Genetec and Prism Skylabs Help Retailers Gain in-Store Insights With Retail Analytics Suite

By integrating Prism with Security Center, retailers can extend their existing video surveillance camera system to provide valuable in-store data and metrics to monitor store traffic reports, monitor customer shopping trends, and remotely inspect store merchandising and brand displays.

University of South Australia Finds Value in Tech to Safeguard Students

CriticalArc reports that the University of South Australia (UniSA) has improved on-campus safety and security for 34,000 students and staff with the successful implementation of its innovative SafeZone™ distributed command and control solution. UniSA selected SafeZone to enhance safety while reducing costs across six disparate campuses, from inner-city urban environments to outback locations dispersed across 800kms.

Xtralis & City of London Police Innovate to Put Additional Eyes on the Street

Xtralis announced they are working in cooperation with the London City Police in exploring technology solutions that will allow live transmission of video and audio from central monitoring locations of police vehicles and officer-worn vests so that tactical decisions can be made more quickly and efficiently to respond to threats around London.

Video Intelligence Gives Retailers New Business Insights

It’s getting harder to go anywhere where there’s not a mounted camera (even in people’s homes). They’re becoming so ubiquitous that shoppers hardly notice them …especially during the busy holidays. But businesses are starting to take great notice, and realizing there’s more value from a security or surveillance camera than just a live view of shoppers. It’s the intelligence in the video that’s helping companies stay competitive.

Intelligent Video Surveillance and Agent Video Intelligence Announce Product Integration

Intelligent Video Surveillance (ISS), a leading Video Management Systems (VMS) vendor, and Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi), the leading global provider of open architecture video analytics software, announce the integration of ISS’ SecurOS video management platform with the real-time event detection capabilities of savVi, Agent Vi’s video analytics platform. The SecurOS VMS platform is now integrated with savVi to offer comprehensive real-time event detection rules relating to the behavior/movement of people, vehicles, and objects.

NANA Management Services Selects HP to Deliver Next Generation Security

HP announced that NANA Management Services will use HP big data analytics software to augment its real-time video surveillance solution. NANA’s Virtual Guard Services uses an integrated approach where real-time video surveillance and highly advanced computer analytics work together to instantly identify a potential threat.

PPM Demos Power of Incident Management Intelligence at ASIS 2014

As the leading authority on incident management solutions, PPM 2000 is showcasing a number of introductions and enhancements to their offerings at this year’s ASIS show. Visitors can test-drive the new features and functionality available in Perspective V4.5, the company’s flagship incident management software, including more analytical options, an embedded report designer, and new ways to view data.

Quantum Secure Drives Next Evolution of Enterprise Security

Quantum Secure, the world’s leading provider of enterprise software to fully integrate physical identity and access management (PIAM) across multiple systems, is demonstrating the company’s latest advancements for enterprise and SMB users here at ASIS 2014. Quantum Secure continues to refine SAFE’s capabilities to automatically capture and correlate extensive volumes of data from present and historic events for detailed analysis of IOCs based on user-defined policies.

An Ounce of Prevention: Preserving Information Confidentiality in a Digital Economy

While the Internet has redefined how individuals and organizations access and share information globally, it also has made them more susceptible to theft of classified and confidential digital information. Most business development and activity occurs online, making information easier to steal and transfer anonymously.

Intelligence Blunder: You Wanna Be Australia’s Spyboss? No Problem, Just Walk Right In

The Australian Security Intelligence Service, ASIS, has seemingly demonstrated a peculiar weakness in its access control systems. A fluke administrative stuff-up allowed its Director-General —its most senior and therefore most sensitive role— to turn up and function for five days while he wasn’t actually employed by the organization.

People Counting By AirLive IVS IP-Camera

Managing business improvement can be a mix of excitement, stress, and creativity. People Counting by AirLive IP-camera is one way to help analyze your business. Analyzing how traffic is affecting sales is critical in reporting and how to turn those numbers into profitable solutions. The basis for evaluating business execution is comparing to the competition […]

BBC Using Facial Recognition Technology In Viewer Test Studies

The BBC is currently using facial recognition technology in consumer focus groups to analyze how their viewers are responding and behaving towards popular BBC television shows, according to a report by The Telegraph. The facial recognition technology is provided by British start-up CrowdEmotion, which use webcams with facial coding to accurately record the facial expressions, […]

Qtrac iQ – Video Analytics For Intelligent Queuing

Video Analytics for Intelligent Queuing Qtrac iQ – Intelligent queuing with real-time video analytics. Improve the customer experience and optimize store operations. Track individual and queue wait times. Determine queue lengths and customer counts. Monitor service times and customers serviced. Predict wait times and service allocation. The intelligence you need, when you need it. Real-time dashboards show current wait times, customer counts, service times, and more. Receive instant page/email/text alerts before wait times and lengths exceed key performance indicators (kpi). Adjust staffing on current wait/service times, not just historical averages. Inform customers about wait times in different areas to help distribute traffic and increase customer flow. The Qtrac iQ® 3-D stereo video camera integrates data capture and intelligent analysis in one device. The 3rd dimension (height) filters out sunlight, shadows and reflections and prevents “dropping” and ”blending” to provide 95%+ accuracy. On-board processing means only XML data is streamed, keeping pipelines small. Power over Ethernet (POE) ensures a quick, hassle-free installation Video Analytics for Intelligent Queuing

US Government Intel Researchers ‘Radically Rxpand’ Facial Recognition Capabilities

Spencer Platt / Getty Images / AFP The United States intelligence community’s research arm is set to launch a program that will thoroughly broaden the capabilities of biometric facial recognition software in order to establish an individual’s identity. The Janus program of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) will begin in April 2014 in an effort to “radically expand the range of conditions under which automated face recognition can establish identity,” according to documents released by the agency over the weekend. Janus “seeks to improve face recognition performance using representations developed from real-world video and images instead of from calibrated and constrained collections. During daily activities, people laugh, smile, frown, yawn and morph their faces into a broad variety of expressions. For each face, these expressions are formed from unique skeletal and musculature features that are similar through one’s lifetime. Janus representations will exploit the full morphological dynamics of the face to enable better matching and faster retrieval.” Current facial recognition relies mostly on full-frontal, aligned facial views. But, in the words of Military & Aerospace Electronics, Janus will fuse “the rich spatial, temporal, and contextual information available from the multiple views captured by security cameras, cell phone cameras, news video, and other sources referred to as ‘media in the wild.’” In addition, Janus will take into account aging and incomplete or ambiguous data for its recognition assessment goals. IARPA was created in 2006 and is a division of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The […]

VideoIQ: Demystifying Self-Learning Video Analytics

Source: VideoIQ | Date: 11/13/2013 Related tags: VideoIQ , Video analytics When speaking of animate vision it is also referred to as response driven learning process where the lessons are learnt from others, learning through corrections and feedback, the more interactions with “teachers”, the faster the learning process. Response and feedback can also come from interactions with the environment. The typical example of a hot stove or a thorn, by injury it is identified as a mistake. Whether through concepts from bootstrap process or from response process, the learning process is continuous. When an object is “seen”, there is a complex and sophisticated neural network that is continuously learning behind the scenes that enables the gift of sight to be taken for granted. VideoIQ introduces the B.R.A.I.N model which will enable cameras that are programmed to mimic this neural network model, which “learns” through interactions with the environment. When a camera is first powered on, its field of view is new and unfamiliar, much like humans in an unfamiliar environment, instinctively attempts to identify everything that seems recognizable in form or function, overtime becoming familiar with the environment recognizing placement. Thus if additional items were to appear in the line of vision, the camera might first classify it as a suspicious object. However should the item be still in the environment over a period of time, the camera will “learn” that it is where it belongs, overriding the initial placement of items. Not only does it “remember” or “learn” […]