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QR Codes and Side View Cameras Will Boost School Bus Safety

These new improvements are meant to make this form of transportation safer and easier to inspect. The Forest Hills Transportation Center (Grand Rapids, MI) has announced that it is adding two new technology components to its school buses in the form of QR codes and side view cameras, to help to boost safety for the children, the bus drivers, and other road users. These quick response codes will help to keep people informed as to the condition of the school bus.

Will Added Security Cameras Really Help With Bullying Prevention?

As we are getting closer to the back to school season for many of our children it is time to face a few possible changes in their school routine. Bullying prevention leads to security cameras on campuses in some countries. Could this be a possibility in our North American schools as well? A recent article […]

Some Claim Boston Schools Go Too Far With Audio Surveillance Of School Buses

EDITORIAL –     Matthew J. Lee, Bostom Globe staff –   A new video camera system is installed above the drivers seat in a Boston school bus. Boston’s school department has offered no evidence that incidents of bullying or other misbehavior have increased to the point where both audio and video surveillance of students […]

Boston Adds Security Cameras To School Buses

Says system will aid in discipline, safety Andrew Prince, a technician with the Boston School Department, installed a video camera in one of the school buses that will be used this fall. When Boston students board their school buses this fall, they may want to watch what they say and do. Boston is equipping all […]

DNF Security Offers Falcon NVseries For In-Vehicle Video Surveillance Applications

Adoption of video surveillance systems in transportation industry is growing immensely these days and this is to ensure that overall security is maintained during the whole passing route and to simultaneously mark the key events which occurred. It is a known fact that surveillance systems used in transportation applications must be rugged enough to sustain […]

Frontier (Hamburg NY) Bus Vandalism Spurs Security Improvements

The extensive bus garage vandalism in the Frontier School District in October has led to a $20,000 security system at the district bus garage. The vandalism forced the shutdown of schools for a day. Add to that the $8,900 damage allegedly caused by the 18-year-old former student charged in the vandalism spree, plus at least another $10,000 in estimated overtime expenses tied to a seven-day-a-week night watch crew. The result is nearly $40,000 in total expenses because of the vandalism – linked to a former student who had dropped out of school. “Our bus transportation security system is up and running, so let’s hope no one tries to get through it,” School Business Manager Richard F. Calipari said. “We’ve secured our facilities and outdoor storage of buses.” The new security system became operational in late November and includes direct video surveillance and alarm trips to a security company. The new cameras also are linked into the Hamburg town police. The latest update came at last week’s School Board meeting. Afterward, interim Superintendent Paul G. Hashem was asked whether the district can recoup some of the money from the student who was charged. But Hashem said the district will not be able to recoup the costs. “He’s a young kid – 18 years old. He’s definitely had a hard life and spent 50 days in jail,” he said. Hashem, after consulting with an assistant district attorney, suggested counseling and community service for the former student. Buses had to be cleaned. […]

School Bus Surveillance Cameras Curb Misbehavior

Video surveillance on Copperas Cove school buses continues to reduce suspensions and school violence. Transportation Director Gary Elliot said the school district has seen a decline in school bus-related incidents compared to last year, with only 30 suspensions so far this year. “Those are very, very low numbers,” Elliot said. “We usually have right around 100 (suspensions) around this time. The cameras are a big part of it, because the students know they’re being videotaped.” The surveillance program was discussed at a Dec. 9 school board workshop. “Those cameras make discipline on buses easy,” Trustee Jim Copeland said. All 68 of the district’s route buses are fitted with Gatekeeper surveillance cameras and one-third of those are infrared capable, which Elliot said helps during early morning hours when it is still dark outside. Students can be suspended from school bus transportation for several major infractions, including bullying, fighting and constant use of profane language. With every bus incident, a referral is written and at least two staff members review the video footage before taking appropriate action. Copperas Cove High School senior Kelseigh Fife recalled a time when the surveillance cameras captured an incident on the bus. “(The camera) did help me. It got somebody in trouble that physically hurt me,” Fife said. “I did feel safer and I didn’t have any problems after that.” Fife and Elliot said the cameras deter most students from violating bus rules. “I think that it showed other people, once the cameras were on the […]