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Robotic Assistance Devices To Demonstrate Next-Generation Autonomous Machines Using NVIDIA Jetson Platform At ISC West 2017

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), an innovator in artificial intelligence and robotics and master distributor for SMP Robotics Systems Corp., announced it is enhancing its complete line of autonomous robotic guards with the NVIDIA Jetson embedded computing platform. Using NVIDIA Jetson, an embedded AI supercomputer ideal for intelligent machines, RAD robotics can achieve higher levels of autonomy, while adding advanced people and vehicle detection on the moving robot.

G4S Stock Dives On News It Employed Orlando Shooter

Shares in security firm G4S slumped to their lowest since 2009 after it emerged that the gunman who killed 50 clubbers in a Florida nightclub this weekend was an employee. Omar Mateen, an American citizen who pledged allegiance to Islamic State before embarking on the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, had worked for the global giant since 2007, the company confirmed.

Could You Pass a Security Guard Licensing Exam?

Yes, in most places you really do need to take an exam to be a Security Guard. Throughout Canada and the United States, Provinces and States are requiring those who wish to work as a Security Guard to take a course and pass a licensing examination before being permitted to work as a Security Guard.

New Robotic Security Guards to Patrol Microsoft Campus

While the neighborhood isn’t exactly as dangerous as the post-apocalyptic landscape Robocop patrolled in future Detroit, Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus is getting its own security robots.

The new, five-foot-tall bulletheaded robots, looking something between a cross from R2D2 from Star Wars and EVE from Disney’s WALL-E, are packed with scanners and cameras to keep an eye on the Microsoft campus.

Head Of Facebook Canada Invests In Montreal Startup Tracktik

Montreal-based startup TrackTik, an integrated guard management solution provider, has raised $1 million in seed funding from Klass Capital. Also participating in the round was Jordan Banks, managing director of Facebook Canada; Craig Campbell, former CEO of Total Security Management (sold to Garda in 2013); and Adrian Schauer, serial entrepreneur, and former CEO of Vortex […]

CaughtOnCamera: Texas School Security Guard Breaks Student’s Arm

A part-time school security guard in Texas was caught on camera breaking a male student’s arm while stopping a fight last month. Officer Stephen Rivers, of the Beaumont School District Police, worked at West Brook High School in Beaumont. On cell phone footage taken March 7, Rivers can be seen snapping a teen’s arm while […]

Axis Communications M3004-V Network Cameras And Corridor Format Secure Alko Stores

Alko is a Finnish state-owned company with a monopoly on selling alcoholic products stronger than 4.7%. Alko is managed and supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Alko was formed in 1932 and has 350 stores and 103 sales agents in Finland. A year ago, it was decided that Alko would switch from […]

Connecticut Panel Recommends New School Safety Standards

Friday December 20, 2013, 6:26 PM HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A state panel is recommending new school security standards in the wake of last year’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. On Friday, the School Safety Infrastructure Council called for a uniform, school security assessment process to be put in place. Until now, school safety has been determined almost entirely by local decision-makers. According to the council’s report, that has led to "a very uneven and unpredictable level of school security design across school district lines." Under this new proposal, which is being presented to the General Assembly for consideration, improved security is recommended in nine areas of school design. They include things such as surveillance of school perimeters, lighting and access control of parking areas, access control to roofs and communication system with mass notification capabilities.

Israeli Education Ministry To Limit Use Of Security Cameras In Schools

Security camera Cameras will no longer be installed in kindergartens, and in schools they will be allowed in corridors and the schoolyard, but not in gyms or in classrooms. These are some of the new regulations to be issued by the Education Ministry. A ministry document also states that cameras cannot be used to replace on-duty teachers during recess. Moreover, in contrast to the current situation, local authorities will not be able to decide to install cameras in schools in their jurisdiction. Rather, the decision will be up to the principal and the teachers. The new regulations come after years in which more and more security cameras have been installed in hundreds of schools in dozens of cities and towns. The document, outlining the new rules, to be issued by the ministry director general, has not yet been published and is now being scrutinized by the Justice Ministry. However, the head of the Education Ministry’s Psychological Counseling Service, Hannah Shadmi, on Tuesday made the details public at a conference on child and family rights at Sha’arei Mishpat College in Hod Hasharon. Before the Education Ministry will allow a camera to be installed, the new directives will require the principal to explain to the ministry why it is necessary and what other steps he or she has taken to prevent violence in the school. Principals will be limited to using the cameras to prevent violence and not to follow students who are skipping classes. The new regulations also say when […]

300-Pound ‘R2-D2′ Resembling Robot Is New Breed Of Crime-Fighting Machine

300 Pound R2 D2 like Robot is New Breed of Crime Fighting Machine The 300 pound R5 Autonomous Data Machine looks like a hybrid of R2-D2 and the robot from Lost in Space. Photo: Knightscope A Californian company, Knightscope , has developed a Robocop-on-wheels, which bears a striking resemblance to the Star Wars’ R2-D2.  The mobile robot, known as the K5 Autonomous Data Machine, was created in the wake of Sandy Hook school shooting and has a mission to “cut crime by 50 per cent” “We founded Knightscope after what happened … you are never going to have an armed officer in every school,” said William Santana Li, a co-founder of the company. The K5 Autonomous Data Machine is intended “to augment private security services on corporate campuses and in large, vacant buildings and warehouses,” according to its developer, Knightscope, which added, “Tedious and monotonous monitoring should be handled by the K5, leaving ‘hands-on’ activities to security personnel.” The K5′s weapons to fight crime and deter criminals are a “video camera, thermal imaging sensors, a laser range finder, radar, air quality sensors and a microphone.” All these are intended to alert you should it find anything out-of-the-ordinary as it patrols a “pre-planned route”. Mr. Li envisions the K5 to have wireless access to a data server where it could recognise faces and license plates to identify crooks in the act. He even goes one-step further into Hollywood fantasy by expressing a desire to employ “precog” – a crime-prediction process […]