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VMS Solutions Adapt to Today’s Mobile Environment

In a published article titled, The Neuroscience of Memory: Implications for the Courtroom, the authors state that memory is a reconstructive process susceptible to distortion. If so, eyewitnesses’ testimonies that may be subject to memory distortion may also be viewed as questionable evidence in the future. Several other published articles suggest similar opinions about the accuracy of eyewitness accounts.
Fortunately, the proliferation of surveillance cameras in both public and private environments eliminates memory distortions during the reconstruction of events. What’s more, the coverage capabilities of advanced surveillance systems continue to expand in new and inventive ways.

D-Link’s Alleged Security Failures Achieve FTC Lawsuit: D-Link Responds

In its latest enforcement action in the realm of the Internet of Things, the Federal Trade Commission filed suit against D-Link Corporation, a Taiwan-based computer networking equipment manufacturer and its U.S. subsidiary, alleging that the defendants failed to employ adequate security measures for their wireless routers and surveillance cameras. Although D-Link promoted the security of its routers with claims like “EASY TO SECURE” and “ADVANCED NETWORK SECURITY,” the company neglected to take easy steps to avoid security flaws, the agency asserted in its California federal court complaint. According to the agency, D-Link accepted hard-coded login credentials and the use of “command injection,” which allowed remote attackers to take control of routers by sending commands over the Internet.

Hackers Hit D.C. Police Surveillance Camera Network, City Officials Disclose

Hackers infected 70 percent of storage devices that record data from D.C. police surveillance cameras eight days before President Trump’s inauguration, forcing major citywide reinstallation efforts, according to the police and the city’s technology office. City officials said ransomware left police cameras unable to record between Jan. 12 and Jan. 15.

Oncam Grandeye 360-Degree Technology Watches Over Dubai Manufacturer IBS-Mapei

Oncam Grandeye, the security division of Oncam Technologies, announced that IBS-Mapei, a leading manufacturer of adhesive and chemical products for the construction industry, has deployed Oncam Grandeye’s 360-degree surveillance platform to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Vemotion Integration With Synergy Good News for Public Spaces

Synectics’ Synergy command and control platform – including Synergy 3 – is now fully integrated with Vemotion’s video acquisition and streaming solutions. The announcement is good news for councils and other public space bodies looking to benefit from wireless and deployable surveillance solutions that were previously impossible or costly to implement due to non-existent or poor fibre network provision.

Police Tout Benefits of Surveillance Cameras

High-tech surveillance cameras are going up on street poles in suburban South Jersey communities where they are being used as virtual patrols to stretch police departments. Many have been installed quietly, netting a rash of drug dealers as well as petty criminals. In Riverside, NJ, a blue-collar town of 9,000, the equipment was used in recent years to disband a burglary ring and a Bloods Gang affiliate known as Sex Money Murder.

Scranton Plans Surveillance Camera Video Wall at Police Station

Scranton’s plan to allow private, existing video surveillance cameras to feed into a network at the city’s police headquarters would be like having extra eyes on the streets, Police Chief Carl Graziano said. A community video-camera surveillance network would involve private surveillance cameras in the city, such as those at banks, businesses or colleges, to link to the police station on South Washington Avenue.

enrGies and PlateSmart Develop First LPR-Capable Drones

PlateSmart Technologies, the industry leader in License Plate Recognition (LPR) solutions and video data analytics, has entered into a teaming agreement with defense systems integrator enrGies of Huntsville, Alabama. The two companies have successfully tested and are working to perfect the first LPR and video analytics technology for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to assist security agencies and military personnel in combatting crime and terrorism.

Video Intelligence Gives Retailers New Business Insights

It’s getting harder to go anywhere where there’s not a mounted camera (even in people’s homes). They’re becoming so ubiquitous that shoppers hardly notice them …especially during the busy holidays. But businesses are starting to take great notice, and realizing there’s more value from a security or surveillance camera than just a live view of shoppers. It’s the intelligence in the video that’s helping companies stay competitive.

BBB Video Surveillance Cameras Tip of the Week

Many people understand the dangers of hackers accessing webcams. A simple fix is to place a sticker over the pinhole camera lens. Perhaps lesser known is the focus of hackers and thieves on wireless cameras used for security. Internet protocol cameras, also called IP or wireless cameras, are often used to monitor homes and small businesses. Nanny cams are usually wireless also. If set up improperly or accessed in an unsecure manner, video data can become open to the public.

City Police Trying to Expand Eyes on Streets With New Program

City police are trying to expand their eyes on the streets. They’ve started a new program encouraging business owners and homeowners to register their surveillance cameras with the city. That way if a crime is committed in the area, police will know who might have potential evidence.

Brockton MA Bars Upgrade Surveillance

As of Saturday, if you walked or drove past a bar in Brockton, MA, there is a good chance you were being watched. As of Saturday, all Brockton restaurants, bars, and clubs that serve alcohol after midnight were required by the city to have a video surveillance system installed. The License Commission approved Mayor Bill Carpenter’s proposal in July. The initiative is aimed at helping combat violent crime in the city.

NOLA Residents to Outfit Homes With Police Surveillance Cameras

Police in New Orleans Louisiana are urging residents to add surveillance camera security systems to their homes and then to hand over control of those systems to law enforcement, an effort they claim will help make neighborhoods safer. Part of a sprawling surveillance strategy dubbed “Project NOLA,” citizens’ security cameras would be integrated with footage shot from other law enforcement cameras already installed around the St. Bernard Parish area near New Orleans.

Digital Watchdog Presents Technology Demonstrations of New 16K and 8MP Panoramic Cameras at ASIS 2014

Digital Watchdog (DW), the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, demonstrated two new ‘industry first’ products at the ASIS International Seminars and Exhibits. Four user-configurable 4K and 1080p sensors will be shown in single housings delivering simultaneous video streams at 30 frames-per-second (FPS). ASIS attendees witnessed live images from these cameras.

DART Bus Drivers Say Cameras Tag Them, but Crimes Ignored

Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s use of surveillance cameras to monitor bus drivers’ behavior is drawing criticism from employees who say they’re being penalized for minor infractions while criminal activity caught on video is going ignored. During a 12-month period that ended in July, DART supervisors coached drivers on behavior caught on camera an average of 678 times a month.

New Surveillance System At Tutwiler AL Prison Could Be ‘Model For The Country’

Once Alabama prison officials work out how to most effectively use video surveillance for security, Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women could be "a model for the country," a national consultant said recently. Consultants from The Moss Group led camera management training at the prison, where reports have outlined allegations of sexual abuse, violence, and inadequate […]

Why You (probably) Want SEPTA Police Wearing Body-Worn Cameras

The Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority announced yesterday that they’d be testing a pilot program that will outfit transit officers with clip-on cameras that’ll effectively record everything they do on the job. Citing the “public trust,” SEPTA transit police chief Thomas Nestel answered reporters’ questions during a press conference. He noted when citizens know police are […]

Modi’s Smart Cities: The Video Surveillance Angle

When Modi announced the idea of creating 100 smart Indian cities, it created waves in the video surveillance and security market. A city has to be safe, after all, to be smart. “There are so many places where the police is not present. Take the recent case of a minister in Delhi who died in […]

PlateSmart Cloud-Based Video Analytics Now Available To Government Sector

PlateSmart Technologies, the creator of the world’s first software-only video analytics solutions based on License Plate Recognition (LPR), announced today that its ARES analytics product is now available to government agencies in a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The ARES service is hosted through Amazon GovCloud, an ultra-secure portal of Amazon Web Services that specializes in […]

Growing Supply Chain/Logistics Market Benefits From Video Analytics

Every year the logistics volume increases constantly, and as a result, many logistic companies are using surveillance cameras to optimize their processes. When additionally equipped with video analytic filters from companies such as RIVA, logistic workflows can become even more efficient. These intelligent cameras can be used in different areas of a logistic centre. The […]