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Barrie Ont City Staff Looking At Potential Bylaw To Regulate Surveillance Systems And Drones

The city of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, will take a closer look at regulating technology that’s eyeballing Barrie. Council has asked staff to investigate a potential bylaw to regulate home security video surveillance systems, domestic closed-circuit television surveillance, and drones with cameras. Other city councillors have the same issues but are also concerned about regulation.

Are Taxpayer Funded Security Cameras in Downtown Columbia Effective?

After a weekend shooting in downtown Columbia, MO, ABC 17 News reached out to the Columbia Police Department to see if any parts of the incident had been caught on any of the security cameras downtown. The question was never answered. ABC 17 News also asked for a report showing numbers of how many crimes the cameras have helped solve to see if the taxpayer funded security system is effective.

Body Cameras for Cleveland Police on Council Finance Committee Agenda

Body cameras, like the ones shown on police officers in Ferguson, Mo., will likely appear on officers in Cleveland by early next year. (Huy Mach, St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP) Cleveland City Council is expected to pass legislation authorizing the Police Department to spend $1.6 million to equip about 1,000 patrol officers with body cameras. Some council members have been calling for the cameras for years, arguing that the footage would aid criminal investigations and clear up controversy surrounding police shootings and accusations of misconduct.

San Jose Police Can Tap Into Volunteer Residents’ Cameras Under Newly-Approved Program

San Jose, CA, Police will be able to quickly view footage from volunteer residents’ private security cameras under a new program designed to increase the eyes and ears of San Jose’s depleted police force. The San Jose City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to create a police department database of all private security cameras owned by residents and businesses willing to participate, starting as soon as next month. Police will not be able to view live feeds from the cameras, but a map of nearby cameras will allow detectives to know if a crime was likely to have been caught on tape.

Police Cameras Are Important, But Useless Without Proper Use Policies

There’s no question that, had the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department mandated that its officers wear body cameras, use dashboard cameras or both, there would be far fewer mysteries about the events leading up to the shooting of Michael Brown. The department apparently had these cameras; it just hadn’t gotten around to using them. But simply […]

Hamilton, OH, City Council Decides Fate Of Cameras In Parks

The city of Hamilton is looking at ways to fight back against vandalism problems plaguing some its parks. Council members will vote on a measure that could install security cameras at three parks and three spraygrounds. Veterans Park is one of the places that could get some cameras. It’s also where one local woman spends […]

Chicago Ordinance Would Require Videotaping Of Gun Sales

Chicago could require gun dealers to videotape sales and ban gun stores near schools and parks under Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s latest attempt to heavily regulate firearms sales following a federal court ruling that tossed out the city’s outright ban on gun sales. The plan, introduced at a recent City Council meeting, would require gun dealers […]

FL Leaders Drafting Ordinance To Give Nightclubs New Surveillance Guidelines

Jacksonville City Councilman Jim Love is introducing plans he said will make Jacksonville’s nightclubs safer. The councilman’s goal is to curb violence in Jacksonville’s nightclubs and bars. City Councilman Love said city leaders are currently drafting an ordinance that would give clubs specific guidelines to follow for safety and security. "If you go in there […]

The Public Calls For No Drone Zone: The City Council Dithers

It was supposed to be a night to "Ground the Drones" but, as Berkeley, CA., Peace and Justice Commissioner Bob Meola put it, "it was more like the movie, Groundhog Day " — an experience of being trapped in a maddening rerun of past events and unable to move forward. It was back on December […]

Detroit Council Changes Gas Station Surveillance Camera Requirements After Critical Beating Of Driver

DETROIT, MI — The City Council unanimously approved an ordinance requiring gas stations to install and strategically place digital video surveillance cameras to improve security. Councilman Andre Spivey listed a number of incidents in which higher-quality or better-configured gas station cameras would have helped police capture suspects in serious crimes. He said the severe beating […]