Could You Pass a Security Guard Licensing Exam?

Yes, in most places you really do need to take an exam to be a Security Guard. Throughout Canada and the United States, Provinces and States are requiring those who wish to work as a Security Guard to take a course and pass a licensing examination before being permitted to work as a Security Guard.

Ambarella A12W Reference Design Kit Enables New Generation of Wearable Police and Security Cameras

Ambarella, Inc., a leader in low-­power, high-­definition and Ultra HD video compression and image‐processing solutions, announced availability of the Ambarella A12W Wearable Security Reference Design Kit (RDK). The A12W RDK enables fast development of a new generation of compact, ultra low-­power, body‐worn HD video cameras suitable for police and security applications.

Video Surveillance Predictions for 2015 and Beyond; Game-Changing Trends and Technologies

With the Internet of Things (IoT) a hot topic throughout 2014, consumers and businesses are increasingly aware of the advantages of IP connectivity. And security professionals and business owners are keenly aware of the concept’s importance in ensuring the safety of their clients and organizations respectively. The new HD standard 4K or ‘Ultra HD’ have been two of the year’s most talked-about technologies and the next natural step in the industry’s ongoing endeavors to enhance image quality and greater surveillance coverage.

Defining Physical Access Control Standards

By Terry Gold, Founder, IDAnalyst LLC — I engage in a variety of conversations with manufacturers, integrators, and end users in the physical access control space about systems that must live for a decade or two. Traditionally, technology decisions have been made with heavy influence from existing relationships, cost sensitivity, and feature sets from the […]

FL Leaders Drafting Ordinance To Give Nightclubs New Surveillance Guidelines

Jacksonville City Councilman Jim Love is introducing plans he said will make Jacksonville’s nightclubs safer. The councilman’s goal is to curb violence in Jacksonville’s nightclubs and bars. City Councilman Love said city leaders are currently drafting an ordinance that would give clubs specific guidelines to follow for safety and security. "If you go in there […]

Dallmeier Opens Video IP Showroom And Solution Centre At Johanns Systemhaus

With the opening of the “Dallmeier Solution Centre” in Johanns Systemhaus in Bitburg, Dallmeier now has an extraordinary Video IP Showroom in the western part of Germany as well. The overarching theme of the centre is “Experience live – touch and be amazed – see your own benefits and operating scenarios”. In the new showroom […]

DirectView Enters Into Early Stage Discussions With Several Marijuana Industry Companies To Provide Video Surveillance And Access Control Solutions

NEW YORK, February 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — DirectView Holdings, Inc. (OTC: DIRV), a company focused on ownership and management of leading video and security technology companies, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, DirectView Security Systems, Inc. ("DirectView Security"), has begun early stage discussions with several marijuana industry companies to provide a number of potential video surveillance and access control solutions. DirectView Security sees tremendous growth potential for the Company in this rapidly evolving industry as companies scramble to develop a foothold and meet the ever changing legal requirements for security for both growers and dispensaries. According to several published reports typical dispensaries will need to employ dozens of security cameras, motion detectors, infrared sensors, and 24/7 recording. At most dispensaries, those entering must pass through three doors, show ID and present a verified doctor’s note. With the sale of medical marijuana being approved and rolled out in over 18 states and the sale of marijuana for recreational use already approved in Colorado and Washington, this industry is experiencing rapid growth. According to an April 2013 article published in the Wall Street Journal, an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 businesses produce marijuana legally under state laws. In each state a marijuana related company must meet strict guidelines for security and these requirements often vary. In Massachusetts, for example, according to a February 2014 article in the Boston Globe, the law requires video cameras to be installed and operating in all areas that contain marijuana: in parking lots, safes, vaults, sales […]

Oakland Police Must Step Up Use Of Vest Cameras

If you’re an Oakland police officer, there are now three things you should not leave home without. Your badge, your gun and your trusty personal data recording device – more commonly called a vest camera. The most recently published report on the Oakland Police Department’s efforts to meet a set of decade-old, court-ordered reforms found the department slipped in making progress and noted that police officer use of vest cameras is still falling short. Independent monitor Robert Warshaw’s 16th quarterly report, which covered the period from July to September, said some officers failed to activate cameras at critical times while others went weeks without replacements waiting for broken cameras to be repaired. "In too many instances, there are questions about the measure to which personnel throughout the Department understand the use, review, and utility of these devices. During our early reviews of the (cameras) we found that officers often failed to activate their devices during interactions with subjects who were being arrested, and in incidents where force was used." Warshaw’s report also suggested that there was little oversight to ensure the cameras were used properly. Current department policy requires mandatory use of vest cameras by every officer who is issued one, said Interim Police Chief Sean Whent. The department has issued vest cameras to all of its 460 patrol officers and maintains a reserve supply of about 70, Whent said. But mandatory overtime, which requires detectives and sergeants to work patrol shifts, along with occasional equipment breakdowns, have created […]