3xLOGIC Launches VIGIL NVR Case Management Providing Cloud Storage Capability for Sensitive Video Clips.

3xLOGIC has launched VIGIL NVR Case Management, a cloud storage solution designed for sensitive video clips. The standalone solution provides cloud storage capability to VIGIL NVRs, making it easier for operators to review, share, and store video clips in a single place. VIGIL NVR Case Management is ideal for installations requiring multiple stakeholders to oversee video footage and where clips may potentially include sensitive or personal video data

New NVR Powered by VMS from 3xLOGIC Redefines Network Video Recording for SMEs

3xLOGIC has announced the availability of its innovative NVR-1U-8CH network video recorder. NVR-1U-8CH is a feature packed but cost effective device that is perfect for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in commercial, educational, healthcare and warehouse and distribution environments that need an NVR that is easy to install, configure, monitor and maintain.

3xLOGIC VIGIL CLOUD system across Europe

3xLOGIC announced the availability of its innovative VIGIL CLOUD system across Europe. Originally launched in the U.S. in 2020, VIGIL CLOUD extends the scope of 3xLOGIC’s award-winning VIGIL Video Management System into the cloud, and has proven popular among organizations looking for a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use platform. VIGIL CLOUD™ extends the award-winning VIGIL Video Management System into the cloud with enhancements designed to harness the power, scalability, and ease of use that are the hallmarks of cloud security services.

3xLOGIC Adds Single Sensor Deployment Option for Gunshot Detection

3xLOGIC announced a new range of deployment options for users seeking to protect smaller areas in active shooter situations with the new Single Sensor Gunshot Detection solution. 3xLOGIC’s Gunshot Detection devices use patented concussive wave technology to detect the moment at which a gun is fired, and the bullet leaves the chamber. Upon firing, the force of the bullet leaving the chamber creates a concussive wave within a defined frequency range.

3xLOGIC VIGIL CLOUD Delivers More Features and Functionality

3xLOGIC announced the latest list of updates to its industry-leading VIGIL CLOUD platform. 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL CLOUD solution has been enhanced to include additional features and functionality, which provide substantial, measurable benefits to both dealers and end users. Improved functionality for dealers means more opportunities to help generate increased return on investment (ROI) and recurring monthly revenue (RMR); quicker and easier installation; and more efficient remote system management than ever. End users now have more control over subject areas they want to view with the 360-degree de-warping feature, the choice to select 5MP resolution, and an option of up to 365 days retention per camera.

3xLOGIC Announces Next Q3 Dealer Webinar for September 1st

3xLOGIC announced its latest webinar in an on-going series that makes 3xLOGIC experts available to showcase the latest product releases in cameras, hardware, cloud-managed and advanced detection solutions. The 3xLOGIC team will also be presenting new features and enhancements to the VIGIL and VIGIL CLOUD platforms. VIGIL Server is the heart of the VIGIL Suite. With many advanced video features, recording video can be tailored to the individual project. VIGIL CLOUD™ extends the award-winning VIGIL Video Management System into the cloud with enhancements designed to harness the power, scalability, and ease of use that are the hallmarks of cloud security services.

3xLOGIC Strengthens Focus on School Safety Market

3xLOGIC announced upcoming conference plans including the National School Safety Conference and the Campus Safety Conference, both in July. The 3xLOGIC education session, “What Next? Improving Safety and Incident Response with Gunshot Detection and Mass Notification Integrated Solutions”, has been selected for the Campus Safety Education Program. Gunshot detection is maturing into an effective tool to greatly aid first responders. The challenge in these situations after a gunshot has been de-tected is, what comes next? Bill Hobbs, 3xLOGIC vice president of global sales, will outline how integrating mass notification, video, access control, intrusion, and other systems with gunshot detection can create a complete solution – one that provides first responders and others with the critical, real-time intelligence they need to help locate and mitigate the threat from an active shooter.

3xLOGIC Person Detection Analytic Reduces False Alarms, Improves System Effectiveness

3xLOGIC announced a preview at ISC West of the new Person Detection analytic for the company’s flagship 3xLOGIC VIGIL CLOUD surveillance software. VIGIL CLOUD™ extends the award-winning VIGIL Video Management System into the cloud with enhancements designed to harness the power, scalability, and ease of use that are the hallmarks of cloud services. Building on 20+ years of experience in recording and managing video, VIGIL CLOUD brings a new paradigm to physical security through a powerful Case Management system that empowers users to share critical information and insights easily and quickly with team members and other stakeholders.

3xLOGIC Introduces Varifocal Multi-Imager Camera for Cost-Effective Video Surveillance

3xLOGIC has released its new Varifocal Multi-Imager Surround Dome Camera (VX-20M-SURROUND-RAW. Designed for applications that require multiple angles of view that a standard camera cannot achieve, this new camera contains four 5MP varifocal lenses that provide separate video streams. Rather than purchasing and installing multiple cameras, dealers can now deploy a single device capable of capturing coverage of a scene.

3xLOGIC Introduces Enhancements to VIGIL CLOUD Mobile App

3xLOGIC has added Smart Search capability and a Network Video Recorder plugin to its VIGIL CLOUD mobile app. Through its intuitive interface, the mobile app makes tasks like viewing video, case management, and viewing and reacting to notifications available using common gestures and movements common within many other mobile applications. With the mobile app, users can easily access VIGIL CLOUD from anywhere, at any time, on their smartphone to quickly navigate through the solution’s most important features.

3xLOGIC to Kick off 2022 with Informative Dealer Webinar

3xLOGIC is hosting a webinar to introduce dealers and integrators to a number of product enhancements and provide an early look at new solutions the company will introduce in 2022. During the hour-long webinar, scheduled for 2 p.m. ET on Thursday, February 17, 3xLOGIC will provide insights into its industry-leading security solutions and discuss how dealers and integrators can deploy these technologies to help grow their businesses.

3xLOGIC Announces Dealer Webinar for US Launch of New VIGIL CLOUD

3xLOGIC announced its upcoming VIGIL CLOUD webinar, targeted at existing and prospective 3xLOGIC integrators/installers. The webinar is billed as: Join a fast-paced hour-long webinar April 15th when 3xLOGIC’s experts introduce the company’s latest, evolving technology release, VIGIL CLOUD. 3xLOGIC is expanding our ecosystem into the cloud with product features designed to harness the power, scalability, and ease of use that are the hallmarks of cloud services.

Glasscock Texas Schools Installs Combination of Wireless and Wired Locks Managed by 3xLOGIC

3xLOGIC announced Glasscock Independent School District (TX) has embarked on Phase Three of their ambitious plan to convert to a largely wireless, keyless access environment, supplemented by some hardwired doors as well. VGI Technology, San Angelo, TX, is managing the installation of this on-going project. VGI also provides access control and video surveillance to 40 school districts across Texas.

3xLOGIC Launches the VIGIL Video Solutions in EMEA

3xLOGIC is launching its VIGIL suite of video solutions across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The ecosystem, comprising software and hardware such as cameras, recorders, thermal imagers, people counters, and accessories, is designed to provide a scalable security solution that’s tailored to every business need. Business leaders have increasing amounts of data available to analyse, with the total amount of data in the world forecast to reach 59 zettabytes in 2020.

3xLOGIC Announces VIGIL v11.5 Server Software Release

3xLOGIC announced release of the latest iteration of its highly-popular VIGIL Server Software, version 11.5. VIGIL Server software, now 64-bit, is the core around which all other 3xLOGIC applications are built. The Easy Setup Wizard guides installation, so you’re up and running in minutes. VIGIL Server utilizes proprietary 3xLOGIC RapidStream Technology and Substream Motion Detection capabilities to provide high resolution over low bandwidth networks.

New Regional Sales Manager – Mid Atlantic at 3xLOGIC

Bill Davis joins 3xLOGIC as the new Regional Sales Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region. Bill is an industry veteran with 20 years of Security Industry and IT selling experience working with the System Integrator and the End-User. As a long-time technology enthusiast and early adopter, he’s skilled at bridging the gap between traditional client/server-focused organizations and the emerging IoT/Cloud platforms that are rapidly being adopted today.

3xLOGIC and Redwire Deliver Comprehensive Video Surveillance Empowering Tampa YMCA

3xLOGIC announced that the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA is in the midst of a multi-phase security system project that includes video surveillance, fire and intrusion upgrades, and a takeover of existing and new cameras by 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL video management system. The project is being implemented by Redwire, security professionals for over 40 years with clients across Florida, South Georgia, and Southern Alabama. Phase I of the project was to install approximately 150 3xLOGIC cameras at the remaining locations.

3xLOGIC Moves to Expanded Offices While Re-launching 3xLOGIC Website

3xLOGIC announced it has been busy moving into new space in the midst of these challenging times. If moving wasn’t enough, a dedicated team has completed a re-launch of a new 3xLOGIC website, which went live on July 8th. The offices boast many new capabilities compared to the old space –expanded office space for a Marketing studio, product development teams, customer meeting rooms, and an open floorplan to increase efficiency for the Technical and inside Sales teams.