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St. Louis Police Release Footage of Antonio Martin Fatal Shooting

St. Louis County police released footage on Wednesday evening they said shows 18-year-old Antonio Martin pulling a gun on an officer before being shot and killed, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The footage was taken from three different security cameras at the Berkeley, Missouri gas station where Martin encountered the unidentified officer. However, the officer […]

4-Seconds of Body Cam Video Can Reveal a Biometric Fingerprint, Study Finds

Any camera will do, as long as it’s attached to your body. Researchers say they can have computers examine body camera video footage and accurately identify a person wearing a body-mounted device in about four seconds, according to a recently released paper. The authors of the study had their software look at biometric characteristics like height, stride length, and walking speed to find the identity of the person shooting the footage.

Iveda Granting Exclusive License to Wolfcom Body Cameras for Live Video Streaming, Direct to Cloud Storage

Iveda® (OTCQB: IVDA), a leading enabler of cloud-based video surveillance through its Sentir™ platform, announced its partnership with Wolfcom Enterprises, manufacturer of body-worn cameras based in Hollywood, California. The partnership will offer next generation integration of proprietary cloud technology into a body camera, enabling cloud storage, and access to live video.

To Everyone Vying for Body Cams on All Police Officers

There is something you desperately need to remember to demand and that is a proper policy defining when a police officer must turn on their body worn camera. A lot of people don’t realize that body cams are being introduced without actual policies saying when they have to be used. They’re not constantly recording like dash cams or security cameras – they are only turned on when the police officer decides to turn it on.

California Police Department Orders Digital Ally Body Cameras

Digital Ally has received an order from a municipal police department in the San Francisco Bay Area for 110 FirstVu HD body-worn camera systems. The order includes the company’s patented VuLink Connectivity Devices to allow the body cams to automatically start recording, and nine FirstVu HD docking stations, each of which will facilitate the simultaneous transmission of video from up to 12 FirstVu HD systems to Digital Ally’s new VuVault.Net cloud storage solution.

Tampa Police Solicit Vendor Bids for Body-Worn Cameras

The Tampa Police Department is taking bids to eventually equip all 750 officers with body-worn cameras like the one shown in the photo of a Minneapolis officer. Tampa PD is soliciting vendor bids to outfit 60 officers with body cameras, with a goal of eventually providing them to all 750 officers who patrol the city.

NYPD Officers to Begin Wearing Body Cameras as Part of Settlement

Sixty New York City police officers will wear body cameras as part of a pilot program in the wake of a federal lawsuit [see SecurityHive’s original article here.] challenging the department’s controversial stop-and-frisk tactics and the recent death of Eric Garner during an arrest, city officials said. Police Commissioner William Bratton announced the program Thursday, saying officers in at least one precinct in each of New York City’s five boroughs will begin wearing the surveillance devices.

Digital Ally Receives VuLink Patent, Provides Automatic Body Cam Activation & in-Car Video System Linking

Digital Ally, Inc. (Nasdaq: DGLY), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial applications, today announced that it has been notified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) that its initial patent (No. 8,781,292) on its VuLink™ connectivity system has been approved and will issue on July 15, 2014. The Company also announced that it has begun shipping the new product to law enforcement customers.

Inquiries For Digital Ally’s FirstVU Body-Worn Cameras Increase Dramatically Due To Recent Civil Unrest

Company’s Patented VuLink Connectivity System Allows Law Enforcement Agencies to Gather and Record Evidence From Multiple Perspectives by Seamlessly Communicating Between In-Car Video Systems and Body Cameras. Digital Ally, Inc., (DGLY) which develops, manufactures, and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security, and commercial applications, announced that the number of inquiries that […]

Police Cameras Are Important, But Useless Without Proper Use Policies

There’s no question that, had the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department mandated that its officers wear body cameras, use dashboard cameras or both, there would be far fewer mysteries about the events leading up to the shooting of Michael Brown. The department apparently had these cameras; it just hadn’t gotten around to using them. But simply […]

Daleville, IN, Police Add Cameras To Uniform

Daleville Indiana Police have added cameras to their protective vests. The cameras capture video of police in action and can protect both the officer and the citizen. Daleville Police Chief James King hopes to get cameras for seven more officers. Currently, Daleville police pack radios, protective vests, lethal weapons, skilled ears and eyes, and now, […]

Hospital Staff Set To Wear Body-Worn Security Cameras

Hospital security teams could start wearing body-worn video cameras on uniforms to record violent and threatening incidents. It follows a successful two-week trial of a body-worn camera by security workers at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. It is hoped the scheme could be rolled out across Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust […]

Charleston Police Chief Makes Pitch For Body Cameras Police Officers

Officer R.M. Medlock with the Summerville Police Department wears his body camera that he activates during every stop he makes as part of the traffic police unit. Charleston police officers soon could be wearing body cameras to record all of the their interactions with citizens, a practice that has sparked privacy concerns with the American […]

Genetec And Vidcie Provide Mobile Video Surveillance To Law Enforcement

Genetec™, a leading provider of unified IP security solutions and Vidcie, a leading provider of mobile live video streaming services announced the integration of Vidcie Lookout wearable camera systems with the Genetec unified security platform, Security Center. Vidcie on-body cameras provide law enforcement officers and security personnel with on-demand, hands-free live streaming video that can […]

Should Cops Be Made To Wear Video Cameras?

I believe the quality and size is already good enough. You are right that cameras help protect officers from false accusations, will help obtain convictions, and discourage attacks on LEOs, but the general trend is for Law Enforcement Unions and organizations to resist all attempts to make officers more accountable. "The LE2 is the most widely used wearable police camera designed specifically for law enforcement. The LE2 easily clips to a police or security uniform to record the actions of the wearer and those around them. The LE2 uses our proprietary VERIPATROL™ software system to securely store and manage video files. The LE2 camera and VERIPATROL software utilizes a FIPS 140-2 compliant Digital Signature process to prove that the video has not been altered and VidLock security prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen. The LE2 camera is available in an IACP compliant green or covert black lens color. Camera Features 4 hr Recording Time 4 hr Battery Life 4 GB Internal Memory Date & Time Stamp (GMT) Digital Signature Security SD Video Resolution (640×480) 30 Frames Per Second Field of View: 71 degrees Color Video & Audio Waterproof (IPX5) Dimensions: 3″ ×2″ × .85″ Weight: 3.5oz Compatible: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Green Design – RoHS & WEEE certified" Hardware "NYPD, Union resists order to test body cameras It’s possible that cops can’t be forced to wear the extra equipment without it being first negotiated as part of their union contract The New York Post […]

Oakland Police Must Step Up Use Of Vest Cameras

If you’re an Oakland police officer, there are now three things you should not leave home without. Your badge, your gun and your trusty personal data recording device – more commonly called a vest camera. The most recently published report on the Oakland Police Department’s efforts to meet a set of decade-old, court-ordered reforms found the department slipped in making progress and noted that police officer use of vest cameras is still falling short. Independent monitor Robert Warshaw’s 16th quarterly report, which covered the period from July to September, said some officers failed to activate cameras at critical times while others went weeks without replacements waiting for broken cameras to be repaired. "In too many instances, there are questions about the measure to which personnel throughout the Department understand the use, review, and utility of these devices. During our early reviews of the (cameras) we found that officers often failed to activate their devices during interactions with subjects who were being arrested, and in incidents where force was used." Warshaw’s report also suggested that there was little oversight to ensure the cameras were used properly. Current department policy requires mandatory use of vest cameras by every officer who is issued one, said Interim Police Chief Sean Whent. The department has issued vest cameras to all of its 460 patrol officers and maintains a reserve supply of about 70, Whent said. But mandatory overtime, which requires detectives and sergeants to work patrol shifts, along with occasional equipment breakdowns, have created […]