Adams Rite Offers Unique Mechanical To Electrical Lock Upgrade Path With eForce

Facility managers and security professionals often must choose between enterprise-level access control systems that are too expensive and complex for their needs, or key-based mechanical locks that don’t offer any accountability or audit trail. Many situations, especially older buildings and door-dense environments, require the management of brass keys and key sets, and this is difficult for tenants, employees, visitors and contractors to access areas and maintain an appropriate level of security.

Tips to Secure Wi-Fi Networks

With so many issues arising over wireless surveillance cameras and unathorized access of security networks, the editors of reached out to a network expert and asked for his comments. Whether you use Wi-Fi Network from your house or from the office, it is essential to secure the network connection.

Intel Licenses Cognitec’s Technology for Device Access

Cognitec Systems has signed an important software development and license agreement with Intel Corporation. Under the agreement, the companies will cooperate to apply face recognition to access control on electronic devices. Logon to PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other computing devices will become both more convenient and secure as the technology replaces conventional passwords.

Securing Critical Infrastructure With AvaLAN’s FIPS140-2 Level 2 Certified Industrial Wireless Solutions

AvaLAN Wireless, a leader in long range industrial wireless Ethernet products, announced a new high power industrial wireless product with government certified FIPS140-2 Level 2 encryption technology. This new 1 Watt Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum wireless radio has industry leading encryption to meet the needs of industrial customers who are looking for new ways to securely connect their network devices.

August Smart Lock Access Control Has Arrived

August, the technology company building products that make life simpler and more secure, announced that its flagship product —the August Smart Lock— is available for purchase nationwide in Apple stores and online at for $249.99. The August Smart Lock was first unveiled in May 2013 by its co-founders, renowned designer Yves Béhar and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson.

An Ounce of Prevention: Preserving Information Confidentiality in a Digital Economy

While the Internet has redefined how individuals and organizations access and share information globally, it also has made them more susceptible to theft of classified and confidential digital information. Most business development and activity occurs online, making information easier to steal and transfer anonymously.

The Costs of Mobile Isolation in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs)

If you’ve ever worked in a SCIF or another secure facility where mobile technology is prohibited, you know the pains of being isolated from the outside world. Not only are you stuck in an often windowless, sterile room for hours upon hours, day after day, but you’re digitally cut off from the rest of the world.