Vicon Delivers Campus-Wide Surveillance To Indiana’s MHP Medical Center

Vicon announced the installation completion of an end-to-end Vicon surveillance solution for Shelbyville, Indiana’s new Major Health Partners (MHP) medical complex and surrounding campus. The enterprise solution combines video management capabilities for cameras throughout the main hospital, oncology center, orthopedic center and administrative data services building.

Indiana Deploys Avaya Networking To Help Keep Motorists Safe And Highway Traffic Flowing

Urban interstate highways are notorious for traffic congestion even in the best of times, and accidents or breakdowns only make a bad situation worse. To reduce the potential impact of such occurrences, the State of Indiana deployed Avaya Fabric Connect for network and video surveillance. With round-the-clock video feeds from more than 350 surveillance cameras in key locations monitored for any signs of trouble, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) can rapidly dispatch the appropriate response teams often before anyone has called 911. Cameras assist INDOT in providing an online map of real-time traffic images and enable the state to deliver video feeds to news station partners to inform travelers of current traffic conditions.

Daleville, IN, Police Add Cameras To Uniform

Daleville Indiana Police have added cameras to their protective vests. The cameras capture video of police in action and can protect both the officer and the citizen. Daleville Police Chief James King hopes to get cameras for seven more officers. Currently, Daleville police pack radios, protective vests, lethal weapons, skilled ears and eyes, and now, […]

Crown Point, IN, Funds Security Cameras For Sportsplex

Crown Point, Indiana — With the city’s showcase Sportsplex nearing completion, just in time for two major baseball tournaments with almost 260 teams coming to town this week, the city’s Redevelopment Commission approved funding for a camera security system to keep an eye on it. Adam Graper, the city’s media/information technology director, spoke to the […]