VuTeur Experiences Continued Growth For Emergency Management And Asset Protection Solution

VuTeur, (formerly PinPoint Initiative) an innovator in emergency management and business intelligence platforms, continues to fuel opportunities for adoption of its technologies across key business segments. As demand for the company’s flagship emergency notification and incident management platform increases, the company seeks out options to expand its partner network and sales efforts to rapidly address emerging opportunities.

With the growth of the Internet of Things and the need for emerging technologies to better address safety, there is a growing demand for new and innovative ways to address real-time communication in the event of an emergency. The VuTeur platform is designed to provide situational awareness of all individuals inside a building. Expanding on the inherent safety benefits of the Vuteur platform, stakeholders are now leveraging the platform to improve internal communications, manage investigations and incidents, limit liability, and manage secure access to facilities.

The VuTeur platform uses real-time location system (RTLS) technologies embedded within modern mobile and smart devices to power two-way communication with individuals during an incident or event. VuTeur uses existing Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate directly with mobile users within a facility, allowing a user’s locations to be visualized on a map of the facility and reported to operators and responders. This information provides a complete picture of which individuals are at most risk. The best course of action can then be determined and actions can be prioritized according to specific needs. For example, those individuals located closer to a severe weather event can be rescued first while those located in “safe zones” can be deprioritized. Overall, the intelligence gained from VuTeur delivers new levels of awareness and propels more informed response tactics.

“We are focused on expanding the breadth of our solutions to allow our customers to see the future of security management and business intelligence,” said Jana Rankin, CEO and Co-Founder, VuTeur. “Through the use of the VuTeur communications platform, users can improve overall operations and gain access to new business insights. Our vision for the future of our business continues to evolve as users identify ways to leverage the power of our technology platform.”

VuTeur will showcase its real-time emergency response application during Cisco Live, being held June 25-29, 2017, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. VuTeur will exhibit its platform within the DevNet Zone alongside other valued Cisco technology partners.

VuTeur integrates with a variety of Cisco products and services, including Spark, Tropo, Meraki, and Mobility Services Engine (MSE). VuTeur’s integration with Cisco Spark, for example, enables employees, visitors, and first responders to monitor and communicate throughout an incident, providing more comprehensive and effective information-sharing capabilities. A variety of data sources can be shared including photos, videos, maps, and calling features, painting a complete picture of the event.