Scala Storage New Vendor in Scale Out Object Storage System for Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance​​ storage with its high-definition, high megapixel video recording and data for long retention requirements requires new ways of thinking and new ways of storing all that video data. IP-based video surveillance technologies have an ever growing need for higher storage capacity.

IBM: Patent Issued for Automatically Determining Field of View Overlap Among Multiple Cameras

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has been issued patent number 8913791, according to news reports. The patent’s inventors are Datta, Feris, and Pankanti, Zhai. This patent was filed on March 28, 2013 and was published online on December 16, 2014.

AirLive Surveillance Networking Solutions Showcased at Intersec Dubai 2015

AirLive, a leading international IP surveillance networking products and solutions provider, will participate at INTERSEC Dubai 2015 (Arena Hall, Booth: SA-F09). AirLive will display its latest innovative surveillance networking products such as Smart Focus IP-cameras, IVS IP-camera, 5- and 2-Megapixel fisheye IP-camera, Device Guard PoE Switches, and Wireless Networking Solution. Live demonstrations of the Independent Motion Investigation by CoreNVR, various AirLive IP-cameras, and the AirLive SpeedDome IP-camera will run at the AirLive stand.

Stanford Team Creates Computer Vision Algorithm to Describe Photos

Computer software only recently became smart enough to recognize objects in photographs. Now, Stanford researchers using machine learning have created a system that takes the next step, writing a simple story of what’s happening in any digital image. At the heart of the Stanford system are algorithms that enable the system to improve its accuracy by scanning scene after scene, looking for patterns, then using the accumulation of previously described scenes to extrapolate what is being depicted in the next unknown image.

Google’s Latest Object Recognition Tech Can Spot Everything in Your Living Room

Automatic object recognition in images is currently tricky. Even if a computer has the help of smart algorithms and human assistants, it may not catch everything in a given scene. Google might change that soon, though; it just detailed a new detection system that can easily spot lots of objects in a scene, even if they’re partly obscured. The key is a neural network that can rapidly refine the criteria it’s looking for without requiring a lot of extra computing power.

Growing Supply Chain/Logistics Market Benefits From Video Analytics

Every year the logistics volume increases constantly, and as a result, many logistic companies are using surveillance cameras to optimize their processes. When additionally equipped with video analytic filters from companies such as RIVA, logistic workflows can become even more efficient. These intelligent cameras can be used in different areas of a logistic centre. The […]

Video Analytics Packages From RIVA

The acronym RIVA, stands for "Realtime Intelligent Video Analytics" an intelligent 3D-video analytic system which is already integrated in all RIVA cameras and encoders as a standard feature at no extra cost. The basic version VCA Presence continually tracks moving and stationary objects and persons in predefined detection zones and generates real-time alerts. Up to […]

Aver Enhances Its IPL Camera Portfolio

Aver has enhanced its range of IPL cameras, which have been improved with more advanced features to ensure best performance with latest technology. Aver has added five IVA features into over 15 of their stoutest IP-cameras. The Corridor Mode rotates the camera 90° and enables portrait-style (9:16) format, as opposed to the default widescreen (16:9) […]

OPTEX Announces Integration With Avigilon Control Center Video Management Software

OPTEX Co. LTD, a leading manufacturer of security infrared and laser technology, announced the integration of their sensors and detectors with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software (VMS) from Avigilon. The result will improve IP video surveillance by minimizing false alarms for outdoor perimeter applications. Optex detection products integrated into the ACC Standard […]

Purdue Researchers Develop Chip With Human-Like Ability To Identify Objects And Images

At Purdue, researchers are developing a computer chip that would enable smartphones and other devices to identify objects much like the human brain does. A start-up around the technology has just been launched. Led by Eugenio Culurciello, associate professor at Purdue’s Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, the research team has created the “nn-X” chip, giving […]

Patent Issued For Abandoned Object Recognition Using Pedestrian Detection

A patent by the inventors Brown, Feris, Kjeldsen, and Scherbaum was assigned patent number 8675917 to International Business Machines Corporation. "There is a growing demand for automated video surveillance (AVS) systems for public safety and security enhancement. While traditional video surveillance methods require constant human attention, automated visual analysis performs real-time monitoring of people, vehicles […]