SHANY IP Cameras Compatible With Synology NAS Systems

SHANY IP cameras compatible with Synology NAS systems

SHANY Electronic, professional security surveillance supplier, announced the successful compatibility certification of Synology‘s all NAS products. Synology’s reliable NAS solutions coupled with SHANY’s cameras allow users to establish an integrated surveillance environment more easily.

The Synology Surveillance Station available on all Synology NAS servers, from 1-bay entry-level to 12-bay high-end models with 4 to 64 channels, is a powerful surveillance system combining state-of-the-art hardware designs and software functions that deliver outstanding performance in video monitoring and recording. Notable features such as edge recording, alarm management, video analysis, E-map and DS cam mobile app are linked to form a highly versatile surveillance solution.

Through easy installation, multiple applications can be applied without a hitch. From front-end image processing to back-end video recording, the combination of SHANY’s IP Camera and Synology Surveillance Station demonstrates marvelous video quality with universal access, video contents can be played remotely via mobile devices or all popular browser platforms.

“SHANY is delighted to complete interoperability testing between our full-line IP video surveillance cameras and Synology’s remarkable NVR solutions” said Danny Tang, sales director of SHANY. “Synology Surveillance Stations plays a surveillance hub, and SHANY leverages its industry-leading image quality, users are able to construct a seamless security surroundings without any consideration for the compatibility issue.”

“Very glad to collaborate with SHANY for the integration of Synology surveillance solutions and SHANY IP cameras,” said Max Wu, product manager of Synology. “Now it’s more efficient for users to choose a reliable IP surveillance solution.”