Promise Technology Announces Availability Of New Vess NVRs For IP Video Surveillance At IFSEC

Security professionals in the video surveillance industry will be able to deploy new NVR storage servers that save costs and deliver incredible performance with the availability of the Promise Vess A2330 and A3340. Vess A2330 is a 2U 6-bay NVR which offers low latency recording for entry level deployments of up to 35 cameras per system. Vess A3340 is a powerful 2U 8-bay NVR designed for mid-sized surveillance deployments of up to 80 IP-cameras.

A Fire Can Ruin Your Whole Day

What happens when your company has a fire and burns to the ground? As with so many aspects of physical security, it’s when the unthinkable happens that you really need your physical security system to work as designed. But what security system is designed to perform in a catastrophic fire? With all the advances in camera, recording, and access control capabilities, avoiding going up in ashes isn’t on any spec sheet. This just might be a situation where taking new technologies and integrating them with old technology could provide an ideal solution that would survive such a fire disaster.

Skid Row Shooting Tests LAPD Body-Worn Cameras Procedures

The officer-involved shooting Sunday, March 1, on skid row that left a man dead could be an early test of the Los Angeles Police Department’s new body camera program for officers. The encounter was recorded by body cameras worn by at least one of the officers involved in the incident.

Start-Up Guardian 8 Introduces Security Technology to Reduce and Document Conflict; Wins School Safety Award

Guardian 8 Corporation’s CEO Steve Cochennet accepted the prestigious 2014 Campus Safety BEST Award for the Pro V2 and outlined goals in reducing conflict through enhanced non-lethal (ENL) deescalation and incident recording.

SpotCam Announces Time Lapse Feature

SpotCam, the cloud home monitoring service startup, announces a new Time Lapse feature for its SpotCam Wi-Fi home monitoring camera. The new time lapse capability combined with SpotCam’s free 24 hours of cloud based recording lets users easily review a day’s worth of video footage in seconds.

California Police Department Orders Digital Ally Body Cameras

Digital Ally has received an order from a municipal police department in the San Francisco Bay Area for 110 FirstVu HD body-worn camera systems. The order includes the company’s patented VuLink Connectivity Devices to allow the body cams to automatically start recording, and nine FirstVu HD docking stations, each of which will facilitate the simultaneous transmission of video from up to 12 FirstVu HD systems to Digital Ally’s new VuVault.Net cloud storage solution.

Surveon Advanced Data Solutions Meet the Vast Storage Demands in Mission-Critical Surveillance

Megapixel recording is an increasing trend nowadays and storage management, including long video retention period, efficiency, scalability and data integrity, has become a strong demand for professional surveillance projects. Surveon, the complete megapixel solutions provider, offers the advanced storage solutions for partners to effectively manage large data for middle to high-level projects.

EverFocus Anounces the Release of Elite 2 NVR8004X

EverFocus Elite 2 NVR8004X is a professional standalone network video server or NVR designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Operating on a Linux-based system, the NVR offers quick PC-less configuration, network-based surveillance connection, megapixel recording as well as playback, up to 12-Terabytes of storage capacity, and more. The device is compatible with all EverFocus IP cameras.

Milestone Systems Adds Support for Offline Camera Recording Using ONVIF

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), has just released its bi-monthly Device Pack 7.5 for the XProtect® portfolio of VMS products. The most significant feature in this upgrade is support for ONVIF Edge Storage: cameras with Edge Storage can record video directly on internal storage.