Secure Logiq and VCA Optimise Offering from Global Hardware Partnership

The global hardware partnership between Secure Logiq and VCA Technology has yielded its first results. Following a period of intensive testing, the manufacturers have fine-tuned their solutions to determine the best combinations of software and hardware from the two brandsthat will set new standards in the industry.

Video Content Analysis In Dallmeier Series 5000 Cameras Enable Intelligent Incident Search

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, IP cameras are evolving from purely imaging appliances into smart modules in the context of a video surveillance system. Dallmeier is following these developments by integrating VCA technology, also known as Video Content Analysis, in the 5000 series of Dallmeier cameras, thereby enabling intelligent incident search in the recorded video streams.

New Detection Camera Features On-Board Analytics

New thermal imaging camera for perimeter detection applications includes on-board analytics. VCA claims its new Intelligent Thermal IP bullet cameras with on-board analytics offer a compelling cost comparative to the usual method of combining standard surveillance cameras with passive detectors.

Video Analytics Packages From RIVA

The acronym RIVA, stands for "Realtime Intelligent Video Analytics" an intelligent 3D-video analytic system which is already integrated in all RIVA cameras and encoders as a standard feature at no extra cost. The basic version VCA Presence continually tracks moving and stationary objects and persons in predefined detection zones and generates real-time alerts. Up to […]

RESEARCH: Video Content Analysis / Video Analytics

The global intelligent video analytic market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 31.4 percent from 2012 to 2016, a rise fueled by operational advantages afforded by such products, as well as more competitively priced surveillance cameras, according to a market report conducted by analysts at Technavio, a London-based technology research and advisory company. […]