WVU Office of Technology Transfer Licenses Biometric Technologies to Confirmix

Digital Fingerprint

Confirmix will use the biometric technologies to develop enterprise and consumer identity authentication products, marketing the enterprise products through its flagship brand, Confirmix, to combat the identity theft and online fraud activities.

Additionally, Confirmix will market the consumer products through its SecureSelfies brand and help prevent unauthorized access of mobile phones and tablets, as well as the photos and other private data stored on these devices.

In an effort to its support commercialization activities, Confirmix recently launched its SecureSelfies Kickstarter project.

The biometric technologies were developed in the laboratory of Thirimachos Bourlai, Ph.D., director of WVU’s Multispectral Imagery Laboratory.

Bourlai is also the assistant professor at the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources.

The licensed technologies include capabilities for image enhancement and restoration, face and eye detection, task detection and matching, and dual-mode and dual-scenario matching, which provide the key aspects of identity management solutions.

“We are pleased that Confirmix has licensed the biometrics technologies developed by Dr. Bourlai, and we believe that the technologies provide the Confirmix team with the key building blocks for market-leading products in the identity management space,” said Bruce Sparks, director of the WVU Office of Technology Transfer.

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