3xLOGIC Adds Single Sensor Deployment Option for Gunshot Detection


Same superior protection at lower price point brings greatly expanded use cases for this powerful technology

3xLOGIC announced a new range of deployment options for users seeking to protect smaller areas in active shooter situations with the new Single Sensor Gunshot Detection solution.

3xLOGIC’s Gunshot Detection devices use patented concussive wave technology to detect the moment at which a gun is fired, and the bullet leaves the chamber. Upon firing, the force of the bullet leaving the chamber creates a concussive wave within a defined frequency range. Although you can’t see concussive waves through the air, the 3xLOGIC Gunshot Detection device is tuned to detect those waves from any caliber gun.

The Single Sensor is an affordable option

The 3xLOGIC 8-sensor unit is designed for larger spaces, mounted on the ceiling of a gymnasium, cafeteria, library, or pole mounted outdoors to cover larger areas. This new Single Sensor option is ideally suited for a classroom, conference room or hallway, and it fits many other indoor and outdoor applications such as stairwells, airport security check-in areas, marinas, boat docks, banks, professional offices, and more.

The Single Sensor is an affordable option for smaller footprint requirements that can easily mount in a corner or against a wall. The Single Sensor is available in a metal or plastic case and can be powered by 12 volts DC or PoE power. It can be deployed outdoors with the hardened metal enclosure, wall mounted, or with a corner mounting for indoor or outdoor applications.

In layman’s terms 3xLOGIC Gun Detection works like this:

when a gun is fired the sensor quickly and accurately detects the gunshot; an alert is then triggered to a monitoring center or a video surveillance or access control system; then, the organization’s Active Shooter Plan is engaged. The Single Sensor device has a range of 75 ft. with 160-degree coverage.

3xLOGIC Gunshot Detection devices, single or multi sensor, easily and seamlessly integrate with other security systems. When a gun is fired in range of a sensor, the sensor will raise a contact closure to alert monitoring systems. A software integration option is also available that can provide additional details about the direction the gunfire originated from as well as the proximity of the gunshot to the sensor.

Potential pre-programmed Active Shooter Plan actions include triggering an alarm in an intrusion system; alerting a mass notification system; triggering an action via an access control system; enabling live and playback video on a video management system to provide additional verification; or any number of other pre-programmed actions and responses.

“By adding a Single Sensor option to our proven 8-sensor solution, we effectively open up an enormous market in which the larger unit was not well suited for a smaller room or retail counter or office,” said Bill Hobbs, VP Global Sales, 3xLOGIC.

“At this price point and range, just about any organization is now able to invest in this potentially life-saving technology.”

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