Montessori School Advances Education With Axis and Milestone Video

Dancing Moose Montessori School in Salt Lake City, Utah, has developed a unique way to increase parents’ participation in their children’s schooling, improve teacher evaluations without disturbing class, and expand overall school security. Milestone XProtect® Express video management software (VMS) and network cameras from Axis Communications help oversee daily operations at the school’s locations to deliver a high degree of security and provide parents with a window into their children’s learning.

Milestone Helps You Build IP Video Knowledge At Your Own Pace

Milestone’s new Learning Portal provides flexible online training for partners and end users of XProtect video management software. Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), has created the Milestone Learning Portal for online education to train and certify industry professionals on the technical and commercial details of Milestone product offerings. […]

From Passive To Active Video Surveillance – With Intelligent Cameras From RIVA

RIVA stands for ‘Realtime Intelligent Video Analytics’ an intelligent 3D-video analytic system which is integrated in all RIVA cameras and encoders as a standard feature. The basic version VCA Presence continually tracks moving and stationary objects and persons and generates real-time alerts. Furthermore, camera tampering is detected. More VCA packages for special applications as well […]

VideoIQ: Demystifying Self-Learning Video Analytics

Source: VideoIQ | Date: 11/13/2013 Related tags: VideoIQ , Video analytics When speaking of animate vision it is also referred to as response driven learning process where the lessons are learnt from others, learning through corrections and feedback, the more interactions with “teachers”, the faster the learning process. Response and feedback can also come from interactions with the environment. The typical example of a hot stove or a thorn, by injury it is identified as a mistake. Whether through concepts from bootstrap process or from response process, the learning process is continuous. When an object is “seen”, there is a complex and sophisticated neural network that is continuously learning behind the scenes that enables the gift of sight to be taken for granted. VideoIQ introduces the B.R.A.I.N model which will enable cameras that are programmed to mimic this neural network model, which “learns” through interactions with the environment. When a camera is first powered on, its field of view is new and unfamiliar, much like humans in an unfamiliar environment, instinctively attempts to identify everything that seems recognizable in form or function, overtime becoming familiar with the environment recognizing placement. Thus if additional items were to appear in the line of vision, the camera might first classify it as a suspicious object. However should the item be still in the environment over a period of time, the camera will “learn” that it is where it belongs, overriding the initial placement of items. Not only does it “remember” or “learn” […]