Video Surveillance Predictions for 2015 and Beyond; Game-Changing Trends and Technologies

Video Surveillance Predictions for 2015 and Beyond; Game-Changing Trends and Technologies

With the Internet of Things (IoT) a hot topic throughout 2014, consumers and businesses are increasingly aware of the advantages of IP connectivity. And security professionals and business owners are keenly aware of the concept’s importance in ensuring the safety of their clients and organizations respectively.

The new HD standard 4K or ‘Ultra HD’ have been two of the year’s most talked-about technologies and the next natural step in the industry’s ongoing endeavors to enhance image quality and greater surveillance coverage.

Ultra HD/4K is expected to make a big impact in 2015 and beyond. Image quality is a core consideration and the real challenge is optimizing image quality for the task at hand, regardless of how bad or ambient conditions are.

Technology that enhances image quality for advanced video applications will be a key innovation here and an industry driver.

However, advancements in image quality have generated bigger pressure on managing the resources that support them.

For example, they can impose a significant burden on network bandwidth and storage requirements, necessitating more effective compression methods.

Video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) and Cloud Computing:
This is where video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) becomes invaluable for managing and archiving surveillance video footage via cloud storage.

Video surveillance systems can be a powerful tool in preventing or investigating crime when installed in locations such as shopping centers, parks, banks, airports, and other public transport locations.

Rapidly growing demand for video surveillance systems has been driven by growing safety and security concerns worldwide.


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