Montessori School Advances Education With Axis and Milestone Video

Dancing Moose Montessori School in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed a unique way to increase parents’ participation in their children’s schooling, improve teacher evaluations without disturbing class, and expand overall school security. Milestone XProtect® Express video management software (VMS) and network cameras from Axis Communications help oversee daily operations at the school’s locations to deliver a high degree of security and provide parents with a window into their children’s learning.

Sielox Recaps Recent Deployments of Sielox Class

Sielox LLC announces the deployment of Sielox Class™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System at Onslow County School District in North Carolina, Floyd County School District in Georgia and at Seton Catholic Preparatory High School in Arizona. Sielox Class provides real-time classroom status, updates and notifications to administrators and first responders through the use of interactive floor plans, email and text messaging to assist in making split-second decisions.

Sielox Exhibits at ASIS, Celebrates 35 Years of Innovation

Sielox LLC, founded in 1979, will be exhibiting at the ASIS International Expo in Atlanta GA on 29 SEP – 1 OCT. In addition to celebrating thirty-five years of innovation in the security products market, Sielox will be demonstrating the latest enhanced versions of its core products including Pinnacle 9 and the 1700 Controller.

Dallas-Area School Districts Boosting Campus Security Efforts

Most Dallas-area educators won’t be armed this school year despite a new state law that allows concealed handguns on school campuses. For the most part, school district police departments have focused on ramping up current campus security —fortifying doors and installing more cameras— instead of arming teachers. Argyle ISD, in southwest Denton County, has approved […]

Allegion Warns Against Quick-Fix Lockdown Practices

Allegion Educates School Administrators On Value Of Proven Campus Security Solutions. With Safe School Week Message: Avenues Available to Fund Door Hardware Upgrades to Better Protect Teachers and Students. Allegion PLC (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global provider of security products and solutions, is celebrating this year’s Safe School Week (October 19-25) by encouraging its security/architect […]

Olathe Kansas Schools Upgrade Classroom Security With Multiple Schlage Products

Allegion PLC (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global provider of security products and solutions, announced that the Olathe Public School District in Kansas is improving classroom security and simplifying key control by replacing multiple brands of locks on classrooms and other doors with Schlage locks and a patent-protected Everest 29™ key system. Previously, the district used […]

ELERTS and ALICE Training Institute Form Exclusive Partnership For School Safety

ELERTS Corporation, a leading provider of mobile communication for emergency response, and the ALICE Training Institute, the foremost active shooter response program, have entered into an exclusive agreement to improve response options during emergency events. ELERTS develops mobile security solutions for academic, corporate, hospital and mass transit systems. Leveraging the popularity of smartphones and the […]

Public Schools In Saudi Arabia Going Biometric To Thwart Class Cutting

Several public schools across the Kingdom have implemented a biometric fingerprinting system to improve attendance. The new system is linked with an electronic software device to keep parents informed of absence and delays. The move comes despite the ministry’s assertion that it has not endorsed the fingerprinting system for teachers, although employees at several ministry […]

Allegion Providing Series Of Resources For Council Of Great City Schools Conference

Allegion PLC (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global provider of security products and solutions, today announced that attendees at the Council of Great City Schools Conference to be held April 22-24 in New Orleans will hear a presentation by Anshu Mehrotra, Allegion vice president and general management-mechanical business, and Terry Burgess of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools that will […]

New Cameras To Improve Clay Co. School Security

BRAZIL, Ind. – A new video surveillance system is being installed in 15 buildings in the Clay Community Schools Corp. to improve security and make it easier for school officials and police to monitor activities. The district is paying Tech Electronics of Indiana nearly $500,000 to install the high-definition security cameras and software at 10 schools and five district buildings. District director of extended services Mike Howard tells the Tribune-Star ( ) that the changes are designed to keep students and staff "as safe as possible." The cameras will be placed indoors and outdoors but not in classrooms, locker rooms or restrooms. Howard will be able to access the cameras through mobile devices or from his home computer, and police are expected to have access by this summer. ___ Information from: Tribune-Star, Copyright 2014 Scripps Media, Inc. The Associated Press contributed to this report. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Class War: Teachers Push For Security Cameras

Teachers say they are fed up with problem parents sticking up for the bad behaviour of their kids. Teachers say they are fed up with problem parents sticking up for the bad behaviour of their kids. Source: Getty Images As the school year begins, a statewide survey shows three-quarters of teachers have experienced some form of violence from students – a spike from 55 per cent in just four years. What do you think? Would cameras help? Who should pay for them? Have your say in the comment box below. And more than half have been subjected to verbal abuse or physical threats from parents. The results are revealed in a Herald Sun survey of more than 860 ­educators statewide. READ MORE COMMENTS FROM OUR TEACHERS SURVEY HERE Teachers warned they were fed up with problem parents sticking up for the bad behaviour of their kids. "Disrespectful and hateful students are coming through, not because of their schools, but because of how society is progressing," one said. "There is a general lack of respect towards teachers that needs to be addressed," said another. "Too many teachers are exposed to aggressive parents and not enough support is given." Australian Principals Federation president Chris Cotching said cameras would be an "absolute deterrent" for violent mums and dads. The union is pushing for cameras in all school foyers but believes they are not necessary in classrooms because parents are the biggest troublemakers. Mr Cotching said some aggressive parents vowed they would "get" […]

Israeli Education Ministry To Limit Use Of Security Cameras In Schools

Security camera Cameras will no longer be installed in kindergartens, and in schools they will be allowed in corridors and the schoolyard, but not in gyms or in classrooms. These are some of the new regulations to be issued by the Education Ministry. A ministry document also states that cameras cannot be used to replace on-duty teachers during recess. Moreover, in contrast to the current situation, local authorities will not be able to decide to install cameras in schools in their jurisdiction. Rather, the decision will be up to the principal and the teachers. The new regulations come after years in which more and more security cameras have been installed in hundreds of schools in dozens of cities and towns. The document, outlining the new rules, to be issued by the ministry director general, has not yet been published and is now being scrutinized by the Justice Ministry. However, the head of the Education Ministry’s Psychological Counseling Service, Hannah Shadmi, on Tuesday made the details public at a conference on child and family rights at Sha’arei Mishpat College in Hod Hasharon. Before the Education Ministry will allow a camera to be installed, the new directives will require the principal to explain to the ministry why it is necessary and what other steps he or she has taken to prevent violence in the school. Principals will be limited to using the cameras to prevent violence and not to follow students who are skipping classes. The new regulations also say when […]

Can Facial Recognition Really Tell If A Kid Is Learning In Class?

engage sense facial recognition Can cameras read what’s going on in a second grader’s mind? Photo courtesy of EngageSense All of us have had a teacher who had eyes in the back of his or her head. Even while facing the blackboard, they saw everything—every note being passed, every answer being copied, every face being made. Or at least it seemed that way. All they really had to do was guess right a few times about what was going on behind their backs and, well, that is how classroom legends are made. But what if you took all the guessing out of the picture? What if cameras focused on every kid in the class? That’s what a New York company named SensorStar Labs has in mind, although the point would not be to catch miscreants, but rather to help teachers determine when they’ve lost the class. Face time Here’s how it would work. Using facial recognition software called EngageSense, computers would apply algorithms to what the cameras have recorded during a lecture or discussion to interpret how engaged the students have been. Were the kids’ eyes focused on the teacher? Or were they looking everywhere but the front of the class? Were they smiling or frowning? Or did they just seem confused? Or bored? Teachers would be provided a report that, based on facial analysis, would tell them when student interest was highest or lowest. Says SensorStar co-founder Sean Montgomery, himself a former teacher: “By looking at maybe just […]