Adams Rite Offers Unique Mechanical To Electrical Lock Upgrade Path With eForce

Facility managers and security professionals often must choose between enterprise-level access control systems that are too expensive and complex for their needs, or key-based mechanical locks that don’t offer any accountability or audit trail. Many situations, especially older buildings and door-dense environments, require the management of brass keys and key sets, and this is difficult for tenants, employees, visitors and contractors to access areas and maintain an appropriate level of security.

Thanks to advancements in hardwire/wireless technologies, battery-operated control devices, and contactless card reader integration, it is now possible to deploy secure, manageable, cost-effective, keyless entry control systems that don’t require a complex and expensive infrastructure — providing a perfect path for upgrading door openings.

Adams Rite eForce® is a unique series of keyless entry controls for Adams Rite deadlocks, deadlatches and exit devices that are compatible with aluminum narrow stile, hollow metal, and wood door applications.

“The eForce series of keyless entry systems offers an easy, flexible, and scalable upgrade path for incorporating the benefits of access control into an existing facility,” said Heather Goldman, Senior Product Manager, Adams Rite. “The eForce system provides efficient and effective steps for upgrading openings from mechanical key-based, to keyless stand-alone, battery-powered keypad, to hard-wired, integrated access control, and even wireless openings with advanced access control features.”

Mechanical/keyed openings can easily be upgraded with basic to advanced access control with the battery-operated eForce 3090-150, the 3090P/3090C hardwired model with integrated HID® Prox, or iCLASS® contactless card reader and the A100-3090H with wireless Aperio® technology.

The battery powered eForce 3090-150 provides basic access control for openings that don’t require an audit trail. The system can accommodate up to 150 users and features an outdoor-rated keypad that can be programmed in three modes.

The 3090P (Prox) and 3090C (iCLASS®) systems feature a hard-wired integrated HID® Prox or iCLASS contactless card reader that interfaces with any Wiegand-compatible access control system.

The A100-3090H features Aperio® technology and can wirelessly upgrade a mechanical door to a fully-functioning online door. Provides audit trail capabilities with either an HID Prox or iCLASS contactless card reader that can integrate into an existing access control system.

With the eForce series from Adams Rite, property owners, managers, and security professionals now have an efficient and cost-effective way to address their security and budget requirements, and offer a whole new level of convenience and security to building occupants and end-users.