in transportation applications must be rugged enough to sustain […]

Trouble On The CTA: Do Rider Cameras Capture More Then Security Cameras?

The CTA says it’s trains and buses are safe, and for the majority of users, that’s true. But for those who get caught in the middle of a fight on a confined train or bus, it’s hard to feel safe at all, wspecially if help isn’t close by. Drug use, physical violence, and bullying are […]

CaughtOnCamera: Chicago Train Derailment Captured on Security Camera Footage

It’s one thing reading about and seeing pictures of the passenger train that crashed through its end of the line barrier at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport earlier this week. And another when you actually watch it happen through a security camera video. Of course, being there and seeing it with your own two eyes takes […]