Camcloud Announces Support For MJPEG Cameras From Foscam And D-Link

camcloud Camcloud has expanded our platform to include support for MJPEG cameras from leading vendors such as Foscam, D-Link and many others. Our platform update not only includes MJPEG support but also enables our users to upload images (instead of video) when there’s a motion event. Check out our supported cameras page and read the full announcement.

Camcloud™, an innovative provider of cloud video monitoring services for homes and small businesses, today announced that it has released a major update to its platform that significantly expands its support for IP cameras, including MJPEG cameras from leading brands such as Foscam and D-Link.

“Our strategy is to be the most open, camera-independent cloud video monitoring service,“ said Brendan Harrison, Camcloud co-founder and CEO. “By adding support for MJPEG cameras from vendors such as Foscam, combined with our existing support for H.264 IP cameras and webcams, we support all the major consumer IP cameras on the market today.”

The growth in adoption of IP cameras is driving demand for cloud services such as cloud video storage, live video viewing and mobile access to cameras. While other cloud video monitoring services support a small number of cameras or require their own proprietary hardware, Camcloud offers its customers flexibility to use the cameras of their choice.

“Our support for MJPEG cameras is in response to requests from our customers and partners for expanded IP camera support,” said Dan Burkett, Camcloud co-founder and CTO. “MJPEG is a standard that’s widely used in both new and existing camera models and these cameras now integrate seamlessly with the Camcloud platform.”

The Camcloud video monitoring service allows users to connect a wide range of camera devices, including webcams and IP cameras that support either the H.264 or MJPEG standard. Setup only takes a few minutes and users will have a full-featured video monitoring capability complete with cloud storage of their videos and images, live video viewing from any device and a rich mobile experience. The company offers a free plan and paid plans for as little as $5/month. Visit for details.