3xLOGIC Strengthens Focus on School Safety Market

Two upcoming education conferences plus featured speaking slot

3xLOGIC announced upcoming conference plans including the National School Safety Conference and the Campus Safety Conference, both in July.

The 3xLOGIC education session, “What Next? Improving Safety and Incident Response with Gunshot Detection and Mass Notification Integrated Solutions”, has been selected for the Campus Safety Education Program. Gunshot detection is maturing into an effective tool to greatly aid first responders.

The challenge in these situations after a gunshot has been detected is, what comes next? Bill Hobbs, 3xLOGIC vice president of global sales, will outline how integrating mass notification, video, access control, intrusion, and other systems with gunshot detection can create a complete solution – one that provides first responders and others with the critical, real-time intelligence they need to help locate and mitigate the threat from an active shooter.

3xLOGIC will also be showcasing school safety solutions at the Campus Safety Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, July 18-20 and at the National School Safety Conference in Orlando, Fla., July 25-29.

3xLOGIC’s Gunshot Detection Sensor

3xLOGIC’s Gunshot Detection Sensor is one of our newest and most promising technologies. Featured in the company’s upcoming education sessions, this award-winning gunshot detection technology can provide precious time during an active shooter event to aid first responders and school authorities in locating and mitigating the threat.

Based on patented Concussive Force Recognition technology, 3xLOGIC’s self contained device detects the shock wave created when a firearm is discharged and a bullet leaves the chamber. The sensor can notify an external system through a dry contact connection or an IP integration. Examples of these external technologies include mass notification systems; direct police notification systems; electronic access control for pre-programmed entry point control; intrusion detection for alarm management; video management systems for video verification; and other external response systems.

3xLOGIC is excited to bring its solutions for school safety to both of these events in July. The company invites all education security professionals and administrators to visit with representatives at these events for product demos and discussion.

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