Cash Saver Using 3xLOGIC Video Surveillance To Combat Theft, Liability Claims

3xLOGIC announced Cash Saver stores, located in Memphis, TN, have installed 3xLOGIC NVRs and upwards to 120 cameras in three of its four store locations. Cash Saver is a cost plus food outlet, and promises a whole new way to save on groceries for Memphis. The company keeps the cost of operating its stores low with lower rent, no fancy décor, and less advertising. When Cash Saver began installing 3xLOGIC video surveillance, their main motivations were safety and curtailing losses.

NY Appeals Court Decision Signals Cybersecurity Whistleblowing Implicates Corporate Theft

Most people don’t think about what whistleblower laws may protect them until they need them. Many information security professionals may be surprised to learn that they are protected by the law although no law specifically protects “cybersecurity” whistleblowers. This is because issues involving information security are rarely only about information security. The criminal case of […]

An Ounce of Prevention: Preserving Information Confidentiality in a Digital Economy

While the Internet has redefined how individuals and organizations access and share information globally, it also has made them more susceptible to theft of classified and confidential digital information. Most business development and activity occurs online, making information easier to steal and transfer anonymously.

CaughtOnCamera: Thieves Stealing From Farmer’s Produce Stand

A Lawton, MI, farmer caught several thieves on camera stealing food and cash from his fresh produce stand, which uses the honor system and locked cash box, on M-40. Farmer Andrew Nesbitt posts surveillance videos from his stand’s trail cameras onto Facebook, which led Michigan State Police to identifying at these two suspects. One recent video shows a woman who blatantly loaded up her car with produce, including butternut squash, several bags of corn, and a basket full of peppers. Nesbitt said she allegedly stole the food before 11 A.M. on Sept. 2, then by 7 P.M. the same day she returned everything but the peppers to the produced stand.

Bay County Officials Seeking $5,500 Matching Grant For Security Cameras

Bay County, MI, supervisor of buildings and grounds, gestures to where a camera will likely be installed on the Incident Command Center at the Bay County fairgrounds. Aging equipment and recent theft have led county officials to seek funding for new security cameras in two parts of the Bay County Fairgrounds complex. Debra Russell, director […]

CSULB’s Parking Structures Most Targeted Crime Locations On Campus

Car theft is one of the most frequently committed felonies at Cal State Long Beach, according to the university’s CLERY Report on Crime Statistics; however, parking structures are the most targeted locations on campus and have the least amount of surveillance cameras. Currently, no cameras are monitoring parking structures two or three. Coverage of parking […]

Los Gatos Police Say Downtown Crime Decreased In 2013

Crime in downtown Los Gatos decreased from 2012 to 2013, from 81 to 63 reported incidents. Police shared these statistics with merchants at a March 20 safety meeting that was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. The downtown reporting area goes well beyond Santa Cruz Avenue and Main Street. Police noted that it encompasses the […]

Pines Cop Accused Of Stealing Pricey Watch After Jewelry Store Heist

Kevin Burgs (Source: Broward Sheriff’s Office) PEMBROKE PINES (CBSMiami) – Security cameras at a Pembroke Pines jewelry store captured not one but two burglaries this week, the second one caught a police officer stealing a expensive watch during the investigation of the first burglary, according to police. During the investigation of a burglary at Jared’s the Galleria of Jewelry on Pines Boulevard, the Pembroke Pines Police Department learned that Officer Kevin Burgs, 36, took a watch valued at $795.00 from the store, according to a statement from the department. The reported theft was captured on the store’s surveillance video cameras. Burgs was arrested Thursday and charged with Grand Theft. Burgs, a nine year veteran of the Pembroke Pines Police Department, has been placed on suspension with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation. Police were called to the store Wednesday morning after a couple of cat burglars broke into the store overnight and got away with $75-thousand worth of jewelry. The two burglars got into the store by cutting a hole in the roof. Once inside, they smashed the glass cases and grabbed the high-priced goods. A roofer who patched the hole said this was not a haphazard job. ”They had to bring a battery powered saw up there. They knew there was going to be corrugated metal, they knew how to cut it, like they cut it perfectly square,” explained roofer William Natale. Police said the crooks were dressed in all black and wore masks.  In surveillance […]

CaughtOnCamera: ATM Theft

Security camera video captured the theft as the suspects are seen attaching a chain to an ATM inside the store and pulling it out with the van. Along with the video from the ATM theft, police also released photos of a white Dodge Charger that is believed to have been involved in the theft of the van. BOSSIER CITY, LA – The Bossier City Police Department and Bossier Crime Stoppers are asking the public for help with catching the suspects responsible for using a stolen van to steal an automated teller machine from a local store overnight. The incident occurred just before 2 a.m. todayThursday at the Dixie Mart gas station in the 3700 block of Industrial Drive. Security camera video captured the theft as the suspects are seen attaching a chain to an ATM inside the store and pulling it out with the van. The suspects then loaded the ATM into the van and drove off. The van was recovered Thursday morning at a local apartment complex with the ATM inside but the money had been removed. Police say the van had been stolen overnight from a local business before it was used in the theft. The owners located the van by use of a tracking system upon noticing it missing. Along with the video from the ATM theft, police also released photos of a vehicle that is believed to have been involved in the theft of the van. It’s a white Dodger Charger. All of its wheels […]